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Wix Master Class
DIY Coaching Program

Wix Master Class is an exclusive DIY Coaching Program dedicated to take you from idea to launch. As a business owner, you want to feel your creative touch on each project. However, sometimes you are not quite sure how or where to start. The goal of this program is to take the guess work and worry out of your process. 

I understand that when starting to build a website it can appear to be intimidating, challenging and time-consuming. I wanted to create a program that takes those elements of fear out your workflow. I developed a process that would hold your hand, yet keep you accountable during your entire development process. 

Building a professional website is an essential step for any business. I recommend you do it correctly. Here's the great news. You have the opportunity to join an exclusive DIY Coaching Program with a Wix Design Expert and Creative Web Design Firm owner.

How The Program Works:

Since this is a DIY Coaching Program, you can feel free to work at the pace that best fits your style. I would recommend keeping pace with the pro