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Wix Training Academy

Fuel Your Growth

FREE Wix training dedicated to helping you build a booming business using Wix.

Beginner, Intermediate or Expert? We've got it all.

Like any new piece of software, it can be tricky to learn. Questions pop up and you need to be able to find answers on a dime. Believe it or not, that is exactly how the Wix Training Academy was started. Owner, Michael Strauch started dabbling into Wix over 7 years ago and could not find any training content for the platform. Like the talented entrepreneur he is, he decided to pioneer his own content and put it out online for others. 

Michael is a huge fan of learning through teaching. See, by teaching Wix training content, it causes Michael to stay up-to-date on all of the latest trends and functionality. 

As an entrepreneur, you understand that the business world can be tough and time sensitive. The Wix Training Academy should be your one-stop-shop for all things Wix. From learning in-editor tutorials to discovering the truth behind Wix SEO. Regardless of what you're hunting for, there is no need to waste your time when we have loads of Wix training content at your fingertips.

On-Demand Courses

Get exclusive access to a library full of Wix courses packed with valuable information.

Live Workshops

Get exclusive access to a live workshops that help you take your website from zero-to-hero!

Supportive Community

Stuck on a topic? Ask our supportive community before having to exert all of your resources.

Entrepreneurial Tools

Discover a suite of online tools & assets handpicked for digital entrepreneurs.

Ultimate Wix Code Basics Course.png
Wix Course
Wix Code Basic's

Michael Strauch takes us through an introduction to the Wix Code Basic's course that is absolutely packed with valuable content to utilize in your Wix website.

Wix Code is a powerful tool that opens your business to unlimited possibilities on the platform.

Web Design Trends - 2019 Free
2019 - Web Design Trends

2019 is going to be a wild ride for web design. Between machine learning and smart search technology, a new wave of websites is arising. 

Building A Social Network in Wix - Serie
Building A Social Network in Wix

Social Networks are more relevant and powerful than ever. So, with the release of Wix Code, I had to create a series on how-to build one.

Building A Killer Landing Page Workshop.
Build A Killer Landing Page in Wix

Landing pages can extremely effective if done correctly. There are secret formulas to creating a landing page that will convert traffic.

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"I cannot express my gratitude and how invaluable this man is. His teachings are easy to follow, very, very easy. You won’t be lost. He is an exceptional teacher. If you haven’t signed up for his classes, I strongly urge you to."




  • I am brand new to this, will the Wix Training Academy still help me?"
    Absolutely! I would argue that you would be about the perfect candidate for the Wix Training Academy, because it takes you through each phase of the web design process. We have content ranging from planning your web design project to designing and developing your website to finishing with marketing your website online.
  • I already finished my website on Wix, how can the Wix Training Academy help?"
    Fantastic question! Let me start congratulating you on your current website built in Wix. Now, the Wix Training Academy can help you take your existing website to the next level. This is typically done by learning new functionality to implement or learning digital marketing tips that will allow you to drive more traffic to your existing website.
  • Do you provide any Wix Support and can I hire you to build my website.
    We do have a community forum that is driven by results once you enter the Wix Training Academy. This community as well as myself will be active answering any questions you may have. To address the latter, my team and I are available for hire! You can start a project with us by heading here:
  • Will I get any one-on-one support for my project?
    You have access to our entire community forum to ask as many questions as you'd like. You can also access all of of our training content whenever you would like. That said, if you would like to work with my team and I directly, you can use this link to start a project:
Register to access an archive of Wix training courses, webinars, resources, tools and more.

Wix Training Academy

Join a growing community of 35,000+ like-minded entrepreneurs chasing a common goal. Not only will you find valuable content throughout this entire Wix Training Academy but you may even find some very amazing business owners.

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