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Building A Social Network in Wix | Part 10 | Making Money with Your Website

You want to make money with your social network in Wix? Well, in today's video, I'm going to show you how to add Google AdSense to your new social network that you've been building. So we've kind of built out the profile pages, and now we're going to add a add section to the profile page.

Now, before we get into that first and foremost, don't forget to click that subscribe button down below and turn the bell notifications on because I have a very special treat for you. Today until Christmas, there are 12 more days. So I'm bringing to you an early Christmas present the 12 days of Christmas. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to release a new part of building a social network in Wix the non-coding founder's guide every day for the next 12 days. Up until Christmas, I'm going to try my very best to finish out the series till then.

However, I am still waiting on a few features from which to make a few things happen, like the peer to peer messaging and direct messaging that we talked about, but these are my goals. And if I don't get to the end of the series, at least you have 12 new parts to follow a building, a social network in Wix. So this is part one dealing with Google Ad Sense and adding it to your which website. Now, before we get into that guys, head over to, click Academy to access all my free trainings, webinars, all that good stuff, and don't forget to subscribe and turn those bell notifications on. So let's hop right into it.

Making Money with Your Website

This is going to be a very short and sweet building, a social network in which video today, as it's a quick introduction version into our 12 day Christmas present gift to you guys for being such an amazing, amazing audience.

So we're here in our editor for the social network. What we're going to do is we're going to add Google AdSense on our profile pages today. So if we go here to home and we click our user profile data page, so this is our profile page. We're going to add Ads over on the sidebar today. Like you would typically kind of see ads. So to add Google AdSense into our social network, we're going to go over here to add apps, and then we're going to type in here AdSense. And you're going to see Google AdSense by Wix. You're going to click that and then it's going to load up and you're going to click add to site.

Once you've got it, you've got your actual Google AdSense right here. And you can determine what style of ad you have, and I'll show you how to do that right here. So you see this as kind of a, the wider format ad and its the square ad. So if we double click it, it'll pop up our options here and you could choose, you could see what kind of ad you'd like. You could either do a full text ad, an image ad or a text and image ad just like that.

And then you could come in here and choose the layout. So you could choose whether it's that square, whether it's the tall one. So the, the lengthy one like that, or a wide one, which based off of how we're adding here, it's not going to be wide. I'm going to go with square today, guys, for the ad sense.

You can choose your style. So it's font colors, the font itself, the size, the background, color of the ad, all that good stuff can be altered right there.

Now you guys may be asking, you know, why did I decide to show you this video? Well, I've had a couple people reach out and actually ask me how can I make money with a social network? Well, to be completely fair and honest with you, there's a couple of different ways you can do it. You can one either charge people to actually be a part of your social network. Although if you do that, you're going to highly decrease your conversions of people that turn into social network users, unless you have real value behind the reason they're paying.

In our day and age, there's so many different outlets to connect with people that are completely free, that don't charge you for that. So if you just charge for the ability to connect with other people on your platform for no real special niche or no real special value, it's not going to make it. It's just that simple and the truth behind the 2019 landscape of how we're going here and progressing in platforms, websites, and technology.

However, how social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, how all these different platforms make money. Although there's a myriad of different ways is ads. Ads is the number one way they generate revenue to their business, into their company. Now there's lots of ways you can do this. This is the Google AdSense method that I'm showing you today.

The other method is you could literally build your own in house system to where people will fill out requests to put ads from their business on your site, which is another method you could go with, which I may do like a little mini-series on after we get done with this full series, but for the temporary solution here, and for the way to actually start guaranteeing you start earning money on your social networks, as long as you have traffic that comes to your website is Google ad sense. And that's the most trusted way to add it right now, other than building your own in house system.

So you bring it in here, you double click it. And then what you can do is you press get started and it'll take you to Google itself, and it'll have you pick a Google account that you want your AdSense associated with. So whatever you want and your Google AdSense account, which is where all of your ad management revenue, all that good stuff will be housed, whatever Google account you want that connected to is where you'll choose this. And then you simply choose your account. And it'll walk you through the process of just connecting your Google AdSense account to this particular set of ads on your website. And it's very easy.

Now I did a full video, which I will go ahead and link down below of how to maximize the, make the potential of actually getting approved for your ads. So Google ad sense will not just give ads to any website. You have to be an established website first and foremost, you have to have established premium domain, which means you can't just have a free Wix domain two you gotta have Wix hosting three, you have to have solid content on your website. You have to make sure your website's in line with Google's policies and plans. So you cannot have a whole bunch of stuff that goes against Google's guidelines. You won't get approved for ads.

So ultimately the big thing here is though Google make sure that you're not just a scam website, just trying to get people to click on your ads. So you have to have some real substance behind your website for Google to approve you. And it's that simple. I mean, it really comes down to that. That's the truth behind it. Google just doesn't want a dinky website generating people, our traffic to it, to simply click an ad.

They want a website where people are getting value that are interacting, that are engaging, and there happens to be ads on the site. So if people do click them, that type of thing, Google just wants to make sure you're an established business. And you have true reason to be having ads on your website, not a sole website for the purpose of clicking ads.


That's as simple as it is to add Google AdSense to your social networking in Wix. This was more of a mini video. Like I said, to get into our next 12 days here of building a social network in Wix guys, you better get ready if this video helped you out, drop a like down below, make sure you comment. If you have any questions also comment.

Let me know if you're excited for this whole 12 days of Christmas thing. And if so, please let me know the top things you'd like me to cover in these next building a social network in Wix videos. So I can nail those first and foremost. So that way you get the most value and the most bang for your buck so forth.

There's no buck involved here, but the most value possible for your process and for your website. I just want to make sure I provide that for you so comment down below what you would like to see in these next set of 12 videos that are coming daily for the next 12 days until Christmas morning.

Do not forget to subscribe and turn that bell notification on otherwise, sometimes YouTube forgets to notify you that the new videos out, I don't want you to miss any of these. This is a very special gift to you guys. So make sure you click subscribe and turn that bell notification on.

Other than that guys that is about it for today, I'm excited is static, super static to bring you the next 12 days. This is the first time I've ever done this. This is the first time, this is like a little Christmas type thing. I thought it was very cool.

And I just thought it'd be a cool way to deliver you guys the most content possible for this series, because I know so many of you have been very dependent on this series of getting to the next step in your social network, which is so awesome to hear that means that this series has been helping you out and that's all I want to do. All I want to do is make sure I provide you the most value possible and help you out as best as I can with your Wix social network endeavors.

I appreciate this guys, don't forget to head over to, click that Academy button to sign up for free today, get a whole bunch of free trainings and awesome stuff. And that is it for today's video. Make sure you watch the other parts in this building of social network video, which are playing right now, if you haven't already. So that way you can get caught up on the series. So you're where we're at today.

Thank you guys again. I'll catch you on the next one.

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