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How To Use The Inspector Panel in Editor X - Wix Editor X Tutorial

As you can see, Editor X is sparking a world of opportunity, but has also brought so many new learning experiences.

One of the brilliant new tools Wix released within Editor X is the Inspector Panel. This is a new tool that will allow you to take over complete design of each element on your website. From new fluid vs. fixed design to using the Grid Area which is a complete CSS formatting tool.

How To Use The Inspector Panel in Editor X - Wix Editor X Tutorial | Editor X by Wix is a completely new and responsive Wix website editor. This new technology opens up a world of opportunity for Wix users to create seamless and mobile responsive and tablet responsive websites on Wix.

Join me as I breakdown how to use, understand and navigate the new inspector panel within Editor X by Wix. The inspector panel is much more efficient and effective than the classic editor and even gives you some control over CSS formatting like within the grid area.

Never miss any Editor X Training:

Editor X Training Curriculum:

Module 1: Workspace Arrangement

Video 1: 8 Crucial Steps To Starting Editor X

Video 2: How To Use The Inspector Panel

As the largest global Wix training community on the internet, we will be dedicated to creating Editor X tutorials and Editor X training. I'm not kidding when I say that Editor X will provide this channel its next 300-400 videos. Editor X by Wix is a massive new platform with so much to learn.

I was seriously impressed with what Wix had created on Editor X for bold creators and designers. At the same time, I was very overwhelmed with all of the new design, functionality and development. What's crazy is that 8 years ago, I launched this channel with the intention of training the Wix market on the HTML Editor. Fast-forward and I get the incredible opportunity to do it again on a bold, new responsive editor on Wix.

Let me know in the comments if you'd like additional Inspector Panel follow up!

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Dec 28, 2023

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