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Does Maximized Productivity + Increased Conversions Sound Appealing Heading Into 2019?

Discover The Top Web Design Trends of 2019...

What You Will Discover In This LIVE Webinar...

The crucial web design trends heading into 2019

A step by step approach to ensure your website is prepared for the new year

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Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Michael Nenner Testimonial.jpeg

Mike Nenner

Washington, DC

My name is Mike and I am from Washington DC. I am currently working on starting my first business and decided to use Wix to build my website. I came across some functionality issues and was very disheartened as I had spent alot of time working with Wix and didn't want to start my project all over. 


I decided to see if anyone on YouTube had an answer to my frustrations. I found Michael Strauch's YouTube videos about Wix which were very instructional and helpful, however my issue still wasn't resolved.


I contacted Michael to see if he could elaborate on his video as I saw he was very responsive in the comment section of his YouTube page but I was not sure I would ever hear back.


That same night I received a response and was delighted to hear that Michael was working on my issue and was open to setting up a call to discuss!


This is one of the few times I can generally say I've felt great appreciation due to excellent customer service as we talked on the phone and Michael explained my options.


Thanks to Michael I feel more enthusiastic about staying with Wix and getting my business off the ground!

Katrina Oakley.jpg

Katrina Oakley

Fitness Coach

I have just completed Michael's "Wix My Website" webinar. Even though I already knew the basics about Wix I learned something new in every lesson. Even just one of the tips would have been worth the price of the course. Michael's customer service is outstanding. His Wix knowledge is second to none and he was able to answer any questions I had outside the course curriculum.


My website has truly benefited from his knowledge and I know I will be referring back to his videos often.


Whether you are new to Wix or already have a website with Wix you will benefit from this course and Michael's help.

Katherine Pilgrim.jpg

Katherine Pilgrim


I am currently a Digital Marketer and Web Designer who prefers WIX, and relies on YouTube to help me out with any snags I might hit. This time the issue was too large even for YouTube, so I reached out to Michael who promptly got back to me to figure out the root of my problem and ensure that my call with him would be extremely beneficial. He is very knowledgeable and was able to help me solve my problem with ease! Highly recommended!

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