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Exporting Databases in Wix - Wix Code Tutorial - Wix Code 2018 - Wix Code Developers

Are you struggling with figuring out how to export your Wix code database information into a file? Well, in today's video, I'm going to help you solve this issue and figure it out.

My name's Michael Strauch, I'm your host. Before we hop into that information, let me first show you something exciting. So guys, as we've grown as a business here at wixmywebsite. Thanks to you. You are the community. You have made it possible through YouTube, watching the video, sending out the weekly Wix tips. And a lot of you guys hiring our team to build you your own website. We have done some rebranding work. So I still have That's my main business website, but all of you guys are used to signing up for those weekly Wix tips while I'm proud to announce, we have rebranded that and they are now called weekly Wix Wednesday.

So you could go to link in the description below. And it's a whole new process, whole new idea. So now every Wednesday you are going to receive a weekly Wix tip exclusive to tutorial, tip trick, list, something from me to help you that provides you value and building your Wix website. So this is a very intuitive and extreme value list, and it's helped so many people already. And I highly recommend you get on it, especially with the new Wix code release. There's a lot of information I'm going to be covering with that. And I'm even working on something a little special with Wix themselves regarding this, but I can't get into too much detail quite yet. But guys head over to a and sign up for those weekly, which Wednesday tips. They really help people out. Thank you again for all of your support.

Exporting Databases in Wix

Now, let me show you how to export a database list information here in Wix using Wix code. So guys, first to turn on your tools, you need to go your Wix code tools, turn on developer tools. Make sure that's checked on. Obviously, if you have a database in here, you already know that. So if you come down here to database, I've already filled out one of my pieces of information here. And I just want to show you where you go to export that information, including importing that information.

So if you would like to import information into your database or export information, you simply go over here to import export. A lot of people did not know this, so you click that and then you can import data from a file. So this can be from a Google spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet and, or you could export data to a file right here. You could export all, okay? And then this is where you could export your data.

You could see right now you could export into a CSV file. So you could either export all of your data, including the hidden fields. You get export filter data, or you could export collection schema. And what that means is you export only the structure of this collection without any data, meaning you export the, the structure of what this database looks like as compared to filter data where you a filtered the data you actually export in your collection. So you could filter it based off of fields and what you want to download. So that's how you export the data in your Wix database, and you would simply click export. And then just like that client database CSV is export it in, download it onto my computer. And then I only have one field here and you can see, okay. Yeah. Well, we don't need any of this junk. Of course, Excel is running out of date here.

But you can see just like that. We get all the form fields it's real easy, real convenient, real simple to do. And now we have all of our information right here. You will notice the image, the profile image is exported as a file link and it is not the actual image. That is a bit of a pain right now in Wix, but I do believe they are looking to finish that and fulfill that and fix that issue. But you can see that as a nice, simple easy downloadable exportable file. And it provides you all the information necessary that you want, or that you filter based off of what you're looking for.


So I hope this video helped you guys out. If it did, don't forget to drop a like down below. Comment if you have any questions at all guys, again, there's a ton of exciting Wix code information and maybe, or maybe not a course coming out. But that I'm working on, I am working on Wix was something as well. So it's going to be exciting. Don't forget to head over to weeklywixwednesday to get on that email list and receive a Wix tip, helpful, extremely valuable tip every Wednesday, maybe even an exclusive tutorial or an exclusive article. We'll see what I throw at you. But anyway, sign up on that list.

I look forward to seeing you all on there and I hope you all have an excellent rest of your day. I will catch you on the next video.

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Jul 04, 2023

Hello. I haven't tried dbForge Studio for MySQL yet, but I will definitely take note of this tool and try the demo.


Jun 27, 2023

Thanks for the helpful video on exporting databases. In my turn, I want to share with you useful content where you will find a great solution for importing and exporting data. This will come in handy if you are working with databases in a mysql system. I also recommend that you pay attention to the dbForge Studio for MySQL tool.

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