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7 Wix Editor Hacks You Need To Know About

Do you constantly look for new ways to increase your productivity and improve your workflow in the Wix Editor?

Listen, I've always been a "110%'er," but I'm all about working smarter not harder. When there are opportunities to save me time in the Wix Editor, I take them and gobble them up like a kid in a candy store.

In fact, some of these were so helpful in the long-haul, I couldn't help but share them with you. What is even crazier is that these are not some extravagant features to take your mind to outer space, but they are powerful in their own right.

7 Wix Editor Hacks You Need To Know About

1. Copy & Paste Buttons via Toolbar

Hear me out here. I know this seems like a no-brainer, but you wouldn't believe how many times people reach out to me asking how they can duplicate or copy and paste elements from the editor on to a different page in Wix.

These Copy & Paste buttons accomplish it!

2. Delete Button via Toolbar

Once again, don't come at with with a pitchfork, because of the simplicity of this button, but the amount of questions I get regarding how to delete elements in your Wix editor is quite astounding.

3. Show & Hide Controls

This is actually a very nifty feature in the editor. How many times have you been editing, but one of Wix's default toolbars or panels was in the way and you couldn't really work around it? Personally, that happens all the time to me.

The Show & Hide Controls allow you to hide all of those controls with one simple click of the button. Trust me, knowing this will save you the frustration and time involved in trying to figure out how to work around these tools.

4. Activating Gridlines, Rulers & Snap-To-Objects

This feature is a massive time-saver and workflow increaser! How often do you wonder if things are spaced evenly from each other or if they are centered on the page? Likely often, right?

This tool wipes that worry away with easy snap-to-object technology that will tell you exactly when you are centered and evenly distanced from elements.

5. Switch From Desktop To Mobile Editor

It is no surprise that having a stellar mobile site is just as important as your desktop website these days. Wix allows you to seamlessly switch between your desktop and mobile editors with one click of a button.

Note: Editor X is coming out soon enough and will resolve all of the responsiveness issues you may be experiencing with Wix.

6. Undo & Redo Buttons

Once again, it's one of those that you may see as a no duh, dude, but I promise you, when you experience the heart-sinking pain of accidentally deleting an element or section you have been working on for days or even weeks, you'll want to know where that undo button is at.

7. Get Feedback

This is an incredible tool from Wix. You can send a Get Feedback link to your clients, staff, family and friends to gather real-time feedback on your website before publishing. This actually allows the reviewer to leave comments on elements in the editor and you get the ability to go in and resolve comments or even reply to comments.

Well, folks, there you have it! 7 Wix Editor Hacks You Need To Know About.

Once again, I know some of these are very straight-forward, but over time, they will become time-saving tools for you.

Comment on your favorite below!

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Apr 30, 2020


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