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How To Add PayPal to Your Wix Website | Wix Website Tutorial

What is up Wix Nation MPS here from Wix Training Academy. And today I'm going to show you how to start making more money on your website, how? Well you need a payment processor to make money, right? So I'm going to show you how to add PayPal to your Wix website.

Now, before we dive into anything let's first and foremost establish if you are brand new here, congratulations, this is an amazing community and I would like you to join it. It's very simple. Go down below and click that subscribe button and turn those bell notifications on and instantly join almost 29,000 other people in this incredible community. But if you're already here and you've been watching our content and you still haven't joined the community, definitely do that. And lastly, if you'd like to get free, absolutely free access instantly to our Wix Training Academy portal, go to the link in the description down below click, and you can get instant access to our free Wix Training Academy.

Now, let me show you how we're going to go ahead and add PayPal to our Wix website.

How To Add PayPal to Your Wix Website

So there's a couple of different ways to go about this guys. Number one, you can do it straight through the the editor here. And if you want to just add a PayPal button, maybe you've got just like a buy now one single product that you're looking to sell. This is when a PayPal button would be nice to utilize. You can go to add apps and type in PayPal, and you'll see there's a couple different options.

Number one, you can do the PayPal button and that's by POWr. You can see what the button looks like here. This isn't necessarily my favorite method, but it is a method. A number two, you can actually go to PayPal. So this is actually straight through PayPal by Wix. And you can add, and you can see that buy now button. That's the other method. And if you add both of those, it'll just walk you through connecting your PayPal account and adding the price of whatever it is you're looking to add.

So very simple, not hard to do, but the PayPal button, sorry if anyone from PayPal is watching this, it's not very attractive at all. Like I think it's actually pretty disgusting looking. So PayPal, number one, graphics team update those buttons.

Number two, there is a cleaner way to do this. It is not through the editor. It is actually through your dashboard. So if you go to your dashboard and you're just in your regular Wix dashboard you can scroll down to settings, and then you can go to accept payments. Now in order for you to accept payments. And yes, this includes those two buttons. I just showed you. You do need a premium Wix account, which means you need premium hosting. You need one of the e-commerce hosting accounts.

Good news for you guys is down in the description below. I've got a link to go ahead and register your Wix account and go ahead and get set up with premium hosting. Note, yes, this is affiliate link. If you guys enjoy my content, go ahead and use my affiliate link. It's much appreciated if you're like "screw this guy". Don't use my affiliate link. All good, no hard feelings, but it is an affiliate link. And you do need a premium Wix account in order to, I should say premium, which hosting in order to accept payments on your Wix website, that includes the two button methods. But lastly is this method right here.

So if you go to accept payments in your dashboard, there's actually a couple updated methods to accept payments on Wix. Number one you can actually accept debit and credit cards with Wix. Wix has created a payment processor themselves, which is pretty awesome. But number two, you can see PayPal is an option here. So if you check PayPal, what it'll do is it'll walk you through the steps and I'm just going to get off of that. And it's going to have me say, you know, need a premium account you've connected. And now if you go to complete set up here and you can see it, I'll activate on checkout. So anytime there's a checkout process in your website, whether that's through your eCommerce store, whether that's through using the Wix pay API through Corvid by Wix and building your own checkout process through Wix pay, this will be an option. So PayPal will be an option on any of those systems that require payments through Wix.

You would set simply press complete account, and it'll have you go through and actually link your PayPal account. And that's all that happens. But in order to do that, you do need a premium plan to actually go ahead and accept the payments. Otherwise you're not going to actually be able to accept payments on your website.

Again, you can get a link to go do that down in the description below. Yes, it is an affiliate link, but these are the three main ways to go ahead and add buttons or integrate PayPal to your Wix account. And by doing this, this will allow you to get paid and thus make money through your online business, whether that's an online store or you're selling merch, just in some facet online, whatever that may look like, this allows you to do that.


So it's pretty awesome, pretty cool. If you guys have any questions about this, please comment down below. If you enjoyed this content, make sure you hit the like button. And finally guys, if you are brand new to this community, I'm trying to hit a goal of 50,000 subscribers to make this community bigger, brighter, and stronger within the next two to three months and I need your help to do that. So if you'd like to contribute and you feel you have the power to join this community and make it bigger and brighter, go ahead and click that subscribe button, turn those bell notifications on and then share the content with anyone that may need it. Maybe some of your colleagues, maybe you're a student in school and someone else needs to use Wix for a project, share these videos with them. I've created these to help you.

So that's my goal here and I'm looking to continue building this community to just make it a brighter future because I see the potential here with you guys. And it's so amazing to watch all of the content that's being consumed and how many times I can't tell you how many times your messages to me personally drive me. You know, I get messages all the time about how this video or this piece of content helped you so much. And that literally makes my day, that's what I'm here to do. I'm trying to create content to help do that, to help you take your website to the next level.

So I hope this video was able to put you on the right track to do that. And if it was go ahead and click that subscribe button, it makes me happy. I'm MPS guys. I'm trying to be, you know, as helpful as I can here. So it makes me happy and it's another person in our amazing community.

Also I already know, I'll be seeing you over on Wix Training Academy show, go register for the free Academy. It's free, Wix training content, who doesn't like that? Other than that, guys, that's about it for this video. I'm here to help you out Wix Nation. And this is MPS from Wix Training Academy signing off. Catch you on the next one.

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