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Before entering Wix Training Academy, 

join our new Creative Alliance...

The Creative Alliance

Get access to video calls with Michael Patrick + Special Guests and join a growing community of creative entrepreneurs.

Want to connect with people that share the same purpose as you? 

You've found them.

The Creative Alliance Group is a growing community of like-minded creative entrepreneurs chasing down the same purpose. An alliance that focuses on not only the high's but finding solutions to the challenges we face daily.

Plug into this growing community and instantly expand your network of purpose-driven creative entrepreneurs while getting the opportunity to obtain strategic business advice on each of our weekly video calls.

Connect, discover

& scale together.

Video Calls

As a member, you get exclusive access to our video calls.

You will receive access to our video calls in which you get direct opportunities to ask Michael Patrick and special guests questions and get them answered on the call.

Even better, you are not limited to those calls. You will also tap into our library of previous calls addressing strategic business advice, such as, sales, marketing, operations and more.

These calls are exclusive to The Creative Alliance and cannot be accessed anywhere else.

The Creative Alliance.png

What you receive:

As a member, you will receive the following:

Video Calls

You will get access to a video call with Michael Patrick Strauch along with the entire Creative Alliance community to celebrate wins and discover solutions to your daily challenges.

Secret Facebook Group

What good is an accountability alliance without having access to communicate throughout the week? You'll also receive special access to our Creative Alliance Facebook Group that Michael Patrick Strauch will also be participating in. Use this as an opportunity to collect feedback and get questions answered.

Creative Alliance Vault

Instantly receive access to the Creative Alliance Video & Resource vault. As a member of the alliance, it doesn't matter when you join. You get instant access to our vault of previous Creative Alliance Weekly Calls & Resources.


"I cannot express my gratitude and how invaluable this man is. His teachings are easy to follow, very, very easy. You won’t be lost. He is an exceptional teacher. If you haven’t signed up for his classes, I strongly urge you to."



Who joins The Creative Alliance?


The fearless risk-takers of the world driven by purpose, but looking for people they can actually relate to. People looking for accountability and to be challenged by a community of peers that actually understand them.


The solo-freelancers looking to grow their business and increase their impact. This is the freelancer looking to invest in their personal and business development with a community of peers that get you.

Agency Owners

In a season of growth or mastery? Looking to connect with other agency owners that understand your lingo and actually want to talk shop? This is a perfect opportunity to fulfill those desires.

Meet your host...

Michael Patrick Strauch is a "Dorm Room Entrepreneur" that took his web development business from $0 to $210,000 in revenue in 2019. Going from freelancer to agency owner, he has seen it all and sure has made many mistakes.

Being a young entrepreneur, Michael always felt like the black sheep of his peers in the sense that he was different. Although he adored being different and used it to his advantage, he longed for a group of people that thought and acted like him. 

Then he found it. He was invited to a Young Entrepreneurs Brotherhood Mastermind Group in LA and spent a weekend with young entrepreneurs just like him. He came out of that weekend a new man with a fresh perspective on business and life.

It was that weekend that made him realize he was not alone. Other people just like him felt that same way he did. Never being understood or challenged. Never being held accountable. Michael decided he needed to create a community for people just like him that want to get connected, be held accountable and be able to talk shop with people that don't dread it!

To get connected

Michael realized that he was not alone in feeling disconnected from people like him. This group is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people pursuing the same common purpose.

To get held accountable

When Michael joined that Young Entrepreneur Brotherhood Mastermind, they had bi-weekly calls to hold each other accountable to their goals. This completely improved everyone's success. You can expect to get that same accountability in this group. Everyone slips up from time to time, but it's having that accountability group there that picks you up.

To get solutions

Lastly, when Michael joined that group, he realized he could ask business related questions and have business related conversations without people dreading it. In this group, you can expect to talk shop and have everyone on board working toward providing you solutions.

Why  join The Creative Alliance?

Join The Alliance

How long do I have to be a member?

Monthly membership is cancel at anytime, no hassle. We want you to be able to experience the power of this group so we are currently offering membership for only $9 a month.

Where do you meet?

Great question! The Facebook Group will be our central hub for communication, updates and calls. Any and all announcements will be held in the Facebook group as well.

What if I am on the fence about this group?

Completely acceptable. Although, Michael was on the fence about the Young Entrepreneur Brotherhood Mastermind and left saying it was the most powerful personal and business development weekend of his life. You can cancel at anytime, so I would at least encourage you to try it for a month and see if it is the right fit. If not, no hard feelings and you can cancel.


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