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Wix and Printful | How To Create Your Wix Store and Integrate Printful | Video Lesson #2

What's going on Wix nation, MPS here from Wix Training Academy and today we're entering video lesson two with our Wix and Printful series, Wix 101 create your effective Wix online store.

So today's a pretty exciting episode in a pretty integral part of your next steps to creating your print-on-demand store because we're actually going to talk about how to get your Wix store built set up and 10 crucial elements to include in your online store to make it a surefire success.

So without further ado, let's discuss what our objectives are for today. Number one by the end of this video, my goal is that you will have a completed Wix online store. Maybe you won't have a finished in the same time that this video takes, but that you'll have the tools and the knowledge equipped with you to create the best online store possible.

How we're going to get there, number one, we're going to go through a Wix walkthrough and step-by-step walkthrough outlining your online store setup. Everything from picking your template to making sure your store is added to making sure hosting is set up, domain has got, everything is complete.

After we do that, we are going to go through 10 crucial elements and we're going to go through a breakdown of 10 crucial elements to create a thriving e-commerce store. And we're going to outline how those can impact your store.

So without further ado, the best way to take our next steps in the next initiative is to dive right in. And we're going to start by doing a Wix walkthrough.

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Creating Your Effective Wix Online Store

So we're going to kick off this Wix walkthrough like Mr. Miyagi and the karate kid. So to get started, we're here in our Wix dashboard. You need a Wix account to actually get started in access. This dashboard, obviously if you've been on this channel, you've likely already got this. If not, which accounts are free, go grab yourself one. But what we need to do is we are actually going to set up our store in this Wix walkthrough and we're going to be working as a sample print-on-demand t-shirt shop.

So I'm going to show you as if we're building a t-shirt, print-on-demand store. So what we need to first do when we're in our dashboard is go click, create new site. And then that's going to bring us to a new page in Wix has got a lovely system here that breaks things into categories. You'll see a whole bunch of different categories in here, but we're going to be working with online store today. When we get to online store, you'll see ADI or website editor.

I'm going to use the Wix editor if you've been on the channel for a while following my content. This is what we use. Much more customization. Choose a template. So now that we're here, you can see Wix offers a bunch of templates to choose from. In the online store category. You can even see some sub-categories like fashion and clothing, jewelry, accessories, sports. And however, for the purpose of this video, we're building a print-on-demand t-shirt shop. So I'm going to recommend my favorite t-shirt template to you guys and this is the one we're going to use throughout the series.

So if you click on this fashion and clothing tab, when you're in the template choosing phase, you will see if we scroll down a, it's called women's sports, where now you can click view and Wix will allow you to view the template before you commit to it and start editing.

Now you're going to save yourself. Well wait a second, aren't we building a t-shirt print-on-demand store? And the answer is yes. Here's the beautiful thing with Wix templates. Everything on this template can be modified, pictures can be changed, text can be changed, everything can be changed on this template. But what I like about this template as we go through it, is it's a very clean, modern, good menu, easy navigation, clear call to actions and straightforward design that appeals to the eye.

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And now since we've got that base down, now we can superimpose and start editing the information on this template. So when you're ready to move forward, you're going to click edit this site. And here's the beautiful thing about choosing an online store template. The online store, which stores app is already built into it. So you don't have to worry about adding Wix stores to it. It already comes with it pre-added, which is the beautiful news and it saves you some extra steps and less worry and less time and we all know time is our greatest asset, so let's get more of it if we can't.

So now that we've got our a template here, you can come in here and you can change everything. If you want to change images, you simply click here and this is columns. This is one big strip and there's two columns. You would click on this column and you can change column background and then you could come in here and change the image. That's how you edit that. If you want to edit text, double click the text, come in here, edit the text. Same thing goes for the buttons, the lines, everything you click on, you can edit and you can edit everything in here.

