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Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTION | Responsive Wix Editor

Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS - Responsive Wix Editor | Editor X by Wix is a completely new and responsive Wix website editor. This new technology opens up a world of opportunity for Wix users to create seamless and mobile and tablet responsive websites on Wix.

What is incredible is that Editor X by Wix does not just effect the direct Wix market with an incredible new web design editor for bold creators, but it also paved a completely new path for the Wix training market.

Editor X | First Reaction

When I initially clicked that Editor X Beta button, I truly did not know what I was getting into. Was Editor X going to be very underwhelming and let me down? Was Editor X going to be an incredible and powerful new editor? Was Editor X going to be extremely complex and overwhelming?

Well, I was initially greeted with the ability to choose an Editor X template or as Wix now refers to as "expression" on the Editor X platform. These expressions were beautifully and artfully designed by some bold creators over at Wix. Seriously, they don't look anything like a traditional Wix template. They look about 1,000 times better.

After choosing a Product Launch template for a car, which I just found so incredible, I entered Editor X where I quickly realized, there is going to be a huge need for training on Editor X. In that moment, I was full of joy, because I saw all of the hard work that Wix poured into this. However, I was also full of an overwhelming feeling.

Editor X is a completely new designed Editor. It is not like Corvid (Wix Code) in which it is directly integrated into the traditional editor, but instead, it is a whole new editor in of itself. This was extremely exciting, but overwhelming.

Although, I am so thrilled to be able to jump in and learn Editor X with you!

Overall, I was very pleased by the UI/UX based on first reactions of Editor X, the new responsive editor by Wix, but I was certainly overwhelmed and realized I had a lot of learning ahead of me so I can transfer that information to you properly!

As the largest global Wix training community on the internet, we will be dedicated to creating Editor X tutorials and Editor X training. I'm not kidding when I say that Editor X will provide this channel its next 300-400 videos. Editor X by Wix is a massive new platform with so much to learn.

I could not think of a better way to kick off our Editor X by Wix training and tutorial series than by showing my first reaction to Editor X. I was seriously impressed with what Wix had created on Editor X for bold creators and designers. At the same time, I was very overwhelmed with all of the new design, functionality and development.

What's crazy is that 8 years ago, I launched this channel with the intention of training the Wix market on the HTML Editor. Fast-forward and I get the incredible opportunity to do it again on a bold, new responsive editor on Wix.

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3 commenti

13 mag 2020

Thanks for doing this Michael, I've played a bit and I do like what I see, but I also have some really basic questions Wix hasn't yet answered. For example.

1. Can I publish yet on editorx?

2. When can I transition my site and how?

3. What limitations will I face, if any?

4. What complications such as code transition?

5. What prep has been made on 301s

6. What do we know about speed, performance and reliability of editor x?

My questions aren't critical, they're normal. Maybe my memory is failing me, but I'm sure when Editor was launched (2015?), it came with answers to these questions.

I also use Wix for good reasons. But jumping into Editor…

Mi piace

Michael Strauch (MPS)
Michael Strauch (MPS)
12 mag 2020

Much appreciated comment, kippy! Thanks for watching the content! You are certainly not alone. I see this as an adventure in which we get to discover the platform together as I create content for it. Looking forward to delivering training content for Editor X

Mi piace

12 mag 2020

Thank you Michael for this post! I too, played around in Editor X and was blown away by its possibilities but also a bit overwhelmed by the the complete switch in design concept. Glad to know I'm not alone. I look forward to your tutorials. They always shorten my learning curve by taking a single topic and explaining it quickly and clearly. I'm grateful for the time-saver. Keep up the good work and stay safe and healthy!

Mi piace
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