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Wix Talks Podcast | Season 1 - Episode 6 | From a Boring 9-5 to a Booming 5-9


Hello Everyone, 

Today, we are lucky enough to introduce a special guest for our sixth Wix Talks podcast. Today, we are featuring Josue Deras. Josue is the owner of the Innovo web design agency in New York City. Although, he did not start there right off the bat.

In our sixth episode, Josue provides some excellent content relating to Wix. He explains how he got started with Wix and where he began. Our audience is in for a special treat in this episode as Josue explains how he went from his boring and stale 9-5 job to a booming 5-9 business.

Like always, our podcast is dedicated to provide extreme value to the Wix community and help you learn to master Wix. With that, this podcast is "Real Stories. Real People. Real Solutions."

What are you waiting for? Click the podcast below and listen to Josue Deras's journey through Wix while picking up brilliant pieces of information along the way. 

For anyone having trouble viewing it on mobile, click here to listen:

Wix Talks Podcast - From Boring 9-5 to a Booming 5-9 - Josue Deras

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