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How To Create Split A/B Tests in Wix | Using The Wix Release Manager | Corvid by Wix Tutorial

What is up Wix Nation MPS here from Wix Training Academy. And today I'm bringing you yet another awesome Corvid by Wix tutorial.

So today we're going to dive into how to do split A/B testing, utilizing the Wix release manager. Now, I know these are all new terms on this channel, but we're going to explain it thoroughly in today's video. But before we jump in, we've got an awesome community over here at Wix Nation and I'd love you to be a part of it.

If you're brand new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button right down below so you never miss any Wix training content and you get to be part of this awesome community. Now let's dive into today's tutorial, which is the Wix release manager utilizing core mid and the split A/B testing.

Using the Wix Release Manager

So in front of me here, I've got a sample site that I kind of threw together well, just to throw it together and what it is? it's just a homepage. Now utilizing the Wix release manager, what we can do is we can create an additional version of our homepage and you split testing to figure out what converts the best. So this is especially, especially useful in things like lead conversion, lead generation, online store. So eCommerce testing what styles of pages convert into customers.

The best split AB testing is an absolutely amazing tool to utilize. And if you have the ability to do so, you need to hop on it because you could be leaving opportunity on the table and no one wants to leave opportunity on the table. So what we're going to do is we're going to show you how to do it.

Number one, you have to design your whole website, right? Get the homepage, whatever page you want to do. The split testing on is what you need to follow with next. So once you've got your site developed, you've got your published version out there. What you can do is whatever page you want to split test on, you can go in and you can make changes. So I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to publish this version right here.

Creating A/B Test

Now we've got a published version of this in particular site. Now, if I want to create A/B test or a split A/B test, what I would do is I could now change this up. Maybe I want to change the look of the button on this version. Yes, you do change it on this exact page, this exact version. And you'll see why in just a moment. So now I'm going to change the design maybe instead of a rounded button, we're thinking maybe a square bolded button, our rectangle bolded button will convert better. And maybe instead of request or free quote, a book, a free consultation, we'll convert, Oh, that's spelled wrong console patient. Maybe that'll convert better than request a free quote.

So now I'm doing a very, very minor adjustment of this and some of you may have minor adjustments just like that. But if you want to change your version of that in particular page significantly be my guest. You can go ahead and change it as much as you want, but sometimes there's only small adjustments that need to be made in a split A/B test to test different dynamics and different elements.

Typically, what you want to do is you want to test one little item at a time to figure out if it makes a change. And if it makes a difference rather than spending and investing all of your time into redesigning an entire page, it's good to test individual elements on the page.

So now that we've got an element that we're looking to change, what we're going to do is we're going to save this version of the site now with the new element on here. And then we're going to go up here to site. You're going to see release manager, but above that, you're going to see create release candidate. So what you're going to do is you're going to click, create release candidate. Now, what you've done is you've added a new version of your site. This is a test version that contains your release manager, your B test.

So there's your A test, which is your already published site. And then you've got your, whatever you're testing it against, right? Your additional test page. And that's your B test. So that is what is created. Once you click release candidate or create release candidate. Now, what you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and go to release manager right here, and you're going to click that. And once we get that open, we're going to see something, this is our release manager.

So we've see two different versions here. We see the published version and you can see exposures at a hundred percent. I'll explain that in a moment, you can see the release candidate, and then you can see when each of these versions have been adjusted and who adjusted them. So you can see the site owner in this case, me was the person that adjusted these. Maybe you've got a developer on your team or someone in your business that makes these changes for you like a marketing director, a if they have a account or user in your Wix site, it'll show that they're the person that made this adjustment and exactly what date and time that adjustment was made. So it's kind of nice. But what we see here is we then see our, excuse me, we now have to make sure our release candidate is getting exposed.

So let's explain exposure. So exposure, it shows that the published version is a hundred percent exposure. What does this mean? Well, it means that a hundred percent of the visits to your website or to that in particular page, whatever that may be are going to show this published version. However, we want to create a split test, right? So we want to make it 50/50, or maybe 75/25. So we want to test out two versions in order to make that happen.

We have to change the exposure on the release candidate, because that's the second version. So in order to do this, we go over to these three little dots, we'll click them and then we'll click edit exposure. Now what you do is you could simply change this to 50 and then click save. And now what will happen is when someone goes to your site or this in particular page, 50% of that traffic will see the current published version, your initial, a test, and 50% of that traffic will see the release candidate, your B test. And because of that, you will then be able to accurately test which one converts better. Maybe you're testing conversions, maybe you're testing something completely different. It doesn't really matter what the test is, but this allows you to control the exposure of traffic and who sees what.

Now you don't get to pick exactly what person sees, what page, which will automatically do that based off of the divvying up of the traffic. But you've now got it set to 50% of that. Traffic will see the current version, the, A test and 50% of that version, our traffic we'll see the release candidate, the B test, right? So now you can test it. Maybe let's throw in another scenario.

Maybe you start to see that the published version is just doing better than the release candidate. It's just way ahead of the B test. If that's the case and you want to maybe drop the exposure on the release candidate, all you gotta do is come back, edit exposure, and then maybe you want 25% now. So you want 75% of the traffic to see the regular or initial published version. And you want 25% of the traffic to see that release candidate. And just like that, you've got A/B test that you can now look at and see how traffic is being converted and where those leads are coming from, and which pages are doing better, which published versions doing better. And this release manager gives you all of that right here.

In addition to that, you've see a site history. So you can actually view and restore the previous version of your website. If you decide, you know what I'm done with this, A/B test, you can go ahead and restore the previous version of your website by clicking that restore button. And that's how to utilize split A/B testing with the Wix Release Manager that Corvid made possible.


So if this video helped you guys out, drop a like down below, if you've got any questions regarding this, or want to say how amazingly cool it is, comment down below. I'd be sure to answer and address any questions or comments you may have.

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Once again, appreciate all of your help. And if you want to save some time, some stress and some frustration when developing your website, head over to link in the description below. And if you'd like to work with my team and I personally on your development project, you can either click work with us or scroll to the bottom here and submit your project. And we will be in touch as soon as possible. And you can also join our free Wix Training Academy. That's right, absolutely free access to tons of Wix training material webinars, Corvid tutorials, code snippets, and more. So if that's something that interests you head over to

Other than that, I appreciate you tuning in today's video and I will catch you on the next one.

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Great video. AB testing normally doesn't end meaning you find one that works and you may test another small piece. Is there a video that shows how to continue the AB split so after you create you first 50/50 exposure test, how do you create another with the winner from the previous test and a new B to test against it. Also can you create a video on how you can use the WIX analytic to judge the performance of the AB. Thanks for the content.



Is there an option where I can see the results of the test? How do I know if the release candidate is working better? Where can I find this?



I can see value in the release candidate model but is it possible to manage separate test and production environments? Or am I missing the point? Thanks!

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