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8 Underrated Wix Features You Probably Don’t Know About | 8 Underrated Wix Features You Probably Don't Know About

Is your website or business’s website through Wix? This powerful all-around website hosting and design platform can help you get your name out there so your easy to find for customers.

Although, websites are more than just a place for information; they’re a dedicated space for customers to get to know you through visual wow factors and custom content that adds a personal touch!

With Wix, you can effortlessly bring your website to life with beautiful visual aspects and easy-to-use features to customize everything from the font to background images. But, while many Wix features are out in the open, there are few underrated ones you likely don’t know about!

8 Underrated Wix Features You Probably Don’t Know About


Not sure what the heck a cinemagraph is? Don’t worry - most don’t!

A cinemagraph is a crossover between a photo and video, creating a sort of GIF-like image where only one part of it moves. Such as a photo of a cup of coffee with only the hot steam billowing off in motion, adding a beautiful visual aspect.

Using cinemagraphs is a seamless way to add an eye-catching factor to your site and with Wix’s new cinemagraph options, you can easily pop them in wherever you please!

You can find out more about this cool feature here.

Google Submission Tool

Who else loathes waiting for Google to crawl and index your new site pages or posts? The process can take weeks, or even months.

Well, say so long to that painful waiting! With Wix’s Google Submission Tool, you can speed up the process and get your new content out into the world faster and more efficiently.

Customizable Maps

Do you have a physical store you’d like your customers to find? While it’s easy to get your site up and high in search engines with SEO, it might be a bit more difficult for your customers to find your actual physical location.

By sticking a customizable map on your website, customers can read all about your business and find your physical location quickly and efficiently all in one place. Even better, you can change this Wix feature to display your actual real storefront. Cool, right?

Chat with Your Customers

One of the top underrated Wix features, the Wix Chat allows you to set up a chat box to help visitors on the spot. Whenever you’re available online to help them out, you can let them know. Or even set up a notification to initiate a chat with visitors browsing your site!

Even better, this little-known Wix feature is available to use right from the handy Wix mobile app. Or, if you’re on a laptop or desktop, you can access the chat from your Wix inbox in your site’s dashboard.

Whichever you choose, you’ll also be able to receive instant notifications when a visitor sends a message or initiates a chat, as well as being able to see visitors in real-time to start a conversation! With the Wix Chat feature, you can easily add in a unique personal touch to your site.

Create a Member’s Area

Ever heard the saying that engagement is key? Okay, so while it’s not a very popular saying, websites with exceptional engagement build better customer relationships, create stronger trust, and ultimately sell more products and services.

With a booming member’s area -- which is easily created with the Wix Member’s Area feature -- where members can create a profile and interact with you and other visitors by following, commenting, liking, and sharing others’ posts, you can create a feeling of community -- which is essential for any brand.

Additionally, by putting together a member’s area, your most engaged customers can stay “in the know” by receiving all the most recent updates posted by you via instant email notifications. Without a doubt, the easy to set up member’s area is definitely one of the cooler things you can do with Wix.

Customer Support at the Ready

Did you know Wix provides multiple different sections and areas for top notch customer support for your website? While every site should have a informative knowledge base (i.e. FAQs section) with helpful videos, tutorials, and more, with the new Wix features you can take your customer support to the next level.

Multi-Channel Ticketing System - With this Wix feature, you can have all your customer requests and inquiries all in one place. Whether a request comes from email, phone, or Facebook, it all funnels into one easy-to-use section where you can manage, track, and prioritize.

Call Center - Interested in having one of those fancy 1-800 numbers where your customers can reach you at any moment? With the updated Wix customer support features, you can! Allowing you to take and make calls, as well as offering an option for your customers to request a call back, the Call Center is a valuable feature to good to pass up (especially if your business is medium to large size).

Valuable Insights - Allowing you to spot all your top inquiries all in one place, the Wix Insights section can help you make better decisions for your business by sharing what needs to be changed or updated with your team (or yourself).

Image Editing

Did you know you can sharpen your images after they’ve been imported into Wix? Sometimes, during the correction and upload process, the quality of an image can be diminished -- and we all know how important great-looking photos are for a website!

Thus, if you’re photos are looking a bit on the softer side after importation, give them a quick run through the Wix image editor! Or, alternatively, if you’re wanting to your images to be more on the softer side, you can turn down the sharpness.

Mobile Menu Customization

In this day in age, where everything seems to be moving towards mobile, optimizing your site for mobile devices is key in making sure your site and business is successful.

With the handy mobile menu design customization feature on Wix, you can change the font size, color, spacing, and borders to make sure it looks exactly how you want on mobile devices.

With these underrated Wix features, you can create a stellar website your customers will love. And if you need any help or assistance in putting together a brilliant Wix site for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re here to help you take it to the next level.

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