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How to build an insanely high-converting landing page (just like MPS)

You, my friend, are looking for explosive growth in your business.


Build any old website or landing page and you’re not likely to get the results you want. It’s kind of like going to the gym consistently but stuffing your face with chocolate cake after each session. 


Not likely to get good results, right? 


Look, I’ve been on both sides of those situations. Literally.

Earlier in my entrepreneurial journey, I searched for explosive growth and thought building a beautiful website was the answer. 

I also used to be that chubby little guy who would exercise and reward myself for working out with a mega-scoop of ice cream and chocolate cake. 

Both got me to the same place. 


So, what changed? 

Well, I learned how to successfully build an insanely high-converting landing page. 

You might be wondering how one successful landing page led to explosive growth in my business, right? 

The answer is simple. I was able to build a list. A large one too. 

The number one asset in your business is your list and I went from a non-existent list to over 35,000 people. That means I have 35,000+ people that are potential prospects. Build a solid list and you’ve got limitless potential. 

To give you some perspective, the average landing page converts at only 2-5%, after making these changes, my landing page was converting at 49.07%. Almost 25x higher than the average. That means for every 2 people visiting my landing page, 1 was converting into someone on my list. Wild. 

So, How Do You Build A High-Converting Landing Page?

Glad to see you understand the importance of building a list and maximizing your landing page traffic. So, do you make it happen? 

In this course, I’ll send you one effective step and example a day for 10 days. 

And you’ll receive the step and example every morning Monday through Friday. It will be dripped to you.

I’ll explain the context of the step + example, why it works, and what you can take from it. 

You’ll then set aside 30-45 minutes to work on doing it for your landing page. 

At the end of this, you’ll walk out with a highly-converting landing page + the knowledge to be able to replicate it again. I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way. 

The Landing Page Challenge Guarantee

I firmly believe that you’ll find this challenge wildly helpful. However, in the event that you start the challenge and find that the format isn’t right for you or I’m not delivering on what I promised, I’ll refund 100% of the money you put toward the challenge. 


I learned the hard way, the importance of a highly-converting landing page and a list. But, I’m giving you a frictionless way to make this happen in your business. 


P.S. I never did tell you what happened to “chubby me,” huh? Well, just like building a high-converting landing page led to explosive business growth…fixing my diet led to explosive physical growth. You don’t want to be that business owner that doesn’t invest in themselves. Trust me. 

Landing Page Challenge.png

Build A High-Converting Landing Page Challenge

  • One step & example each day for 10 days

  • Context on each step

  • Walk out with a high-converting landing page

Price: $97

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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