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How To Delete Databases In Wix Code - Wix Code Tutorial 2018

Are you struggling to figure out how to delete your database using Wix code? If you are, you're not the only one and you're not feeling this frustration alone. Let me explain.

So for the longest time, you actually couldn't delete a database on Wix code using Wix. It was something they were working toward fixing. Well, guess what, if you have created tons of useless or unused databases that you just wanted to test out or see what you were doing, and they're just sitting over there taking up space and being clunky. And if you're organized at all, you're probably got some OCD issues going on because you're like, “ah, I'm not using these. I just want these databases deleted and gone.” We have an answer.

My name is Michael Strauch and I'm here to deliver it for you guys. Before we hop into this really quick tutorial on how to delete a database in which code let me first say head over to guys. This is my email list. I encourage you to hop on this email list and sign up. If you are interested in learning more about Wix weekly Wix tips, every Wednesday, tips, tricks, and tutorials, I'm here to deliver you guys. Awesome, exciting new features through Wix and just some fun, exciting videos and content coming up. So head over there, link in the description below.

How To Delete Databases In Wix Code

Anyway, guys, let's talk about how to delete a database using Wix code. So let's first address. How do you add a database using which code? Well, if you've watched my previous videos, you go up here to code and what you're going to do is you're going to go hover over it. And you're going to turn on developer tools. When you do that, you see a couple of things, pop up, you see your properties panel, you see your site structure over here, and then you see your page code down at the bottom while let's minimize page code. And we don't need our properties panel on. So we could access that out right now.

Now to add a new database, you'll see over here, site structure, database. You can either click that little plus button or you can click add a new collection. So we're just going to go through here and just create a random one real quick. Okay? So it's going to load and then you press start creating here. You name it, whatever your database is, we'll just say new database. And then you choose what is the general permissions are for your database. Now I want you guys know permission. That's a big issue.

A lot of people have with their websites. When they're building out these databases, you can go back and changes. Although you click it right here, it is not a permanent fix or solution. You can go back and change these permissions. I would always suggest pressing custom use. So that way you just start from you customizing exact you know, who edits what, who views what, who changes what, who deletes what? It just makes it easier sometimes and makes it much easier. So that way you can set your permissions upright from the beginning.

Anyway, we clicked set up custom permissions. Then we have to choose them again. Who can read content? We'll just say anyone who can create, we'll just say anyone who can update anyone and we'll say, who can delete? We'll say it's an admin can only delete. And then you simply click set and create collection. Your database is now built. Okay.

So now your database has done. You've got your database right here. Now I shouldn't say done. Obviously you come in here, you click add fields to start adding all of your fields different. Ah, you're obviously see, depending on what you're building into this database, this is your sandbox back here. I've done a little video on databases. You can go check that on the channel. The question is, how do we now delete this database? Well, it's super, super simple. It's going to blow your mind, ready?

Before this wasn't possible until about two weeks ago in Wix, you simply go over here to this little gear icon. There it is. And you click remove that's it. This is, and I know this is so simple, but watch you click remove. It's going to verify it. And then you click remove done. It's gone guys.

I know that seems so simple and almost a little bit comical, but the truth behind it, that was not a feature up until like two weeks ago. And it was bugging a lot of, if you're a design expert or developer watching this video, you know, if you're on our community here, it was bugging a lot of us, especially you guys site owners, individual site owners that are trying to build websites with especially multiple databases. And you went in, maybe created one and you didn't like it, or you didn't use it. And it was just sitting there. It was becoming a nuisance. So the ability to delete that is so much more convenient and keeps seeing so much more organized.


So I hope that video helped you guys out. I know it was very simple, but if it did drop me a like down below comment, if you have any questions at all, guys, I'm here to help you. And don't forget to subscribe. You're on ComputerMDofGilbert. Guys, head over to link in the description. I already explained that to you. And then my last thing, I just want to tell you we have an exciting direction for this channel.

So I'm going to be starting a couple of new things and you're going to slowly start to actually not slowly, you're going to quickly start to see them being rolled out by me. Just different types of videos, more structured videos, not so sporadic. And so random based off of all, what's he going to upload today? Or what's he going to upload? Then I'm going to have a lot more structure happening and you guys are really, really gonna like it. I'm gonna bring in some of the design experts in the design expert community that I'm connected with. I may even bring in some actual members of Wix themselves, who knows, but either way, I just wanted to let you guys know that we have an exciting direction coming to this channel.

So make sure you stay tuned on here. Another thing go onto that email list because usually the email list is the first to know. So I, I just really encourage you to stay tuned here because I'm super, super stoked to show you what's about to come. I'm not going to quite announce everything yet. If any of you have reached out via email lately, to me you may see that I reply a lot, that I locked myself in a room and I'm working on a top secret project. Well, that's got dual purpose. I'm working on a top secret project Adobe flash. I'm working on a top secret project for YouTube, but I'm also working on a top secret project on my website for you guys.

Again, not telling you any details I will launch the website portion of this and very, very, very soon and YouTube, like extremely soon, like within the next, probably by next week. So stay tuned here. I appreciate you guys watching and I will catch you in our next video. Have a great rest of your Friday.

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