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Wix Ecommerce | The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online Store in Wix | Introduction

Now, introducing a brand new series here on the Wix Training Academy we are talking eCommerce today.

Hello guys, this is Michael Strauch here from the Wix Training Academy. And in today's video, we're kicking off a brand new mini series called the ultimate guide to building an online store and Wix eCommerce 2019. And I'm going to teach you how to generate massive results and take your visitors and turn them into sales.

The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online Store in Wix

So before we hop into Wix itself and actually get onto the platform, let's talk about what the series is going to be about. First, before we could do anything, let's discuss what makes a great e-commerce website. What does make a great eCommerce website while I've compiled seven main points that make a great eCommerce website.

What Makes A Great ECommerce Website?

Number one, you need to create a mobile friendly shopping experience. 85% of online shoppers purchase for mobile. 85%, which means if you don't have a mobile ready eCommerce store, you are already leaving sales on the table. That's first things first when building your eCommerce store here in 2019.

Secondly, you need to have clean and clear navigation. Did you know, 68% of shoppers abandoned the cart due to poor navigation and not being able to find their way around the website. If you didn't, you do now.

Third on our list, guest shopping. Now this one may come as a bit confusing, but 26.5% of customers get frustrated when forced to create an account on someone's online store. The better option here would be to offer an account and also have a guest checkout. Some people just like to come right in purchase their product and not ever have to create an account and guess what that's okay, because that's still a sale for your online store and they leave happy if they don't end up frustrated because they have to create an account.

Number four, this is a huge one. Customer reviews, 55% of shoppers say reviews, influence their buying decisions. Now this percentage was variable based on different statistics in different ways of asking the same basic question of how reviews influenced buying decisions. Some more in particular review systems and questions related to this topic where 80% of shoppers say reviews influence their buying decisions. So it depends on the studies you take a look at and what the exact question is. But 55%, that means almost, you know, over half 55% of people that come to your online store are going to look for reviews. And if they're positive, you have a much better chance of turning that person into a sale whereas if they're negative, you have a much higher chance of detracting them from your site and losing a potential sale.

Number five, having a very user friendly checkout process over 26% of shoppers abandoned the cart due to a complicated checkout process. Too much click here, subtract here, upsell here, a weird shipping information and tax information here. All of the confusing, you know, elements of a checkout process get caught up in the customer's mind. And then they just leave the cart because they literally are stuck in a swamp because they don't know what to click next. Let's avoid that when we're building out the eCommerce website in this series.

Number six, a clear guarantee or return policy buyers like to know there's backed by something. They like to know that they're safe and secure and a guarantee or a return policy helps enable this. In fact, 95% of shoppers say a good return policy in process builds loyalty with a brand. Can you believe that 95%? So if people are companies handle returns correctly and they have a good process, they are building up brand loyalty from 95% of those individuals. Now that's a pretty large statistics.

Number seven, keep pricing upfront and honest. So 60% of shoppers abandoned the cart due to hidden costs. They did not know were there when they got to the cart. Make sure you're very clear and very honest on your product pages about what the prices are. Yes. That includes shipping. If you can. Yes. That includes taxes if you can. I understand that sometimes on your websites, you're not going to be able to provide those details until they get to lockhart. But as long as they're not some outrageous shipping costs or some outrageous tax percentage, you should be fine because people know to expect shipping and tax costs at the end and unless you have free shipping up at the top of your website and you don't actually offer free shipping. That will cause you to lose sales as well.

Why Choose Wix?

Moving on why choose Wix? Why is Wix good for eCommerce? Well, firstly, it's extremely user friendly. So Wix users have full creativity over the look and feel of their website. And when users have free creativity, they usually get to get those juices flowing and they like their overall product better because they built it and they have the ability to change it or update it at any time.

Number two, Wix code integration guys, Wix code is up and running full force. And it now integrates with the Wix stores API. I know these are big terms that I'm getting into, but just know you can now use Wix code with Wix stores, which allows you to open pretty much a new universe of possibilities using Wix stores in the client experience in the client journey throughout your store.

Number three, they have different store options. If you choose that the Wix stores app is not the one for you, they also offer equid which if any of you have ever used equity, it's another wonderful solution for an online store. And Wix gives that to you as well in case which stores is not right for you.

Number four, email automation. So guys say goodbye to needing an email service, to send custom automations pre and post purchase, Wix handles it for you using their email marketing service. That's completely free for your first few emails. And then after that, they do charge a small monthly fee, depending on how many emails you plan to send a month. But it's nothing, absolutely nothing compared to email services out there. And it integrates directly with your Wix website. You don't have to use any code. And it's an awesome automation feature.

Number five, Wix just released their brand new product Ascend by Wix. It's a full marketing suite that is used to market your website, both SEO market, new products, product launches integrations. There, there's tons of impressive features that marketing with Ascend will allow you to just grow your online store. I mean, it's very impressive, awesome new product just yet. Another reason to choose Wix.

Number six, kind of follows and piggybacks number five, Wix is solid SEO, which offers a fantastic SEO product before, Wix was known as some small SEO. Not very good. That is so incorrect. In fact, Google has gone on record to explain how good Wix is SEO features are for the Google platform. So don't discredit that in fact, use that to your advantage.

Number seven, they have an intuitive CRM that allows you to store in house customer details. So you'll get to like track the customer journey throughout your online store and get all the details from the customer purchase history, all of that. So for a business owner and an online store owner, you want those details and you want that data. So that way you can better serve your customer and find products that are more tailored toward them.

Who Is This Series For?

So why choose Wix this is why you should choose Wix for your online store, but the next question is this, who is this series for you now figured out that Wix is right for you, but who's it for? Well, I'm going to blow through these real quick because honestly it's pretty simple.

