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How To Build An Online Course in Wix | Part 6 | Members-Only Pages

What's up guys, MPS here from Wix Training Academy and today I'm delivering you in another video in our mini-series on How to Build an Online Course in Wix. Today we are going to explore once someone purchases a course from you, how do they get access to only those course pages?

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I know you're ready to jump into the content. I'm ready to deliver, so without further ado, let's jump in to today's video.

Creating Members-Only Pages

All right guys, so you're actually going to thank me for this one because this video is not going to take up a large sum of your time. In fact, what I'm about to show you is going to be very easy to implement for you. You're going to start in the editor. We've already got our course built out.

If you haven't followed our mini-series, I'll go ahead and link it in the card above and it's a full playlist. It shows you how to get caught up to speed with where we're at right now. I recommend you watch it if you're watching this video for the first time, but if you're caught up to speed, you've already got your course built out and you've got maybe different course pages, you've got your database built, you've got your repeater set up.

Now what I'm going to show you that I've been getting a question about is, “okay, I've got my course built out somebody purchases my course and they want to access the course. However, I've got multiple courses that I offer. How do I make sure that they only access the course they purchased?” Here's how you're going to do that.

If you go up to the menus and pages up here, the page manager, let's just say we're over here at site menu and let's just say we add a course page. We're just going to call this course. So we've got our course page right here and we're just going to pretend like we had all of our content on this page. Now you guys already have all of your course pages built out, and I'm assuming that you have built out separate pages for each of your separate courses. And if you haven't, I highly recommend you do so. Otherwise, you're going to run into an extreme roadblock and you're going to see why right here.

So you've got your course pages built out for all of your separate courses. Maybe you've only got one page and then a bunch of dynamic pages, and that's fine too. But what you're going to do is once you've got your page assigned and you're like, “okay, this page is assigned with this course”, you're going to come in here, you're going to click these three little buttons, you're going to click settings, and then you're going to go over to permissions.


And once you're here, you're going to click members only. Now you've got members only. What this means already is that only people that are registered on your site can access this page. That's good, but that's not good enough. We want people who are members but also who have paid for this particular course. Here's how we accomplish that.

Once we click members only, we're going to scroll down and we're going to click only selected members or paying customers and then we're going to click that. From this point, you can choose either a member role and if you've set up custom membership roles, like there's different men membership tiers may be in each tier has a different role and access, you can assign those roles right here and you would apply them right now. This shows that 'always admin' will be able to access this page.

However, here's the part you need to know. Select from your pricing plans. So you remember have built out your course and you use the paid plans app and you either built out a onetime payment or some type of payment plan and you can come in here and select out of those courses which people get access. So if you remember correctly, we use the single page example for a course. So we would click single play, pay, press apply. And now essentially what we just did is we said that people who are members on our site and that have bought our course using the single pay, system are the only people that will be able to access this page in particular.

What this does is this detracts anybody from getting access, who shouldn't have access, who did not purchase that particular course. And you would do this on all of your course pages depending on how many pages you have for your course. And you would do this on each course if you have multiple courses.

And that's how that works. And so that'll detract anybody who hasn't paid for this course. And it's that simple and it's that clear. And then if someone has not paid and they do try to access this, it will prompt them to purchase access and become a member in order to actually access this page. So that's also really nice because you've got that double layer protection and it ensures that people that might've paid for another course but not this one aren't just going to automatically get access to this course because this page is off limits to that person unless they purchase it. And it's truly just that simple.


Congratulations if you made it to this point in the video, I like to call this the 'watch till the end club' and that means you watch the video till completion. And I want you to comment down below so I can personally congratulate you and say I watched until the end. And of course if you've got any questions, comment below as well. And that is a very exclusive right to be able to say that because you stuck around, you watched it, and you got the value you needed.

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I look forward to seeing you in our community and active with everyone else in this incredible community. I appreciate you watching until the end, and I am excited to continue delivering you some awesome Wix content.

Until our next video, I'll catch you then.

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1 Comment

Jun 11, 2020

Thanks MPS! In this scenario, the courses would show up on the main menu. What if you wanted to set up Course Pages inside of a Member Page? From what I can tell, you lose control of applying Member Roles (Tiers) within the Permissions area on a Member Page. The alternative is to hide Course pages from the Main Menu and set up a Member Page with buttons which kind of sucks. I'm dealing with this for setting up a Client Portal. Trying to figure out the best way for clients to access only their unique data within a member area without the need for a ton of buttons. Currently, I have like 20 buttons per client... doesn't …

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