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Wix and Printful | 10 Steps To Starting Your Print-On-Demand Store - Series Introduction

What's up Wix Nation, MPS here from Wix Training Academy and we are launching into 2020 the best way possible. I'd like to announce a brand new series, Wix and Printful - 10 Steps to Starting Your Print-On-Demand store.

Now, before we dive into what this value packed series entails, I'd like to extend a special thank you to our friends over at Printful. They're sponsoring this entire video series and they are as excited as I am to see you take your idea to finished print-on-demand store.

Now let's jump into and discover what this series entails and what the objective is overall.

10 Steps to Starting Your Print-On-Demand Store

First and foremost, we've got one main objective. When you get to the end of this video series. Our goal for you is that you take your idea and you have an up and running Printful on demand store. We have two ways we're going to get there.

Series Objective

First and foremost, we are going through this entire video series, which is going to be 10 video lessons, step-by-step practical lessons to take you from idea, from concept to launch. In addition to that, we are going to throw in a live webinar Q and A. So that way at the end of this series you'll be able to recap and address any questions. And this Q and A is going to be live with both myself and Printful. So these are how we're going to obtain the main objective here, which is to get you from idea to finished print-on-demand store. And how we're going to do that is starting with the 10 video lessons.

Video Lesson Number 1

So this is video lesson one. We are going to go through Printful 101, learn about the print-on-demand industry. What is print-on-demand, what is dropshipping? What's Printful. We're going to take you through registering your account with Printful, a brief overview of the products, the services and then how to connect Printful and Wix, which is actually the next session here.

Video Lesson Number 2

So video lesson number two is Wix 101. So how to create your Wix store. So some, Wix themes, the store design banners, domain names, hosting. We're going to go through it all, take you through step by step and hold your hand through the process. And then once we discover and create our Wix store, it's time to choose some products.

Video Lesson Number 3

So Products 101 we're going to choose what to sell. So planning and researching your niche, what that niche is going to be, what's going to make you unique, what market are you going into? And we've got a few niche options within Printful such as t-shirts, sportswear, home and living, custom jewelry, kids' apparel, stickers and more. And then we're going to discuss how to position your brand and resonate with customers. And that's video lesson three.

Video Lesson Number 4

And then we're gonna move into video lesson four and this is an important aspect, which is the Design 101 creating beautiful designs for your products. We're going to go through a couple different ways. You can obtain designs, either using Printful design services, the Printful mock-up, using places like Fiverr or Upwork, coming up with design ideas on your own and executing them. And also some printing techniques that are available to you such as screen printing, direct garment or sublimation. These are a few examples of what we're going to tub cover.

Video Lesson Number 5

And then we're going to hit halfway through, which is video lesson five and this is where we're going to do a Printful product review. I'm going to do an unboxing and we're going to go through the actual physical quality of Printful products and what they offer.

And then I'm going to walk you through how to play sample orders within Printful so you can sample your own products before you put them live to potential customers. After we've hit that halfway point, what we're going to talk about is the next aspect of this, more of the business end of your print on demand store.

Video Lesson Number 6

So video lesson six is going to be Finances 101 exciting right? But really important, we're going to go through prices, shipping and payment processing. So we'll go through the Wix payment processor, discuss Printful pricing strategies and pricing strategies in general, and then the best payment gateways for e-commerce.

Video Lesson Number 7

After we've touched on finances, we're going to launch. That's right. We are going to launch your print on demand store on Wix, and I'm going to equip you with a launch checklist after we've launched though, that's only half the battle.

Video Lesson Number 8

Next we're going to talk about Marketing 101 and this is going to be part one of that free marketing techniques. This is going to be the focus for video lesson number eight we're going to go through referrals, Wix, SEO, banner exchange sites, email lists, co-marketing between two companies, social media, shout-outs and influencers, and then groups such as Facebook or online marketplaces. But after we've touched on free marketing, that's not the only style of marketing we can use here.

Video Lesson Number 9

So then we're gonna move into Marketing 101, part two which is paid marketing techniques. This is where we're going to discover things like Facebook ads, influencer marketing, Google paid ads, and paid plugins. Google paid ads is like ad words and utilizing Google ad words to drive targeted campaigns. And this is going to be the Marketing 101 part two which is video lesson number nine.

Video Lesson Number 10

And then finally we are going to end with video lesson number 10 which is Marketing 101 part three the final aspect of really getting your store up and running in and off to the races which is upselling and optimizing, so we're going to go through apps, coupons, additional available tools, an abandoned cart functions, how we can optimize that and then the power of reviews and how to build social reviews into everything you're doing with your print-on-demand store and that is going to complete the video series portion of this.

Series Schedule

Now I'm sure you're probably wondering “what does the series schedule look like?” So we've lined this all out for you and I'm going to go through it step by step.

So video lesson number one is going to launch and that's going to be the official launch of this series January 8th which is a Thursday. Then we're going on Wednesday. Then we're going to move into video lesson number two and that's going to be on January 9th then following each video lesson is going to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

So video lesson number three is going to be January 14th which is a Tuesday video. Lesson number four is going to be January 15th video lesson five the 16th and then we're going to take that next week in between and move into video lesson six that'll launch on the 21st, video lesson seven to 22nd video lesson eight to 23rd and the video lesson number nine to 29th and we are going to complete the series on January 30th with video lesson number 10 which will be a complete month launching into the new year, new year, new you, new print-on-demand store.

So by January 30th you will have the knowledge and the tools equipped with you to launch your print-on-demand store.


I don't know about you, I know there was a lot that we just covered, but this series sounds pretty incredible and value pack to me and I hope that translates over to you. I'm super excited to launch into it and I hope you're excited to launch into it with us.

If you'll do me a favor, make sure you click that subscribe button in the bottom right of this video and turn those bell notifications on so you don't miss a single episode in this series and you can stay tuned and get all of this amazing content. In addition, if you're excited about this series number one, drop a like down below and comment and let me know, let Printful know are you excited. Do you find what this series looks like from a 30,000 foot view, exciting and valuable? If you do, let us know in the comments, let us know what aspect you're excited for most.

We just went through what all 10 video lessons are going to be. Which one are you most excited for? Let us know. I'm thrilled to be doing this. Again, a special thank you to our friends over at Printful for sponsoring this entire video series. They are dedicated to your success as much as I am dedicated to your success and I'm super excited to see what ideas you come into this series with and what print-on-demand stores your finished store you come out with.

So let's do this together. Let's launch into 2020 strong. I'm stoked. I hope you're as stoked as I am. Let's dive into it strong.

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