One is for startups, any online store startups out there, this is perfect, perfect series for you. It's going to be hand holding the whole time, teaching you how to take your website from zero to hero for an eCommerce store on Wix.

Two retail stores, ready to take your shop global or even nationwide. So that way you can start marketing and selling online. I just built a website for a client here in the local area that decided to take their main street business, keep the storefront there, plus go digital and start selling online.They've already started seeing results. I'm happy for them. And it's an awesome experience watching that occur because it's taking a small business and growing it and growing it and growing it due to the digital landscape outside of local main street, USA.

Numbers three and four business owners struggling with Wix e-commerce implementation. So if you've been struggling thus far creating an eCommerce website in Wix, this is perfect for you again, that handholding zero to hero and business owners looking to improve their eCommerce store. So if you've already built an eCommerce site, but you'd like to improve it, well, this is a good series to follow along at some point a little later down the series when we get into customization and Wix code integration, that'll teach you how to up the game for your eCommerce.

And finally, truly number five business owners, looking to hire a team for development work guys, there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This series will help you determine if you want to take on this work by yourself and if you have enough time to do so, if you do not, yes, my team is here. There's other Wix experts out there, and this will help you determine if that's the next step you need to take. So that's who this series is for.

What Will You Learn In This Series?

Now what will you learn? This is the real important part of it. What are you going to learn in this series. One, you're going to learn the eCommerce setup and planning phase in Wix. You're going to know what I mean. You know, every good house is held up by a strong foundation. So we need a solid base to start with. And then number two, you're going to learn Wix eCommerce customization. We're going to learn how to change products, collections, and more. We're going to learn how to customize product details, variants, price, deals, discounts, coupons, all of these different things. We're going to show you how to manipulate and customize your Wix store to be exactly what you want it to be.

Number three, we talked about creating an easy checkout for users. So that way we don't have abandonment at the cart. What we're going to talk about, Wix stores checkout and how to design an effective and simple checkout process. But on top of that, you need to know how to add shipping information and tax information and add the details of your business. So people know who they're buying from. This will be covered in our Wix eCommerce administration details video.

Number five, this is a huge one because we may even break this up into multiple videos, Wix code plus Wix stores combination I'm going to show you. And you're going to discover how to utilize Wix code, to customize your shopper's experience, how to create a more seamless and user friendly experience. This is what you want when designing an eCommerce website.

Number six, I'm going to show you how you can learn how to automate pre and post purchase marketing all through which so we're going to talk about the weights eCommerce marketing opportunities. Cause guess what? What's a good eCommerce website. If there's no traffic to it, the answer is it's not good. If you don't have traffic, you don't have sales. It's that simple. So I believe in teaching eCommerce marketing opportunities to finish up the series. So you know how to take your eCommerce store to the next level and actually start generating sales from it.

How Often Will Videos Be Released?

How often will videos be released for anyone watching my building a social network in Wix series, you know, that my videos were very sporadic and I apologize for that. This series is going to be different. This is going to be done as a mini-series style. I'm going to be uploading a video in this series every single day over the next call it about week because the number five Wix code plus Wix stores combination will probably broke, be broken up into a couple different videos. So that way I can show you the full capabilities of Wix code and Wix stores combined. So that's how I'm going to break that up. So you will see a video each day.

So if you're building an online store and eCommerce store in Wix you'll quickly be able to determine if one you're ready for that, and you want to take on the challenge and the excitement and the thrill of building it yourself or two, if you're going to decide to hire on a team, good news is you'll be able to have that decision fairly quickly. Since this series is going to smoothly go right through and you'll have all the content and training available to complete your website.

Why Listen To Me?

Now, why listen to me? Why, why should you listen to me about building your Wix eCommerce store? Well, one I'm a Wix design expert, two I'm a Wix certified trainer. Three, I was honored and had an amazing opportunity to become the largest Wix gold blue influencer award winner down in Miami, Florida, where I was also invited by Wix to be a keynote speaker at Wix Con 2018. That was some of the coolest opportunities of my life. To date. I'm sitting with Shai Abrahami. For those you don't know him, he's the CEO of Wix and discussing the future of Wix. That was seriously the coolest thing that has ever happened in my business and entrepreneurial career to this date.

Then the rest of it guys is just pure stats that you have produced on this, Wix Training Academy, YouTube channel. You guys have watched over 9 million minutes of Wix Training Academy content, a hundred thousand of you watch this channel each month. And trust me to deliver you with training content.

In fact, 17,000 thousand of you have decided that my content is valuable enough to subscribe to my channel. And 4,000 of you have decided to even take the next step in join my Wix Training Academy that's completely free and has got member dashboards with webinars, content training videos, masterminds courses, and more all geared toward Wix training content. Finally, I built many client websites, so I can speak from experience when designing and how to design an effective in converting website. That's why you should listen to me. But the real question is what are the next steps?


Well, step one, if you haven't joined the Wix Training Academy yet, I highly recommend you do. So if you did decide based off of this video alone, that you're interested in hiring out for your Wik eCommerce build, I am available to take on new clients. You could email me right there at that email and last but not least, you're going to want to subscribe in, turn on bell notifications for this channel. So that way you don't miss any videos over the next couple of days and the coming years, because there's tons and tons of Wix training content still to be produced. And I will be bringing it to you all. I promise you that.

Don't forget if you enjoy the content to like, comment down below what your thoughts are on this new series. If you're excited, what you would like to learn specifically about eCommerce in turn, subscribe to turn on those bell notifications. Cause that is it. I will have the next part of this eCommerce series up tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction video, and I look forward to you joining me on this building an ultimate social, not social ultimate online store here in Wix. Thank you guys for the experience. Thank you for watching and I will catch you on tomorrow's video.

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