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How To Import Wordpress Blog Posts To Wix | Wix Training Academy

What's going on Wix Nation? MPS here from Wix Training Academy and in today's video, I'm going to show you how to efficiently import your WordPress blog posts over to Wix without all the hassle.

Before we dive into today's content. If you're new here, congratulations, you now get to become part of a community of 29,000 plus like-minded entrepreneurs by simply clicking that subscribe button right down below and turning those bell notifications on. Hey, if you've been watching the content for a while and you still haven't hit that subscribe button, go ahead. We have a goal of reaching 50,000 subscribers in this community to build a bigger, stronger, and better community by the end of February. That's right and I know we can do it with the help of you.

Lastly, if you want no strings attached free Wix training content, head over to link in the description to below and click join the Academy, just an email and a password, and you get instant access. So let's go ahead and show you now how to quickly import your WordPress blog posts over to Wix without all the hassle.

How To Import Wordpress Blog Posts To Wix

So once you've got your blog added and you actually add your Wix Blog, you have to go into your blog manager and go to manage posts. Once you're in here, you'll see this dashboard. Now I'm going to blow your mind with this. You're going to go up to these three dots right here, click on it. And you're going to see import WordPress posts. You would click that you'll click get started, and then you'll import the link from your WordPress blog. And then Wix is going to go ahead and work you through the rest of the magic. It'll have you sign into your accounts, say what categories assign that great information. And it's going to walk you through step by step importing your WordPress blog posts over to Wix.

Now I don't have a blog over on WordPress, which is why I'm not walking through the process of actually going from WordPress to Wix, because I'm a Wix guy myself, but hey, if you came from WordPress and you're at Wix now, welcome because you're here now and Wix made it ultra simple for you to go ahead and import those posts. So that way you don't have to go ahead and copy and paste and worry about duplicate content on Google and this and that. And you don't have to worry about that anymore. You can simply do it and quickly do it.


If this video helped you guys out, I know I didn't walk through the process. I apologize, but I at least wanted to show you where you go, because this is a very, very straightforward process that Wix walks you through some basic fill in this, this, and this put your link to your blog there. It's very easy to do once you're there, but I wanted to show you where to go to get that.

If it helped you out, drop me like down below. If you've got any questions, feel free to comment, I'm here. If there's any ways I could have improved this video, please let me know in the comments below. And lastly guys let's hit that goal of 50,000 subscribers by February. Let's make this a bigger, better, stronger community. It starts by you subscribing right down below bottom, right? Click that button, turn those bell notifications on and if you have any friends, colleagues, like-minded entrepreneurs that could benefit from this content here, go ahead and share it with them. That's how we continue to build this awesome community. And you get to be part of something amazing here. That's blossoming and continuing to grow. I'm excited for that. I know you're excited for that. And I know I'm already going to see over at our Wix Training Academy. Why? Because you get free Wix training content, no strings attached, just your email and a password, and you get instant access. What gets better than that? Nothing.

So I'll see you over there guys. Other than that, thanks for watching today's video and go ahead and import your WordPress blog posts over to Wix, which is better. Oh, just a personal opinion. Thank you guys catch on our next one.

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