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Get Found Online Using Wix SEO Wiz - Rank Higher On Google

Like most website owners, you are likely trying to attract visitors. Getting traffic from major search engines such as: Google, Bing and Yahoo is the name of the game when it comes to organic web traffic. In my personal opinion, if you are going for organic web traffic, the creme de la creme is a visitor that found your website through Google search. You are probably asking yourself why this guy thinks that is one of the ultimate pieces of traffic, and you would be justified in doing so. However, let me plead my case. So, when it comes to web traffic, you have several different forms. You can have direct search traffic; which is when someone searches for your website directly. You can have referral traffic; which is when your website was referred by someone else or some other platform. Finally, not the last type of traffic, but the one you should love is just Google search traffic. If someone types a keyword pertaining to your business into Google and lands on your website, it is hot traffic. The reason for this is because if that person is searching a keyword that relates to your business, they are actively seeking your niches expertise. Now, there are many different methods to drive traffic to your website, but we will cover one of the newest Wix has offered us. 

Use The Wix SEO Wiz To Rank Higher on Google

Over the years, Wix websites were known to not get good web traffic, because Wix did not build a great platform to get found on Google. Today, that couldn't be further from the truth. Wix continues to add new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) resources all the time. Before I announce and walk through one of Wix's newest SEO creations, I want you to know that this is only one method of driving traffic to your website and to be successful, you should be using several. 

Can I hear a drum roll? 

Wix's newest SEO resource is known as the Wix SEO Wiz. Now, this new resource is amazing. It is like a done-for-you SEO guide that takes you step by step in getting your website onto Google as quickly as possible. Whether you are a beginner or advanced Wix web designer, this new tool is for you. The Wix SEO Wizard is especially spectacular, because it actually creates a personalized plan of success specifically for your website. Now that your jaw has dropped from this new feature that no longer requires you to do endless hours of research on search engine optimization, let's show you where to access it!

Where to access the magic?

After being stunned into absolute jubilation, I will now walk you through how to access this goldmine. First things first, you need to enter your Wix Dashboard. Once you have entered that, you need to look for one of the tiles that says, "Get Found on Google." Then simply click on that and let the magic begin. 

What are the first steps?

After you have accessed this powerhouse of a tool, it will prompt you for your business or website name. After you have completed that, it will also ask you for your location - if you have one available. Then KA-BOOM, you have completed the first steps to getting your website found on Google. However, the next part of this whole secret operation is vital and will likely make or break the success of your Google rankings. But, fear not, the Wix SEO Wizard will make sure you are taken care of and set on the right track. 

What is the vital next step?

You guessed it! Keywords! When it comes to Google, keywords are king. In fact, Google has a specific tool just for keywords. However, don't fret, because once again the Wizard will be by your side to help you curate the best keywords possible for your website. If you'd like to take a little tip from me, I would suggest you utilize keywords that target your niche but are strongly searched. It may be important to note that when I use the phrase "keywords," it refers to a phrase someone types into Google. This is why you want to aim for the best keywords throughout your niche. 

After you have mastered your keywords and you witnessed the Wizard test your keywords for strength and even offer better ones, it is time to continue getting you one step closer to Google. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Great news! You have already completed some very important steps in your personalized SEO plan. Once your keywords are complete, the rest of your Wix SEO Wizard experience is following numbered steps that walk you through everything. Throughout these numbered steps, you will be asked to add alt-text to all of the images on your website, add a strong meta-header and meta-body to the meta-data on all of your pages, make sure your website is mobile friendly and much more. 

If you want to completely take advantage of the Wix SEO Wizard, it is critical to follow all of the steps listed on your checklist. This checklist is personalized to your website to help you rank on Google. If you are a website owner, this is a dream come true.  

The Wizard is never out of magic!

After you have completed your entire checklist, you may think the Wizard will no longer be by your side. However, I can say with certainty, that is simply untrue. The even better news to this Wix SEO Wizard is that it is never done assisting you. After you have completed your plan, it will continue to look through your website for new SEO opportunities. It will even celebrate your current SEO statuses. If someone clicks on your page for the first time through an organic Google search, it will send you an alert with an exclamation point to be excited with you!

Remember, Google never stops its bots from scanning the web, so Wix will never stop its Wizard from helping you achieve results on Google. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go get found on Google!

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