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Uploading Images into your Wix Database Collection - Wix Code - Wix My Website Tutorial

What's up guys, ComputerMDofGilbert here. And in today's video, I'm going to show you how to upload images or image fields into your database collection here in Wix using Wix code.

Guys, I want to bring as many Wix code tutorials as possible as I want to get it all out to you before you get Wix code. That way, when you do get it, if you get lost or confused, you could reference back to these videos to help you out. That's what I'm here for as well as my website, which leads me to my next point.

Guys don't forget to go check out right here get on this weekly Wix tips, email lists. It's helping people out and it's, it does not hurt you. You just get weekly Wix tips. I send out some tips and tricks that you could use in Wix, it's very helpful. Don't forget to also keep up to date on our workshops. Read the blog posts. I post some quality blog posts for you guys, and don't forget to get connected in our community here in the forum. As people are asking questions, answering questions all the time.

Uploading Images Into Your Wix Database Collection

Also guys, this web design page it's not out quite yet. It's just about to be finished. However it's pretty cool. So I've got a lot of requests lately for my personal web design services. And so what I decided to do was using Wix codes, new custom input forms, user input forms. I have created like a kind of like a questionnaire that you can fill out if you're interested in my web design services. And it just asks you a few basic questions, your basic details named you'll see it.

But if you guys have any redesign on your website, you need done. If you're looking to build your own custom website or if you guys just don't have the time or you're struggling with Wix, guys, I work within any budget. So don't be afraid to come to this page, fill out the form. It doesn't hurt to fill out the form. I'll get in touch with you as soon as you do, and we can talk it out from there. But that is going to be out soon.

Anyway, guys, let me show you how to do this now in the Wix database. So first we need to turn on our developer tools. We'll come up here to tools, go to developer tools. Now I want to tell you, before I even go into this, what I'm about to show you is very simple. However, with Wix code being new, I want to make sure I cover all the basis.

So we come in here to our database. You guys already know my database right now is Wix web design leads. Now you'll see a lot of different fields in here right now because I created the whole user input form for my web design page. I know I showed you guys an example with first name and last name when creating a database collection and creating user input forms. But I went ahead and created it all now.

But to add an image and upload images into your database to use later on your website, you need to create a field for images. So you would come up here, you would press add field, name your field, whatever you want it. But then down here where it says field type, you're going to click image. And then when you click image, it will add it in. Then obviously make sure you add it as a field. So then after you add it as a field, I'm not going to add it right now, just because I don't have any reason to add one because I already have this form built. But when you add it as a field, you'd click add, and then to actually have people upload it into your form. Let's just go back to our homepage here.

Now you would have to go back to our here, I'll go onto the web design page it'll be easier. You guys don't get a sneak peek of the forum here. You'd come here to add, you'd go to user input and then you'd come down here to upload and you choose any of these upload buttons. And for this sake, I'll just click add file. And then what you would do is just like creating a user input form. And you guys could go back and reference that video. If you'd like you would just come in here, connect to data, and then you would simply click that. And whatever fields you just created in your database will populate on here. You'll simply look for it on this list, click it, and it'll say image next to it. So that way, when people add a file here or multiple files they can upload images and then they will go into your database and they can be used later on your website.


So guys that is as simple as it is to add an image into your database collection here on Wix. If this video helped you out, drop me a like down below, comment if you have any questions at all, if you want to see new features on Wix that you don't currently have available to you, let me know. So I can let the developers know on Wix code and hopefully they could implement it into the new system as soon as it launches to you guys. And guys, that was my next thing.

So as I'm trying to keep you updated the paid membership website, I'm working with the developers right now. We should have a system in place this week. As soon as they give me the, go ahead, the green light and they give me the system to do it. I'm going to make it tutorial for you guys. So you can have it in reference back to it, as soon as you get your hands on Wix code.

And then other than that I have upcoming videos and the upcoming videos I want to show you within which code is now. I've showed you how to create a custom user and perform I've shown you how to create a database collection. Now I know there's a lot that goes into both of those that I could expand on and show you more and I will. But the next thing I want to show you is how to take your information from the custom input form to use on a member profile page. So you have someone input information into that form and then have it used in a member profile page. Should they get actually create page, create a page, edit their information, edit, all of that stuff. So I want to show you guys how to do that.

And that will probably be the next video that I make as far as Wix code goes. I do have a video coming out on Tuesday. That is just a regular Wix tutorial, which is how to create a membership website here in Wix as per a video request from a user. However that's not really Wix code, and that's not a paid membership website, just regular membership website. You hear in Wix very quick and easy video. But yes, I just wanted to keep you guys updated, tell you what's on the lineup.

Hope this video helped you out and don't forget if it did drop me like down below. And don't forget to subscribe to me here on ComputerMDofGilbert and check out this

I really appreciate it guys. And I will catch you on the next one.

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Unknown member
Sep 05, 2023

Very cool guide from Wix. This will help me better understand the baal images and make the site individual and marketable. Eventually I will have more clients and possibly investors

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