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How To Integrate Quickbooks Online with Wix | Wix Training Tutorial

What's going on Wix Nation MPS here from Wix Training Academy. And wow, I'm on a roll today. Two videos back to back.

Hey, I'll be showing you how to do something that a lot of you have been wanting to do for a while, which is How To Add QuickBooks and integrate it to your Wix website. So you can start keeping track of your businesses. Finances, inflows, outflows, cashflow.

So guys, if you're brand new to the channel, thank you so much for watching. If you haven't yet already made sure to click that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on because you do not want to miss anything here on the channel. And guess what? Here's a little secret. You'll instantly join the largest, Wix training community on the internet, a community of awesome individuals.

Hey, I'm super excited to have you here, and I'm super excited to get a new setup. Soon as I head out to Charlotte, North Carolina in just under two months. So I don't know about you, but I'm ready to show you how to integrate QuickBooks with Wix. Let's do it.

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Integrating QuickBooks

Integrating QuickBooks Online to Wix
Integrating QuickBooks Online to Wix

All right, guys, we're here in our Wix dashboard. Now what we're going to do is we're actually going to scroll to the bottom and you'll actually see some recommended apps for your website.

So it just so happens that the QuickBooks app is actually right here as a recommended out for my site. But if it is not for yours, where you're going to click is you'll click explore more apps.

It's then going to go ahead and take you to the app marketplace. Once there, you'll see a slew of apps. And if you don't see QuickBooks as a recommended for you, what you could do is just type in QuickBooks and then search it. And then you'll see two options here. You'll see QuickBooks Bridge by Parex, and you'll see QuickBooks Online by OneSaas.

Now the QuickBooks Online by OneSaas already has 4.8 stars with 74 reviews. I would recommend you go with that one. That's the one I have seen and used. So I would recommend that integration.

What you'll then do is you'll see it you'll review it. And then you would simply add to site. Now it gives you a seven day free trial and you can see right here, this is kind of how it works. What you would do is you would add to site.

Now I'm not in here adding QuickBooks to my website, just because I don't need it at the moment. I've already got something separate on the back end. But you'll see, as you scroll through here, you can see what it looks like.

It allows you to choose what you're integrating are you integrating payment details and you could see automatically create sales in your QuickBooks online orders for your Wix website you can choose associated customers, products, taxes, payments, all that good stuff.

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Another thing too is you, like it says, you do eliminate that manual transfer of payment information from what you collected to QuickBooks instead of having to manually do that. Because jeez, if you're doing any type of volume of sales, you can only imagine the manual process you were going through previously trying to get stuff from Wix to QuickBooks. But now you don't have to do that.

It's automatically sunk over depending on what you check with your QuickBooks. And yeah, I mean, you press 'add to site' and you get rolling with it. You'll obviously have to choose what, which site you're adding into and you're in your site dashboard. So it'll be that site.

And then it'll prompt you to log into your QuickBooks online account. So that way it can start that sinking process. And then you'll go through and you'll choose your different identifiers. What's sinking, where and how is it sinking? How often is it sinking?

And then before, you know, it, you are now fully connected to QuickBooks from Wix and gone are the days that you are manually entering that information because who has time for that? None of us, we live busy lives, right? But don't forget to ever take time to smell the roses and breathe.


Anyway, I appreciate you guys watching today's video. If you have any questions as always comment in the comment section down below, please like that video by clicking that like button.

And if you haven't already make sure to click that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on because you don't want to miss the content here on the channel and you'll instantly join the largest Wix training community. We want you over here. We've got a brilliant and growing community and you should be a part of it.

Again, thank you guys so much for watching today's video. I'll catch you in our next one.

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