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How To Build A Paid Membership Website in Wix | Answering Wix Paid Plans Questions

Thinking about building a paid membership website on Wix? Maybe even an online course? Wix Paid Plans is certainly the app to use.

How To Build A Paid Membership Website in Wix | Answering Viewer Wix Paid Plans Questions | In this video I’m going to show you how to build a paid membership website in Wix that allows to you generate recurring monthly payments as well as one-time payments.

Rather than taking my traditional tutorial route, I decided to pull questions from my previous "How To Build A Paid Membership Website in Wix" videos and answer viewer comments regarding Wix Paid Plans. The Wix Paid Plans app allows you to create a seamless process for visitors to purchase courses or membership to your Wix website. You can create different membership levels and tiers, recurring payments, custom logins, access to courses and more.

Below are the Viewer Questions answered in the video:

Q1 (Katharina S.): Thanks for the great videos! I have a question though. In a different video you explained how to build a custom member login. That works fine. But when I add the paid membership part wix automatically uses the standardized wix login. How can I change that to my custom built login?

Q2 (Pam Moe): Could you not have an automated subscription cancellation app button that can stop payments and close accounts while archiving the data and sending an automated confirmation response to the cancelled subscriber when cancellations are received? When memberships get large it will be difficult to go in manually and adjust every account.

Q3 (Fireball VFX): Very well explained. I want to ask: - if it is possible to allow client to buy a plan for lifetime without canceling? I want client to purchase a video course that way. - once client paid for plan, next time he clicks on the product will he go directly to it by skipping the payment page or paid plans page?

Q4 (Cambridge Dog Services): Thank you for this very useful video. Once I've set up my membership etc how do I add the course pages?

Q5 (Barry Gilman Music): I want to have a free trial run on a specific plan - i.e. They view free trial for 14 days and then automatically get switched to the correct plan. I also need them to land on a specific page after purchase. Is this possible in Wix?

Q6 (Joan B): Thanks for the great video. Just added this to my site. But when I delete the member to delete the membership, it does not automatically cancel the payment. Do I have to manually delete the automatic payment too?

Q7 (Pam Moe): Could you have an automated subscription cancellation button?

I took all of these questions and addressed them in the video above.

Please comment below if you still have some unanswered questions regarding Wix Paid Plans.

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