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10 Underrated Wix Features You Probably Don't Know About

Is your business currently powered by Wix?

What if I told you there was 10 extremely powerful underrated features in Wix you probably don't know about?

...then, what if I told you that those features can exponentially improve your website and overall user experience?

Being the bold personality I am, I would say, "bring it on and show me the goods" *insert Frank Costello's voice from The Departed*

Well, it's time to show you the goods. Strap in, because you're about to discover some Wix gems you never even knew existed.

10 Underrated Wix Features You Probably Don't Know About:

1. Wix Members App

The Wix Members App is a completely robust application that takes your website to a new level. It allows you to transform your website into a community. No longer are the days you need to worry about how to add member functionality, it is now completely seamless.

Allow your store customers to store payment information and view previous purchases. Allow hotel guests to manage their reservation and payment information. Allow your clients to manage their bookings and payment information.

This app opened a world of potential.

2. Wix Automations

Who doesn't love a seamless system that enables you to take your hands off of every interaction and let the technology work for you?

Wix Automations allows you to create automations for every action taken on your website from a visitor. For example, if a visitor becomes a member, a welcome email can be triggered.

3. Wix Inbox

Manage all of your website conversations both with existing members and new visitors all in one place.

Wix Inbox is your main hub for conversations and will allow you to also store saved replies, send invoices, live chat, direct message and even set tasks & reminders.

4. Wix Invoices

Tired of searching for third-party payment processing outside of your website to collect money on invoices? Same.

Manage invoices, quotes and track transactions all from within your Wix Dashboard without having to leave .

5. Wix Logo Maker

Need a professional looking logo for your Wix website, but want to whip it up relatively quick? Wix has your back.

They have a newer tool called Wix Logo Maker that mixes AI (artificial intelligence) and your unique user input to help you craft your perfect logo.

6. Corvid by Wix

This tool needs no true introduction if you've been in this community for some time. Corvid by Wix is the developer friendly interface that changed the course of Wix forever.

Want to build sophisticated websites with databases, Javascript code, dynamic pages, repeaters, web applications, API's and more? Corvid by Wix provides you the ability to do this and more.

7. Editor X by Wix

This new heavy hitter isn't even public to the entire Wix userbase yet. It is currently in beta, but it is also revolutionary to Wix.

Want completely responsive Wix websites? This is the powerful new Wix editor that will make those wild dreams come true.

8. Tracking & Analytics

Are you tired of having to use clunky HTML embed code to integrate third party applications in Wix? Wix heard you.

They made it extremely simple to add your favorite tracking and analytic tools like, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HotJar, Facebook Pixel and more to your website.

Collect valuable data to provide the best user experience possible.

9. Wix Pay Buttons

Tired of trying to use old and antiquated payment systems that barely work? Once again, Wix couldn't agree more.

They created a seamless one-click pay button that ties directly to an item you choose with a designated price. All you need to do is seamlessly integrate the payment processor of your choice.

10. Wix Photo Editor

Did you feel a lack of control over the photos you were uploading into Wix? Well, Wix noticed and they wanted to help.

They provided a fully loaded Wix Photo Editor within the editor to enhance the look and feel of the pictures you use on your website. They equipped you with filters, lighting, backgrounds, overlays and more.

Overall, Wix has some absolutely stunning hidden gems that some people are never aware of. I wanted to make sure you were able to discover these uncut Wix gems.

Comment below on your favorite feature and feel free to share this article and the video!

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