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How To Add Wix Live Chat To Your Website | Ascend by Wix Tutorial

What's up, Wix Nation? MPS here from Wix Training Academy And today I'm going to show you how to add Wix Chat to your Wix website,

If you're brand new to this channel, let me first thank you for coming to watch this video and welcome here. If you're not yet part of our Wix nation community here at Wix Training Academy, click that subscribe button right down below and turn those bell notifications on. So you never miss any Wix training content or community engagement here on the channel.

Now, before we dive into the actual meat of the content, if you guys would like to save some time, some stress and some frustration and you would like to just hire a web development company to get your project done for you. We offer that service, link in the description below. And you could click ‘Work With Us’, or if you want to come by and do it yourself, click. ‘Yes, I Want Free Wix Training Content’ and get access to a whole training package of content completely free.

Now let's jump into today's video, which is adding Wix Chat to your Wix website.

Adding Wix Chat To Wix Website

So what is Wix Chat? Number one, well, Wix Chat is a pretty cool tool. So what it allows you to do is live chat with your visitors right on your website. That's correct, it will show up and you'll get all of the messages either via your Wix app. Yes, they do have an iPhone and Android application called Wix that you can use and submit messages and get live chats all through that or in your Wix dashboard, under your Wix ascend plan, your customer relationship management system. And you could use that inbox to manage your Wix Chat.

So how do you add it? That's the question, right? How do you add your Wix Chat? Well, it's very simple to do what you're going to come over here and do is go to ‘Add Apps’ once you're in the editor and you're going to see a lot of times it's already recommended “Get Recommended Apps for Your Site” and its Wix chat right here. But if you don't see that as a recommended app, what you type in is you'll just simply type in ‘Wix’ and you'll see ‘Wix Chat’ pop up. You'll click that. And then you'll simply click ‘+ Add to Site’.

Once you add it to the site, you're going to see a little settings icon pop up down here and you'll see the actual Wix Chat pop up. What we're going to do is we're going to come in here to ‘Settings’, and then we have the ability to go ahead and get started.

The cool thing about Wix Chat is you have the ability to customize the look, the feel and some of the quick actions behind it. So let's jump into those and kind of show you how that works.

This is your ‘Main’, so this allows you to have some of those quick actions. Number one, you can ‘Open Wix Inbox’. If we were to click that I'll show you it'll direct us to the Wix CRM, which has our Wix inbox in it. And it's going to go ahead and load up here and you'll see, it's literally an inbox. So you'll get messages here, you'll get emails here. If you've got that set up through Wix, so it's pretty cool and see ascend by Wix. So you can actually come in here and set up your whole ascend plan. So that's how you access the inbox, that's one way to access it.

You can schedule online chat hours so you can actually show what times you're available, like clockwork I'm available this time to this time every day. And that's when you'll get a guaranteed answer. So you can schedule those online chat hours.

Then you can see right here and get the Wix mobile app. This is a phenomenal tool, it's no surprise that we spend a lot of times or a lot of time on our mobile devices, right? So it makes it a lot easier to manage live chat from your phone. Then sometimes popping up your laptop or opening up your desktop computer and having to manually go in each time and answer the live chat, That's why the Wix app is so phenomenal. You can manage the live chat from your website on your phone. So that's a nice little tool. If we come in here to ‘Settings’, we can see a couple of things.

Number one, we can see the ‘Header’ so we can actually change the icon that shows up here. You can upload your own picture. You need a Wix ascend premium plan to do that, which if you're sending a lot of emails utilizing live chat all through your website, I highly recommend this.

We are actually Wix partners, which means we are certified to offer Wix ascend to you. We've got white glove support. So if you guys are interested in utilizing Wix ascend, which is their entire Wix marketing suite attached to your site, email me at ‘’, link in the description below. All that good stuff or comment down below, we'll get you hooked up with that.

But you can change the icon here. You can change the avatar and then you could actually change the titles here that display either ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’. So when you're online, if you want it to say, “Let's Chat!”, you can change this up. Maybe you want two exclamation points, and then you can have some welcome texts as well.

You can see that's right under this “Let's Chat!!” I can “Ask us any question.” or please address us whatever that may be. And then you can actually set defaults for when you're offline as well, because obviously chances are, you're not going to be online 24 seven, unless you have a dedicated team to do that. So you're going to want some offline chat call the actions as well, like “Contact Us” and “Ask us any question.” and you can change these. So they're not defaults. So those are kind of the offline messages. You'll also see the offline message here. This is the message that actually shoots out via Wix Chat when a person opens up this chat box when you're offline. So you can customize that message to say whatever you'd like as well. So it's a pretty nifty tool to utilize.

