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Wix and Printful | YOU Have The Talent, Believe In Yourself

You possess the talent to do this. You just need to believe in yourself.

Hi, my name is Michael Patrick, and if you've been following our Wix and Printful series, I am proud of you and I just wanted to let you know that your talent is showing there are some incredible people watching this series that are taking the action from each and every video and implementing it into their own print-on-demand store. And I can tell you with certainty that you have the talent needed to take your print-on-demand store and make it a success. You just need to believe in yourself.

Okay, so here's where we're at. We're at a very interesting and exciting place. The remainder of the videos in this series are going to take place next week. I pushed them back because I know that there's some incredible talent watching these videos. I know you're there. I know you've got an exciting idea. Maybe you've even started your idea and you've added products, but you haven't connected to Wix yet.

If you're in that scenario, check out the card right here and watch the video on how to integrate with Wix. Or maybe you have created your store, but you haven't added products yet on Printful. And if you're in that scenario, go ahead and click the card above and that'll take you to that video so you can watch exactly what type of products you should be choosing and how to add your products on Printful. Or guess what, maybe you haven't even started on Printful yet. And if you're in that scenario, I encourage you to watch this video right here where I go into a complete explanation about what print-on-demand is, how the industry works compared to wholesaling, and then what Printful is and how powerful Printful is as a service. They provide immaculate service with incredible quality products. And I mean that because I've worn their products and I've used them as a print-on-demand store before. And I can assure you that the quality is phenomenal.

So if you're in any of those scenarios right now, I want you to know that that's okay. But I wanted to give you a quick opportunity a week if you will, to catch up with the series since we just went through a bunch of content together. And I postponed the final videos until next week, next Tuesday and Wednesday. So that way it gives you that opportunity to catch up and end with a bang. So that way you can take those final two videos, which is paid marketing strategies and upselling and optimizing strategies and start implementing it into your print-on-demand store. Because I can tell you what those strategies are powerful. And when you've got your store complete and you're on the edge pressing publish, you implement those and you're going to see some real results show.

So I'm excited for you and I am thrilled to be sitting here. In fact, my purpose, I truly believe my purpose in life is to impact, motivate and inspire others around me with the resources that I work for and that I have been equipped with and lets you know that anything that you believe is possible and that you should never ever stop chasing your dreams. I know you've got this and I know you've got the talent to take your online store, your print-on-demand store and make it successful. You just need to believe in yourself and remember why you started this journey.

Why did you start building this print-on-demand store in the first place? Was it to create money and if it was, was it to create extra revenue so you can go out more? Was it to provide for your family? Go deeper than the financial aspect? Why were you looking to make more money? Was it that you're in search of freedom, you're sick of sitting at that desk and your nine to five job, or you've got your current business, but it's not really working the way you want it to. So you just want to be able to create a life of freedom so you and your significant other, or your spouse or your wife and your family can go take vacations when you want unrestricted and you don't have to be tied to your technological device while you're on vacation.

Or maybe you just want to be able to say, you know what, today, I don't really want to work. I just want to go to a coffee shop, enjoy a nice book with a wonderful cup of coffee. If you're in that scenario or you've created your why and you know exactly why you're doing this, just remember that as you're going through this series and you're building your print-on-demand store and use that as fuel and motivation to push forward and finish out your print-on-demand store.

Listen, I know you're probably like every little detail has to be perfect and I encourage you to make sure that you polish your details and you get each aspect of your print-on-demand store accurate and right, but what I don't want you to do is get stuck in paralysis by analysis, which is looking at every single aspect, every single outcome of your print-on-demand store. And you forget because you're so caught up in the analysis that you forget to take action. And that is the most deadly risk when you're going through a series like this and you have to finish it out. So make sure you don't get caught in paralysis by analysis.

Use your talent, you possess it, believe in yourself. Remember why you started, and take this series and I'll link the series up in a card above so you can watch the entire series. So go check it out and take the content from that series and finish out your print-on-demand store. You've got it in you. I know you do and I'm excited to see what you create.


All right guys, that's it on my end. I hope you found this video as a nice little motivational tool. I want to see you succeed. Printful wants to see you succeed. I know there's some incredible talent watching this, so just takes action now. Go through it. We'll post our final two videos next week and don't forget that we are offering a coupon contest. First place gets a $50 Printful coupon, second and third place. Both get $10 Printful coupons and you register into that contest by submitting a comment on my previous video, which I'll link in the card above the coupon contest video with a link to your published print-on-demand store.

I am so excited to see what you're able to accomplish. I would kindly ask if this video helped you out that you drop me a like and let me know down below if there is anything stopping you. I want to know I've been in your shoes, so I want to be able to help provide that guidance. So comment down below if there's anything stopping you and what that is, and then finally, click that subscribe button. Enjoying this Wix nation community. The power of a strong like-minded community is incredible. So hit that subscribe button, turn those bell notifications on, and you won't miss any content here on the channel, including our last two weeks and Printful videos in the series. And you'll instantly plug into 31,000 plus like-minded entrepreneurs.

Thank you very much for watching. I'll catch you next week in our videos.

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