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How To Create Custom Forms on Wix | Ascend by Wix Tutorial

What's up Wix Nation, MPS here from Wix Training Academy. And today I'm going to show you how to create custom user input forms in via Corvid or Wix Forms. And we're going to explain the difference in today's video.

If you're brand new here at Wix Training Academy, thank you for being here. And if you're not already part of our Wix Nation community, make sure to click that subscribe button right down below in the bottom, right of this video and turn those bell notifications on. So you never miss any content or community engagement here on Wix Training Academy, YouTube channel, we'll dive into accessing the free Wix training Academy and submitting a project to our team at the end of this video. But for now let's dive into the meat of today's content, which is creating custom user input forms.

How To Create Custom Forms on Wix

Now, before I dive any further, let me explain the difference here. So there's two options. You can either use Corvid, which is actually custom making your custom user input forms, and you have complete control over them where the data is displayed, how it's used, or you can utilize Wix Forums. Wix Forms is a prebuilt Wix app that allows you to also customize the forms you collect in the information you collect. However, it's done in a more organized manner. And like I said, it's a prebuilt Wix app. So it's a little easier to use.

However, what's the difference? Well, Wix Forms is good if you're looking for some more basic form fills and just information to be submitted to your Wix CRM, however, you're, if you're building a custom website, maybe a social network membership website, anything like that, you might want to just utilize Corvid forms and build your own form. So that way you have complete control over where the information is going and how it's being displayed across certain pages. Those are the two big differences there.

So let me first start with Wix Forms. It is very easy to add, Wix Forms all you have to do is go over here to add apps, and then you'll see it already shows as a recommended app for this site. If it doesn't show in this recommendations for apps, all you gotta type in here is form, and you'll see Wix Forms pops up. You'll go ahead and click that and you'll click add to site. So once you add it to your site, you actually have the ability here to choose a form template. Once again, this is an app by Wix, so it is pretty intuitive and it's a nice nifty out to utilize.

Now, when you come in here, you'll see a whole bunch of different templates. You'll see a contact subscribers, sales, lead support, testimonials, quizzes, contests, price, quotes, feedback, job applications. So there's some good diversity of forms in the Wix Forms app.

Now, depending on what you're looking to build a form for is dependent upon which of these templates you'll choose. Obviously Wix has determined that these tend to be the most common styles of forms that are being posted and information being collected on Wix so they went ahead and built templates out for each of them. So again, it depends on what you're trying to do, but say we are a company and we're looking to bring in new subscribers, we'll go ahead and click subscribers and we'll press choose.

Now, you'll see, we've got a nice little form here. It says, subscribe to the site. And then we've got some custom user inputs here. We've got the first name, last name, email, and a consent to subscribe to the email list, plus a submit button. Here's the beautiful thing, regardless of the form template you choose, you have the ability to update the forms and add more fields or subtract fields as you'd like.

So to utilize Wix Forms here, all you'd have to do is come up here to manage fields and you can actually come in here and manage the different fields. You can see first name, and then you can edit this and you'll see how that works. You can edit and you can change it to be, you could change the field title or title or the placeholder text, and you can make it required field or non-required field. And that's kinda how you manage those fields.

Now, if you come in here to form settings, this is where you've got a little bit of control. So you can create a submissions table. And this is the same thing as forms being submitted to a database as well. So that is kind of cool. That is pretty nifty. And it's something to utilize, Wix Forms kind of ties everything together. So it does take a lot of the middleman out of having to create your own custom end performs via Corvid. Unless you have something very sophisticated, you're looking to build that's when Corvid Forms and building your own forms and collecting your own data and choosing how that's displayed is a little bit more useful than utilizing Wix Forms. But if you create a submissions table, it'll basically just create a table that you can manage from your dashboard to see each of the fields that have been submitted. You have to publish your site to actually see that.

