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You Will Gain Access To The Wix Training Academy Very Soon...Interested In Getting Our Help To Create You A Website That Generates Leads, Increases Sales and Attracts People To Your Platform?

Schedule Your WTA Breakthrough Strategy Session Right Now
Note: If the calendar struggles to load, please refresh the page.
Note: If you do not see a day and time that works, email and we will coordinate a time.
Note: We do not offer reschedules. If you do not show up to the call you booked, there will not be another chance to book. This a non-negotiable. 
What Other Business Owners Are Saying
Michael Nenner Testimonial.jpeg
Michael Nenner

This is one of the few times I can generally say I've felt great appreciation due to excellent customer service as we talked on the phone and Michael explained my options. Thanks to the Wix Training Academy team I feel more enthusiastic about staying with Wix and getting my business off the ground! 

Katherine Pilgrim.jpg
Katherine Pilgrim

I am currently a Digital Marketer and Web Designer who prefers WIX, and relies on YouTube to help me out with any snags I might hit. This time the issue was too large even for YouTube, so I reached out to Michael who promptly got back to me to figure out the root of my problem and ensure that my call with him would be extremely beneficial. He is very knowledgeable and was able to help me solve my problem with ease! Highly recommended

jerome testimonial.jpg
Jerome Eberharter

"Taught himself all about WIX, became a certified WIX consultant, and now helps business owners all over the world fine-tune their image and their message "

About The Owner
Michael Wix Pic 2.JPG

Michael Strauch, Founder and CEO of Wix Training Academy is a keynote speaker at WixCon and was awarded the "Largest Global Wix Influencer."

He has built a Wix web design firm that has had the opportunity to impact many like-minded business owners. As a Wix Certified Expert, Michael strongly believes in the power and performance Wix offers new startups, small businesses, medium-sized businesses and up to big businesses.

Michael and his team strongly believe Wix is the web design platform of the future. They want to help as many like-minded business owners build highly converting platforms as possible.

Wix Training Academy

Join a growing community of 4,000+ like-minded entrepreneurs chasing a common goal. Not only will you find valuable content throughout this entire Wix Training Academy but you will even find some very amazing business owners.

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