However, we're not focusing on just the design of the store. This is the template I recommend using. If you're going with a t-shirt shop because it's got a great appeal. What we need to focus on is the actual store itself, so if we go to menus and pages, we'll see this shop page. Like I said, it's already added for you because you chose an online store template, so now we've got a shop page and you'll see that the online store is already added. However, if you would like to make modifications to your Wix store and you don't like the way the templates already got it set, here's the beautiful news. Just simply click on this whole store here, click settings, and then you can come in here and you can modify all the settings you want. You have a bunch of settings to choose from as it loads here.

You can choose what collection is displayed on this particular page, if any. Maybe it's all products instead of one particular collection. If you'd like to change the layout, maybe you don't like how many columns there are, maybe you don't like this being a full width across the entire page. Maybe you want the product display to have a border on it. Maybe you don't want the border. Maybe you want the image ratio to be changed. All of that can be altered right here and you can change the amount of columns, rows, spacing in between edits right here.

The same thing goes for settings. You can choose what happens when you hover over one of these product images. You can choose what is shown right here. Maybe you don't want the price shown yet, so you're just going to uncheck that price button and then it's not shown because you edited right here.

You can even change the name of the text button, which is the load more button. And then you have access to a whole design suite. So if you don't like the current colors such as this black background on the filtering, you can come in here and you can change that filtering color to a let's just say we go here and you can see it changes the color completely right here and that allows you to edit so you can change the design of everything on this store. From fonts to font sizes to font color two buttons to button, size to button color. All of that can be changed from this design portion of the settings.

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Here's where you add your filters. Here's where you do your shorting. So over here on the left we've got already some premade filters. However, if you want to add more filters, you can create a custom filter and you can choose which one of these you show and how they can edit them. The same goes for sorting. You can choose what sorting options you're going to give your customers the ability to use, and then you've got quick view. This is if you again hover over one of these products, what's going to pop up? What is the coloring, what is the style, what is the font, what is the buttons, what does that look like? All of that is managed right from here.

And then lastly, you've got managed store and this is where you'll actually manage your online store from your dashboard. If you click manage store, you'll see it'll pop up our Wix dashboard here. And then we can go, and this gives us just our regular dashboard. But if you go to store products, this is where you'll be able to add products. I am not discussing products in this video that is in our next video, which is choosing products, products 101 and you can add collections and then you can also manage your store orders from here so you can see abandoned carts.

And then also you can see all of your orders that have been processed, the names of the orders, what was ordered, all that good stuff. But in order to actually receive payments through your online store and actually start creating orders, you need to upgrade your website to a premium plan on Wix. How do you do that? Well, it's actually very simple to do. That's what we're going to walk through right now.

Wix Store Payments

So you now saw choosing a template, how to actually add the store and how to modify your store. Now let's talk about how to actually make sure you can accept payments on your store. So you'll simply click upgrade now and then it's going to take us to, which is upgrade plants.

For e-commerce to accept payments, you need to choose one of the business and e-commerce plans. You can't choose one of the website plans. They don't have the accept payments option. There's a few different plans here. Anything from business, basic business, unlimited business, VIP, all the way up to enterprise. I personally recommend and have used for both myself and my clients the business unlimited plan. I think it's your best value for everything you get in return.

However, if you are looking to be a super high volume store that processes a lot of orders, I would recommend checking out the enterprise level solution as Wix has some incredible options available to people like you and your business and your print-on-demand store, but that's how you create add, update, edit your store and then obviously upgrade your store so you can accept payments on it. You would then click select. You would then choose whether what type of payment frequency you want monthly, yearly, every two years, every three years you save money as you go up, you click select. I usually choose yearly and then you submit your purchase.

More importantly, what happens is after you upgrade your hosting, you'll get a free domain name, which means it'll be blank, blank,' your '' so you'll actually have a domain name as well to make your business even more legitimate. So then everything will be taken care of. You now have an up and running store, but there's one last component that needs to happen. You're creating a print-on-demand store, which means you now need to integrate with Printful.

Integrating Printful with Wix

So we're going to discuss now how to add Printful and integrate it with Wix. So now that we're rolling with our online store and we have the Wix in done, and obviously you guys need to edit and build the site in your online store out the way you'd like. And remember we have 10 elements coming up here at the end of this video that you need to add to your online store.

