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Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS - Responsive Wix Editor | Editor X by Wix is a completely new and responsive Wix website editor. This new technology opens up a world of opportunity for Wix users to create seamless and mobile and tablet responsive websites on Wix.

What is incredible is that Editor X by Wix does not just effect the direct Wix market with an incredible new web design editor for bold creators, but it also paved a completely new path for the Wix training market.

Editor X | First Reaction

When I initially clicked that Editor X Beta button, I truly did not know what I was getting into. Was Editor X going to be very underwhelming and let me down? Was Editor X going to be an incredible and powerful new editor? Was Editor X going to be extremely complex and overwhelming?

Well, I was initially greeted with the ability to choose an Editor X template or as Wix now refers to as "expression" on the Editor X platform. These expressions were beautifully and artfully designed by some bold creators over at Wix. Seriously, they don't look anything like a traditional Wix template. They look about 1,000 times better.

After choosing a Product Launch template for a car, which I just found so incredible, I entered Editor X where I quickly realized, there is going to be a huge need for training on Editor X. In that moment, I was full of joy, because I saw all of the hard work that Wix poured into this. However, I was also full of an overwhelming feeling.

Editor X is a completely new designed Editor. It is not like Corvid (Wix Code) in which it is directly integrated into the traditional editor, but instead, it is a whole new editor in of itself. This was extremely exciting, but overwhelming.

Although, I am so thrilled to be able to jump in and learn Editor X with you!

Overall, I was very pleased by the UI/UX based on first reactions of Editor X, the new responsive editor by Wix, but I was certainly overwhelmed and realized I had a lot of learning ahead of me so I can transfer that information to you properly!

As the largest global Wix training community on the internet, we will be dedicated to creating Editor X tutorials and Editor X training. I'm not kidding when I say that Editor X will provide this channel its next 300-400 videos. Editor X by Wix is a massive new platform with so much to learn.

I could not think of a better way to kick off our Editor X by Wix training and tutorial series than by showing my first reaction to Editor X. I was seriously impressed with what Wix had created on Editor X for bold creators and designers. At the same time, I was very overwhelmed with all of the new design, functionality and development.

What's crazy is that 8 years ago, I launched this channel with the intention of training the Wix market on the HTML Editor. Fast-forward and I get the incredible opportunity to do it again on a bold, new responsive editor on Wix.

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