So once you've got that all set up, if we go back, you actually have a ‘Lead Capture Form’ as well. Live chat is absolutely amazing to capture new leads, because people like live chat, because most times it's instantaneous. We live in a very instant world where at our fingertips, we get information. We get responses, everything happens immediately. So people like to go ahead and try to use live chat whenever possible, because typically it's one of the fastest mediums to get to a person, right?

So if you're not available, but you obviously don't want to miss this individual, that's coming into your live chat. You can actually create a ‘Lead Capture Form’ and you can collect their email, that's a default, that's an automatic, but you can also choose to collect their name and phone number, if you so choose depending on the type of business you have and how you generate your leads and what information you seek. I know for us that that would be a big component. We like to reach out and learn more about a project, right? So it's helpful to have the phone number.

Then same thing applies here, so you can show ‘Online’ or ‘Offline’. So you can show this lead capture form when you're online. So when someone clicks on this let's chat, you can automatically have this go out with a little ‘Intro text’ right here. So that way, before you even start communicating with somebody, you can capture their information lead capture. So that way you can you know, generate a lead for your business. And this is a ‘Make it mandatory’, so this means if a visitor comes on and clicks this, they have to fill out this lead capture form. In order for you to actually start communicating, you don't have to make it mandatory. You can choose whether that's mandatory or not. And you can choose “When the visitors see the form?”, whether it's ‘After they send a message’ or ‘As soon as they open the chatbox’. So that's a pretty cool, nifty little setting there that you can set to help generate more leads for your business.

After that, comes down to some layout functions, by the way, you can see the ‘New Message Display’. So you can have it show as a ‘Bubble Notification’ like that, or they have to actually click the ‘Open Chat’ it either way. Cool designs, very modern looks. So Wix has done a good job with this.

And then like I said, the rest kind of comes down to ‘Layout’. So you can choose whether it's a ‘Bar’ or maybe have the ‘Rounded’ and you can choose whether it's the ‘Bottom left’ or the ‘Bottom right’.

And then you can actually change the ‘Design’. So you can change the font, the font colors, the button styles, the background pattern, that's actually behind the chat. And then you have options, obviously, for which ‘Support’ and to ‘Upgrade’ to a Wix ascend plan, which again, we are certified, which partners through Wix.

So we offer here at the Wix training Academy offer Wix ascend plan. So if that's something you're interested in, we are your people to go to utilize the information in the description below to send us an email. If you're interested in that, other than that, that is how you add Wix Chat to your Wix website. And once you have it added to your Wix website and it's live.

You can manage it either from the Wix app or if you come in here, I'm going to show you something, this is pretty cool. I'm going to first refresh the site here. Because what you can do is you can actually manage your inbox from your Wix dashboard. So it's taken a second here to load. Nobody likes slow loading times. Not sure what's going on there, but essentially what happens is you would go into, cause if we go back to ‘Settings’ here, okay, good. We got everything to load.

So if we come into our site and we go into our ‘Dashboard’, you're going to see ‘Ascend by Wix’. And then you'll see ‘Customer Management’. This is the tab you're going to want to click on. You'll click on ‘Customer Management’. And then you'll see ‘Inbox’, this is where all of your live chat messages will pop up. You'll see, right now you can see who sent it, this by ‘Ascend by Wix’, but whenever there's new messages, it will pop up right below this with the name of whoever sent it. The ability for you to go ahead and follow up with that in your inbox, so it's very cool!

You could even turn on desktop notifications. So there are lots of built in features here to the Wix Chat. And I could probably do a whole other video on just some of those features alone. But today I wanted to show you some of the quick tools, how to actually add Wix Chat and how to utilize it, where you can access it, stuff like that.


So I hope this video has been helpful. If it has, drop a like down below, not only does that help me learn that this video has been helpful, but it helps the community know whether this video is worth watching. And if it's been helpful, comment if you have any questions at all, or for you're interested in Wix ascend plan, let us know. Then finally, don't forget to subscribe right down below and join us here at Wix nation. Be part of the tribe, be part of the community we would love to have you. And it's a great time over here at Wix Training Academy in Wix Nation.

If you guys are looking to save some time, some stress and some frustration, and you would rather just have somebody build out your website, go ahead and click this ‘Work With Us’ tab. And you could submit your project very quickly and we will reach right out to you in a very timely manner. So that way we can go ahead and get your project kicked off. Other than that, guys, I appreciate you tuning into today's video. I hope this has been helpful learning about Wix Chat.

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