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Corvid by Wix - Just Released - A More Powerful Wix Code Rebrand

Corvid by Wix - Corvid Logo - Wix Code Rebrand

Yesterday, Wix announced Corvid by Wix. This is a beautifully designed and branded product that is replacing Wix Code.

Wait, what?

Yeah. This is the Wix Code rebrand. No need to fret, Corvid by Wix is coming in even more powerful than Wix Code.

This brand interface has some pretty spectacular new features that are packing a serious punch in the market. Corvid by Wix is the powerful and intuitive new version of Wix Code. Any work you have completed using Wix Code will be completely unharmed.

In fact, the rebrand was so seamless it's like it happened in seconds. The systems switched over and we now have a new platform to look in awe about.

I'm sure you're wondering some of the new features of Corvid by Wix.

Here are a few straight from Corvid:

Rapid Visual Front-End Design

Accelerate your front-end development with the intuitive, visual builder. Use and modify 100s of UI elements to build data applications quickly and efficiently—all while retaining the flexibility of your code.

How does this feature benefit to you?

You now have access to different front-end or user-interface elements to drive engagement on your website.

Unified Database Management

Maintain and present content anywhere on your application using integrated databases, or your own external data sources. Access your data from a centralized interface for simplified content management and application runtime.

How does this feature benefit to you?

This is an actually and extremely beneficial new feature. You can now begin using Cloud based databases to store data. This new system gets much more sophisticated with databases, which is music to the ears of developers.

IDE and DevOps

Take advantage of Corvid’s online IDE, or work in your own environment with the code editor and source control tools you prefer. Maximize your workflow with zero setup, one-click deployment, gradual rollout of release versions and application telemetry.

How does this feature benefit to you?

This new feature is insane! You can now work in a back-end environment building web apps that you can seamlessly deploy to all of your Wix websites with ease. That's right. You can now build a sophisticated tool in Wix and use it across all of your websites.

Production-Grade Runtime

Run your application on the secure Wix Cloud with a serverless Node.js. Install npm packages, perform scheduled jobs, and create routers to control how your application handles incoming requests.

How does this feature benefit to you?

This feature enhances your workflow and productivity. No longer do you have to worry about not being able to integrate certain features or your apps working properly or on-time. Wix's new system runs on a serverless Node.js (new school system).

Open Platform

Readily connect to any third-party API available on the web and expose your application as a service. Connect to databases and services hosted on your infrastructure or integrate telemetry into your systems.

How does this feature benefit to you?

For most of the non-coder's of the world! This is music to your ears. Wix is now a completely open platform. This means if you have a third-party app, software or system you want to integrate into your Wix website, you can do it, as long as that third-party has an API available.

Business and Marketing Tools

Customize your user experience with Corvid’s APIs—from eCommerce to appointment scheduling. Use industry-leading marketing tools, like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, to monitor visitor actions and optimize your SEO metadata.

How does this feature benefit to you?

You have already seen some of these tools in action prior to the rebrand to Corvid. However, you have tools at the tip of your fingers that allow you to grow and scale your business.

Ultimately, Corvid by Wix is an exciting new system that you should be thrilled about. Similarly to Wix Ascend, Wix re-branded an existing product and packed more features into it. Obviously, we are all happy to see these new features.

On top of it all, Wix did a stellar job of branding this new product deployment.

Our team specializes in Corvid builds (formerly known as Wix Code builds) and if you would like to explore the opportunity of hiring our team for your development project in Wix, we'd love to chat. Schedule your FREE WTA Breakthrough Strategy Session here:

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