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How To Add A Facebook Pixel to Your Wix Website in 30 Seconds | Guaranteed

Are you ready to discover how to add a Facebook pixel to your Wix website? If you're new here. Thank you for joining us in today's video on the Wix Training Academy.

If you're already part of the community, welcome back. I'm excited to bring you a new tutorial today. First things first guys, click that subscribe button right down below. And if you find any value in today's video, I would appreciate you hit that subscribe, hit that like, and comment down below anything you'd like to learn or what you did learn. And then head over to I just launched the brand new version of my Wix Training Academy website. Completely redesigned re-imagined and redeveloped. Go check it out.

So in today's video, I'm going to show you how to add a Facebook pixel to your Wix website. Now it's going to blow your mind how insanely easy it is to do this, but just bear with me and spend 30 seconds completing this with me. Ready? Let me start. I'm literally going to start a timer. I'm literally going to start a timer with you guys. Ready? We're going to start a stopwatch go. Okay.

You come here, come into Facebook. Grab this pixel ID. When you get to your pixels, go to my Wix sites, select the site. You want 12 seconds go to marketing tools over there on the left, go down to marketing integrations, click Facebook pixel click connect pixel, enter that pixel ID save it connected 28 seconds, 28 seconds.

Now I did that really fast. So I'm going to go through it one more time for you guys, but that took 28 seconds. That's it to connect your Facebook pixel and start tracking your visitors. So that way you can have more targeted Facebook Ad campaigns. Because at the end of the day, we want to make sure we provide our customers and our potential visitors, the most value possible. And so we want to make sure we're sending the right information and the right content and the right offers to the right people. And that's what Facebook pixels is all about.

So let me break it down for you again, show you real quickly how to do it. I'll delete it off of here. Just to show you one more time. So you got to come into Facebook in your ads manager. Okay? And then you come up here to these three little bars, click all tools, you'll see measure and report. You go down to pixels. You click pixels. After you click pixels, it'll bring you to this data sources page. When you get in here, you're just going to simply click details over here. Once you click details, what you're going to do is exactly what I just did, which is the actual easy part of being in this portion of the Facebook Ad Manager. If it ever wants to load, let's try refreshing it.

So now it's loaded and now you'll see over here, there's a pixel ID. You're simply going to come over here. Copy it. Go back to Wix. I'll go back to the main dashboard here. Once you're in Wix, you're going to look for marketing tools under this ascend by Wix category, brand new Wix product. You're going to scroll down to marketing integrations under advanced tools. You're going to go to Facebook pixel. You're going to connect Facebook pixel, and you're going to paste that ID pixel ID right here, and then it'll approve you right there. You're connected. You're set to go. Your Facebook pixel is now live.

Now, if we go back here may take up to 20 minutes for events to be displayed, but let's just confirm that our pixel. So we'll confirm Facebook pixel in deletion and I'll show you guys how this works. We'll go right here. Okay. Essentially, what you do is after you install your pixel, you could go upload the Facebook pixel helper right here. And once you get that Facebook pixel helper, it'll help identify if your pixel is active on your website and it'll identify if that pixel is working and that's what you want to identify, but it's that fast. It's that easy guys.


If this video helped you out drop a like down below comment, any questions you've got at all, and don't forget that click that subscribe button if this video helped you out, it's the least you can do for me. And I appreciate it. I appreciate you again, if you're joining us for the first time, thank you for joining us. If you're just coming back. Thank you for coming back and hit up link in the description below. Go check out the brand new site I just launched. Thank you guys, catching you on the next one.

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