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Building A Social Network in Wix | Part 16 | Adding Recent Profiles | Wix Website Tutorial

You ready to learn how to add a recent profiles feature to your profile itself in your new social network? If so, join me on today's video. As we dive into adding a recent profiles widget in your profile page. So that way people that look at your profile page as external or even yourself, can see the most recent profiles that were created in the social network. So when we build out our follow system, we can also build out a way to just follow straight from your profile page. So it's going to be a cool little feature

Guys, if you have not caught up in this series so far, we've hit a lot of key points that all go in chronological order of building a social networking Wix, click the cart above to catch up and watch the full series. If you haven't yet caught up. If you have hit that subscribe button down below, if you found value in this series and if you've enjoyed the content so you do not miss our uploads because I've had a daily upload as my gift to you for the 12 days of Christmas for this series.

If you've also enjoyed the content drop a like down below it's much appreciated. And it goes to show me how I'm doing, and if the content is valuable to you. So that's, that's all I have to say for that and comment what you've enjoyed most about this series and what you'd like to see next in this series. Other than that head over to, click this Academy button, register completely free or log in if you're already registered and go ahead and check it out free access to tons of Wix training content, but for now let's jump into today's video.

Adding Recent Profiles

So how we're going to add a recent profiles feature to our actual profile page in our social network? It's very easy to do guys, like, I mean, very, very easy to do compared to what we've done in the past couple of days between editing profiles, between building custom search functions in between adding a full liking system to our Wix website. This is literally going to be a piece of cake to you, but it's a cool feature to actually have on your profile because it just adds more value to it. It shows the most recent profiles and for some people it's a good way for them to find a way to get more follows. So when we build out the follow system, because let's be honest, guys, if you're a business or you're a personal brand, your goal is to get people to follow you in like your content and show them that it's valuable. So if you could put your profile in front of more people, it's going to be more attractive to them.

So this could also be a nice lucrative business technique in marketing, a technique from your standpoint as a business social network. So that's just something to look out for and an application that can be used for this new concept. So what we're going to do guys, is we're going to go to add, and by the way, we're on our profile before that we're on our profile data, like our dynamic profile page. So this is our user profile datapage this our dynamic profile page right here. And what we're going to do is we're going to go to, and then we're going to go down to list in grids where our repeaters are at, because we're going to bring in a repeater. So that way we can choose the most recent profiles to show right in this repeater. And then I'm going to choose this one again.

I've already built it out and I'm going to paste it in. So there we go, got the profile, right? They're going to add it in there. Perfect. So now that I've got the repeater in our profile page, what we have to do is very simple. We just have to connect the data to the database. So that way it shows the proper profile data. So right here, this is going to be our profile image. We're going to go to connect to data. We're going to choose user profile data or wherever your profile information is stored, whatever database that is, choose that database. And then image source connects to in this case profile picture done, then we're going to do full name, click connect the data, and then user profile data name connects to full name and you'll know the connection has been made. Once it's green, you can see I've already come through here and done this.

Then we're going to connect to data and then we're going to choose user profile data, handle, get that. And then we're going to do bio right below that connect to data. And then you can see profile bio. And then just like that guys, we have our data connected here. And I'm not kidding when I say this, this is just going to be a short and sweet video is more of a bridge. The gap we're going to get into a little bit more complex, maybe start the light are the commenting system in the following videos between tomorrow and on, and maybe even get into the following system before Christmas or right around Christmas. And that, that will be that, but that's literally how you add this recent profiles feature just by adding repeater on this page and connecting it to the to, to the data dataset. So that way you can bring the data from the database into here.

Now I'm going to show you how this works. I'm going to go ahead and press publish, and then I'm going to go ahead and view site. Now, if you remember correctly to access our profile page at the current moment, since we don't really have any pagination, yet we have to go in here, backslash user profile data. Oh, look, there's my recent link already backslash user profile data, a forward slash excuse me, forward slash user profile data forward slash Michael dash Strauch because its full name. That's the extension of the URL. If we click that my profile where it will appear. And then would you look at that? We have recent profiles over here and it shows our most recent profiles just like that. So you guys can see it's pretty sweet.


That's actually very awesome. I'm excited that it's on here and that it's working. That makes me very happy. So that's fantastic right there. Other than that, that's about it guys.

If this video helped you out drop us a like down below subscribe, if this video or any of the other videos in this building a social network in Wix series have helped you out. And so you don't miss any of our future uploads and finally comment, any questions you have any feedback in stuff you'd like to see coming up in the series, make sure you comment. And don't forget to head over to, click that Academy button for free, Wix training content free sign up. You guys are awesome. I will catch you on tomorrow's video.

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