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How To Price Your Web Design & Development Projects

Stop Undercharging

Do you feel like you could be making more money from your web design or development services?

Chances are, you're probably right.

In fact, I'm willing to take a gamble and say that right now, you are undercharging for your services.

Would you agree that your time is valuable? Don't you believe that time is actually your most valuable asset? Unlike money or things, we can't get more time.

Although, I'm willing to bet that your prices don't reflect that time mindset. I still see so many freelance or even agency owners trading time for money and charging per each hour of their time.

Did you know that by charging hourly, you are now assigning a cap on how much your time is worth? If you charge $99 an hour, you are essentially telling everyone that you are only worth $99 an hour.

What's even crazier is when you take on a new client that has an extremely important project that is going to require a large majority of your time, say 40 hours, which means your price (if using that hourly method) will be $3,960, but if done effectively, the client will generate $250,000 in new business.

You tell me, but I feel there is something disproportionate with those numbers.

It's because you are going about pricing your projects in a way that still requires you to trade time for money and caps the value you deserve for your work...nevermind the fact that you don't receive that freedom you signed up for when starting your business.

If you'd like to break free from the curse of undercharging and start generating more money, I suggest you watch my new video below about How To Price Your Web Design & Development Projects.

By breaking free of the curse of undercharging with one simple change, I took my average project value from $1,600 to $5,000 in one month.

If that sounds like something you'd like to do, I encourage you to head over to check out my new video


Michael 'Pricing Coach' Patrick Strauch

P.S. Using this method, I was also able to free myself up and get more time back in my life.

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