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How To Send A File After Form Submission in Wix | Ascend by Wix Tutorial

What's up, Wix nation? MPS here from Wix Training Academy and in today's video, I'm going to show you how to allow your visitors to access a file download after they've submitted a form on your website.

But before we dive into that first, if this is your first time over here at Wix training Academy, thank you for joining us. If you'd like to be part of our community, Wix nation, go ahead and click that subscribe button right below this video. So you don't miss any content here on the channel or any community engagement. As we have a ball over here with Wix nation.

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So let's jump into the meat of today's content, which is how to add one your Wix form, but to the important part, create the form in a way that will allow you to send that form submission to a file download.

How To Send A File After Form Submission in Wix

So first things first piggybacking off of our last video, which was how to create custom user input forms. We're going to go over to ‘Add Apps’ and we're going to type in ‘forms’. And then we'll see ‘Wix Forms’. We're going to click that. And in this case, we're going to ‘+Add Again’, because we added it via our last video.

Now we have ‘Choose a Form Template’ here. In this case, I'm simply showing you how to actually utilize the form setting. So it doesn't really matter what template, but I'm going to go with, get ‘Subscribers’ to make it a little easier because this is tailored to generating email subscribers.

So it started us off at the top here. We're going to drag this down, so that way we can utilize the form. Okay, so now we've got our Wix form here. This is just a very simple form, ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Email’. And “Yes, I want to subscribe to your email list.”

Typically, in most cases, when you're providing a file download, after someone submitted a form, it's for an opt in, right? They're giving you their email and their first name, last name. However you do that in exchange for a file. Maybe it's a free video. Maybe it's a free audio series. Maybe it's a free E-book or a free guide that you're giving them in return for them providing their email. That's typically how it works with opt-ins. The question is now, how do you make it so they can access that file after they click submit here on the form?

Well, it's actually very easy to do. What we're going to do is we're simply going to click on ‘Wix Forms’ and we're going to go to ‘Form Settings’. When we do that, we're going to see ‘Submit Message’. And you'll see a couple actions here. So when a visitor submits a form, you can do a couple of things. One, you can ‘Show a success message’, ‘you can link to a page or a light box’. Three, you could ‘Link to an external URL’. Four, you can ‘Show link to a file download’, this is the one you'll be utilizing.

Now, in order for you to actually do this, you need to upgrade to the Wix ascend plan, thankfully with us we're Wix partners, Wix agency partners. So we are authorized to offer you Wix ascend plan. So if that's something that you'd like to utilize, and you'd like to explore Wix ascend, reach out to our team, use that link in the description below and head over and submit a project. Let us know you want to use Wix ascend, but you would upgrade Ascend.

Then all you would do is it would allow you to pick the file and submit the file that you want to be downloaded. And that's it! It will show the link to that file download after they've clicked ‘Submit’, and it's that simple to make it so that way they can access a file after they click submit. So I can't show you the second parts of this here, because we're just on a free test demo site here. But all you would do is you would upload the file and you would select the file that you want them to receive. And then Wix will show the link to that file download so they can download that file on submission.

The other thing I just want to draw your attention to is ‘Automations’. So maybe some of you don't want a file to be downloaded, but instead you just want a thank you or a welcome email sent out upon form submission. Well, Wix has automations and these automations are extremely powerful, awesome, intuitive, and robust. What you can do is you can actually press ‘Create’ under, ‘Send a thank you email’.

So essentially what would happen if we press ‘Create ’ is it would take you to the automation itself, our trigger, you have to first ‘Choose a Trigger’ in this case it is ‘Wix Forms’. So when a form submitted, you can see trigger every time visitor submits a form.

Then we need an action, so when a form is submitted, what happens in this case, we want to ‘Send email to visitors’. And then under that one, you can customize your sender details. So you can choose change your from name and your reply to email, but two, you can actually customize your email. So this is the email that would be sent out and you could click ‘Edit Template’. And then you had, well, in this case, you would be going through Wix shoutout, and you could customize the text, the style, the buttons, the call to actions, all that good stuff in the email.

You have to change your sender details to begin with. So that way it authorizes that and confirms your email before you can move on to actually editing the email itself. And then you can preview and test that email to make sure it actually sends out and it looks exactly how you'd like it to.

Then you can choose a time. So this will actually allow you to choose how long after that trigger has happened. Does the action take place? So how long after the form submission is the email sent out, you can choose ‘Immediately’, you can even ‘Set custom time’. You can choose number of days or number of hours. I like ‘Immediately’, most cases you're going to utilize immediately, but it's up to you and you can choose whether this is ‘Sent only once per contact’, or if it can be sent multiple times per every contact submission, even if it's the same contact.

That's exactly how you utilize those two different methods of sending a thank you email or giving someone an access to a file download after form submission here in Wix.


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And if you would like to save your time, you're stressing, your frustration head over to link in the description below. Click ‘Work With Us’. And you could go ahead and submit your project straight to us. So that way we can reach out to you and contact you so we can get started on that project together. I appreciate your time today, and I hope you found this video helpful. I look forward to catching you on the next one!

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