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Little-Known Ways Website Colors Affect Your Visitors Perception of Your Brand

Did you know your website colors can affect the way people perceive your brand? Well, if you didn't know how, but you want to explore how colors do affect how people perceive your brand, join me in today's video. My name is Michael Strauch from the Wix Training Academy. As we explore little known ways, website visitors will perceive your brand based off website code.

Isn't it crazy how color can make a difference in how people perceive your brand? Well, if you were excited to jump into this video and enjoy content just like this learning about marketing website design in Wix, go ahead and hit the subscribe button right here so you never miss any of these videos and you always get notified.

Also, I'm curious, how many of you have done research on color and how it affects brand perception? If you have go ahead and drop a comment, say yes, down below. And if you haven't go ahead and say notes, I'm very curious to see how many people have dove into this topic first, just like we're about to do.

So with that, how does color affect brand perception? Well, number one, color actually evokes very strong emotions depending on the certain colors at hand. So it's important to analyze who your target audience is and how you want them to feel when they get to your website. Because when they get your website, depending on your color scheme, you can turn people on or you can turn people off. And yes, that is a big deal because depending on what emotion you evoke out of them, they will either stay on your website and continue to explore more about your business. Or they'll instantly hit that X out button if they feel completely turned off, violated any type of emotion that you may have both. So how does that play at hand?

Well, first we have to realize that there is such thing as too much color. So if you look at Verizon, for instance, Verizon is a lot of blacks with a touch of red, right? And for some people that could turn them off too much, black is dark, right? When you get to the website, people feel dark, it feels it's like trapped. You feel trapped in there, you feel not invited. Black is sometimes one of those colors where it's too overdone or you go to Best Buy. And you know, there are a lot of yellow or a lot of blue, and sometimes yellow is a very, very strong color and can come off harsh. And if you do that, people may jump off your website and say, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, this is too much. It's blinding them, it's too much too flashy, too flat.

So that's why you've got to really balance how your brand colors come into play and especially how they come into play on your website. Because if they're not balanced properly, you may end up finding that people downgrade when they hit your website when they click off is much higher than like it to be. And you'd like your bounce rate to ideally be anywhere from like 25% to 35%. If you could set up bounce rate in that zone, you are doing very good. Anything, you know, in that 35 to 45. Okay. But you'd like to keep it better, but anything above 45, plus, you're starting to get a little, a little high with your bounce rate and that's when you should start to explore what's causing and could it be colored.

So one of the other big things you have to consider with colors in your brand perception is one of the biggest ideals or values you're trying to establish with your potential customers, your customers, your clients is trust, right? Whenever you're doing business with someone you like to do business with people, you know, like and trust. And if you can build trust with someone, especially your potential clients or potential leads, your potential customers will then that can help you generate more business. Right? But what helps establish trust?

Well, there's a lot that goes into establishing trust with someone. You have to build a relationship with someone, but what's one of the initial forms of ways of generating trust? Well, one of those could be color, right? If you have trusting calming colors as your brand perception and your brand colors on your website, well then you are one step closer to establishing a strong sense of trust.

One of those colors is blue. Blue is a color that shows calmness and serenity and makes people feel comfortable. So if you find a way to incorporate blue into your brand in some way, as long as it fits the values of your brand, maybe that's something to consider and definitely include some sort of blue potentially on your website. If possible, if again, it follows suit with your entire brand, because if it does, it gives people a sense of calmness.

Now there's other colors like this. It's not all blue and you have to do your proper research on different colors and how they affect people, but colors like blue associate calmness, which then builds a sense of trust. And if you could build trust, you could start to build more business.

Now on top of that, there's one other key, little known way that colors affect your brand perception. And this is the final one we're going to explore, which is consistency, right? You want to make sure that you keep your colors consistent across all of your marketing materials. So if you have certain colors on your website, carry them through your social media, carry them through your blog posts, carry them through your logos, carry them through your promotional videos, carry them through all of your marketing materials. Because when people associate your color, when they first hit your website, they're going to associate that color and that color scheme throughout all of your marketing. And if you could keep the consistent people will start to recognize these colors and associated with your brand. And that's exactly what you want people to do, because if you can make people feel a certain way, a good emotion, when they first hit your website and carry that emotion all the way through your brand experience, you're doing a fantastic job and you've mastered the art of color and how it pertains to brand perception.

So these are important, little known ways that colors affect website, visitors, perceptions of your brand. It's just something to consider. Now, you guys enjoyed this and you'd like to explore a little bit more into colors. You can check out our blog posts down below, but first do me a favor, hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed the content in this video. And if you'd like to continue watching videos like these hit that subscribe so you're notified about the likes of video, if you've enjoyed it and comment your thoughts.

Again, if you've done color research before comment and say, yes, and if you haven't just comment and say no, otherwise, if you'd like to explore starting a project with my team and I, and starting that branding process, go ahead and click the link down in the description. That'll take you to the Wix Training Academy, click contact, drop us a line, and we could go ahead and explore the potential moving forward in your project.

Other than that, I appreciate you guys taking some time today to learn more about how colors and how the colors on your website affect people's perception of your brand. It's a very interesting and intriguing concept, and it's something I felt it was important to share with you as it could really change and make a difference in how your business and your brand is perceived by people.

Thank you very much for spending some time with me here, Michael Strauch on the Wx Training Academy channel, and I look forward to catching you on our next video.

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Sri Galaxy Tech Soft
Sri Galaxy Tech Soft
Aug 11, 2020

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Sri Galaxy Tech Soft
Sri Galaxy Tech Soft
Aug 11, 2020

Hi. The videos are good. Please MUTE the back ground music, so that we can hear what you say in the video.

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