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Editor X by | Powerful New Responsive Wix Editor

Did I just say responsive?

You got it! just announced Editor X, a powerful new responsive editor that allows users to have complete design freedom down to each pixel without ever needing to touch CSS code.

Editor X Feature Highlights:

  • Custom Breakpoint Technology

  • CSS Grid Technology (Edit CSS elements in Wix without ever needing to touch CSS code)

  • Flexbox Technology

  • Design freely and watch your design seamlessly move across each device

  • Wix Design Components (Wix is a few steps ahead of you. They have pre-made design components with your website pallete color already superimposed)

  • Completely Responsive Editor

  • Integrates with Corvid Development Tools & Ascend by Wix Business Suite

Gone are the days that you worry if your website design is up to par with a Wordpress or Shopify website.

Gone are the days you need to worry about your website looking different on every device (mobile, desktop and tablet)

Gone are the days that Wix is seen a beginner, non-professional website design and development platform.

If you would like to be a beta tester for Editor X you can do so here:

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