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Top 7 Web Design Trends Of 2018 | Is Your Website Ready?

We are entering that beautiful time of year again where everyone can start fresh. New people, new goals and new opportunities. Like many other website owners, this time of year signifies a significant opportunity to improve your presence online. With the new year also comes new trends, but you have to ask yourself, is your website ready?

Hopefully the video above was a great guide to showing you examples of what to look forward to in the upcoming year. Although the video did a fantastic job of showing examples and explaining, I would like to provide you the Top Web Design Trends of 2018 in written form. 

To prepare your website for takeoff into 2018, I recommend starting to implement some of these new trends to increase results. 

1. The Era of SVG Images

SVG images have progressively increased in popularity. In 2017, they started making a strong presence in web design. However, in 2018, you can guarantee the use of SVG images. So, let's first define what I mean by SVG Images. In terms of web design trends, this primarily includes the use of GIF's and Cinemagraphs. 

You can find an example of cinemagraphs and GIF's on this sample website "sandbox" website I threw together. *Note: There is no design, development or thought behind this website, it is strictly to show the use of cinemagraphs and GIF's.

2. The Use of Brighter Colors

Web design has seen some major changes over the years. One of the major changes has been color schemes. For the longest time, websites would use a basic black, white and red color scheme and not deviate as they thought they would lose results. 

I'm here to tell you that the tide has turned. I would highly recommend you begin using brighter colors in your web design as it has begun to increase results. Now, this does not mean go color crazy. You have to systematically plan out how you would like to incorporate these new vibrant colors into your design. 

2018 Web Design Trends - Brighter Colors

You can see in the website above they used bright colors to convey a message with superb design. 

3. Increased Animation

I'm sure in the past week you have been on a website that involves some type of animation. This section of web design is starting to get really impressive and will become a "household" item in all websites starting 2018. 

In fact, animations just over this past year have vastly improved to create a unique user experience when they land on your website. 

Here is an example website:

This new section of web design is quickly taking over and I highly recommend you join the journey.

4. Typography With A Purpose

It is no surprise that every website utilizes some sort of text. The question is, does that text convey a message through it's design? Great typography is increasing at an alarming rate. The use of vibrant, bold and clear text is taking over. 

Using beautiful typography can make the difference on whether a visitor stays or leaves your website. Like the studies show, you have about 8 seconds to capture a visitors attention on your website before they scurry away. The effective use of typography can save you from losing this traffic. 

2018 Typography Trends

You can clearly see that the text is the prominent design of this website and rightfully so. They did a fantastic job of utilizing text that captures your attention right off the bat. 

You can definitely expect to see more of these type of websites as we enter the new year.

5. The Evolution Of A.I.

To start, A.I. means Artificial Intelligence. Yes, I know this is absolutely crazy! Now, let's not get out of hand with this thought quite yet. A.I. has not yet taken a massive role in web design, but you will begin to see it make an appearance in 2018. 

I believe you will start to see "speak to search" websites that you simply press a button and speak to search for what you are looking for on a website. Obviously major software or search engine companies like Google or Bing have already made this possible, but they are not yet common in just basic business or ecommerce websites. 

An example of Artificial Intelligence would be like your Google Home's or Amazon Echo's. Also,

I would like to point out that Wix is already ahead of the curve and has created Wix ADI which is an artificial design intelligence that instantly builds you a basic, but good looking website based on some questions you answered. 

6. Make Mobile A Priority

It is no question that mobile searches are beginning to take over the market. Now, desktop searches are slightly decreasing, but still remaining steady. So, what does this mean? 

Essentially, this means we have to maintain a killer desktop website, but also build a spectacular mobile website. 2017, people started really improving their mobile websites.

However, in 2018 it is no longer an option, but a necessity. 

Best Mobile Website Designs 2018

You can see that Typeform nailed their mobile design. So, now they have a stunning desktop site with a killer mobile design that converts as well. This is what websites will begin doing in 2018, guaranteed. 

7. Interactive Storytelling

You know what they always say, "stories sell." It is true. When you share a personal story with someone, they are much more likely to feel comfortable with you and trust you. Now, what if I told you that you can now share that story in an interactive manner to make the story come to life even more?

The answer is, you would love that idea. 

Interactive storytelling gives you the ability to create a personal story, but use design to make it interactive. You can use different scrolling animations, text, videos, images, maps, diagrams, interactions and more to make your story come to life. 

A great example of this is below:

2018 Web Design Trends - Interactive Storytelling

You can see that CNN did a fantastic job of showing you in an interactive manner how Global

Warming is causing our glaciers and icebergs to melt. 


Hopefully this list of the Top 7 Web Design Trends To Watch For 2018 was helpful, insightful and exciting. 

I would recommend you begin looking into some of these different trends for your website as we adapt with the times. 

I hope you have a very happy and healthy 2018! See you next year!

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