Then you've got your settings in here. You can name this form, another awesome thing here is when this form is filled out, you can actually automatically have email notification sent to you. For those of you that have watched my prior videos. This is a big plus because you don't have to use SendGrid now to actually write your own code and automatically are actually or manually built out your email notifications from a core of it, for them, you could come in here and you can choose two emails that get notified every single time a form has been filled out. So that's pretty nifty.

You have your submission stable. So this is where you can view all the submissions. And then you've got contact labels. So in your Wix CRM, you've got different groups, different labels that you can actually create. So that way maybe a potential prospect is filling out this form right here. You can actually have a label here that says prospect, and it will tag them in the Wix CRM and put them under that label. So anyone that fills out this form would be tagged as a potential prospect in your Wix CRM, which is pretty nice.

You've got to submit message. So this is also pretty nice. When someone submits this form, you can have a pre-built out message, or you can link to a different page. Maybe you linked to a thank you page. You can link to an external URL. So maybe they fill out this form and then they're taken somewhere else, maybe an online course, if you're hosting on teachable, something like that, although you can host on Wix, or you can even show a link to a file download, this is an upgraded feature that you would need a Wix Ascend plan. If you do, or are interested into a Wix Ascend plan, which is Wix's whole marketing suite and CRM suite we are Wix partners, and you can actually get those Wix Ascend plans from me, from our team straight through Wix. That's a perk of being a certified, which partners have. You're interested in that you can use the email in the description below to shoot us an email, let us know you want to wish this end plan.

So there's that, and then you can choose how long it shows. You can even accept payments on your form. So this is maybe an order form if you're looking to create just an order form that people can go to, maybe a school fundraiser or a local sports club is selling a fundraiser or anything like that, you can actually create payments and accept payments on these forms.

Next is automations. This is a fantastic tool. So when a Wix Form is submitted, when this form is submitted, you can automatically trigger a thank you email to be sent out. You can create a new task in your CRM, so you can manage different tasks going on in your CRM. Maybe this is filled out and your sales rep now gets a task generated to follow up with this prospect. There's an example of how that would work, or you can automatically send a chat message as soon as this form is filled out. I just did a video on my previous video about adding Wix Chat. You can automatically have a chat message sent out, which is pretty awesome and a pretty fantastic tool.

These are just three example, automations that Wix has determined are popular automations. Once a forms filled out, you can actually view all of your automations by clicking view your automations, and you could create a whole bunch of sophisticated automations straight here that'll happen as soon as your form is submitted and filled out. So that's pretty awesome.

That would be my recommendation guys. I know we, we said either Corvid Forms or Wix Forms, I wanted to explain the difference here, but I wanted to show you how these custom input forms utilizing which forms are an excellent way to start generating those data that you need to collect. It it's much easier. It's much more user friendly, and it really enhances the, the amount of time that you get to actually save by utilizing Wix Forms rather than custom building forms.

Custom building forms has its time and its place. And for sophisticated web development projects, big social networks, big CRM, stuff like that. Anything you're building custom web apps, you usually building with Corvid and building those forums. So you manipulate and you control all the data is good to have, but when it comes to just building a website and utilizing forms to collect information Wix Forms is definitely the way to go here.


So if this video helped you guys out drop a like down below. Comment, if you have any questions at all, or if you're interested in those Wix Ascend plans, and don't forget to join us here at Wix Nation here on this, Wix Training Academy channel and click that subscribe button right down below, turn those bell notifications on so you don't miss anything here in the community.

Last but not least, listen, if you're looking to save some time, some stress and frustration, and you would like a web development team to help build out your next web development project, our team is here. We are currently available for hire, and you could go to this work with us page, link in the description below. And you can submit your project straight to us. You're on this work with us page or access all of our free Wix training content in a training portal that we've built you absolutely free by clicking 'Yes, I want free Wix content'. So you fit into those boxes. Go ahead and utilize that.

Other than that, I appreciate you watching today's video and I look forward to hearing from you.

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