We now need to integrate with Printful. However, before we can integrate anything with Printful, you need to have a Printful account and you can do so by clicking the link down in the description below. And registering for a Printful account. It's free to register. Yes, that is an affiliate link and yes, I will be credited for the use of that link, but it changes nothing in your process at all. Everything is still the exact same and that's how you have to get started.

Once you actually go ahead and create your account with Printful, what you need to do is you then need to come in to Printful and sign in, log in, and you need to obviously sign in with your account information. And then once you sign in, you're going to be taken to your Printful dashboard and you're going to go over to this stores tab. When you get to this stores tab, you're going to go down here to choose a platform. You're going to choose platform and then you're going to see which right here over to the right side, you're going to need to press connect.

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When you do that, it's going to walk you through step by step how to actually connect it via Printful, but what you need to do is click this connect to Wix button right here. It's a big red button. You'll connect that. It's going to redirect you to Wix and have you choose the website you'd like to connect Printful to. In this case, obviously you need to choose the site that you've just built out, your online store. I'm going to click select and then Printful is going to make sure that they're able to read the data, read the orders that come through your Wix store, and then you just need to press allow and install.

Once that happens, you need to sign in to your Printful account. You can see I already have an account so I can continue, but I still have to sign in to my Printful account. This just verifies the account from Wix. And then I will press sign in and then when I do, I just need to press continue up here. What you're going to see is you're going to connect store to whatever your website is. You'll press that button and then voila your integration from Printful to Wix, Wix to Printful is in completed.

And then in our next video we are going to explore adding products to your print-on-demand store. And that's going to be an exciting video and you would press add product here, but we're going to save that for the next video and that's how the Printful integration takes place. So you one have to register for your Printful account using the link down in the description below. And then once you do follow the steps I just showed you to integrate with Wix, very easy to do as you just saw, just a few clicks of a button and then you're in.

Start selling with Printful today:

The 10 E-Commerce Elements

Now let's move on to our 10 e-commerce elements you need to include in your online print-on-demand store.Now listen, I know we just went through a ton of information in a relatively good chunk of time. However, I also promised you that I would give you 10 crucial elements to include on your online store when you're building your print-on-demand store.

So we're going to go through each of those 10 elements and I promise to go through them quick, but I want to provide you as much value as possible and you're going to want to know what these, because these are key elements that your going to want to add to your print-on-demand store.

1. Clean and Simple Design

So first and foremost, a clean and simple design. I know the image is a little blurry here, but you can see in this example it's a very clean and simple design. As long as things are straightforward, they're crisp, they're simple, it's easy for the user to understand. You're more likely to get them to go and interact throughout your store and also trust it more when there's too much happening in a website, looks spammy, just take from your personal experiences, you're less likely to trust that online store. So keep it clean and simple design when building your online store.

2. Easy Navigation

Secondly, easy navigation. Make it insanely simple and clear for people to know where to click to get to certain products. In this case with this example, you can see you've got your main menu at the top, plus your icons over at the right, you've got your search icon, your account icon in your cart icon. Make that very clear so people know how to get to their account, how to search for an item or how to access their cart. And then in addition to that, you can see this website clearly explains which products they're going to, whether they're going for a set, a tin or a sheet, and make it extremely clear. So easy navigation.

3. High Qulity Product Images

Number three, high quality product images. Apple does an incredible job of doing this. You can see from this example just how high quality the picture is. Pictures help sell a product and the same applies for your print-on-demand store. Make sure you utilize pictures. Remember Printful, for an additional fee will allow you to utilize their services for a high quality, a studio images for high quality video images for your product. So think about exploring that route as well through Printful. If you don't have your own in house solution to creating high quality product images. Because these will help your product sell.

4. Useful Product Descriptions

Number four, useful product descriptions. Guys, believe it or not, people read descriptions when they access products. Again, think of your personal experiences. Here's a few tips I can give you. Keep your product descriptions straightforward and explain what the product is, what it does and how the user can benefit. Don't go feature, feature rich. Explain the benefits that your user will receive in your description. Benefits sell features are just cool to look at.

Start selling with Printful today:

Next story sell. Okay, so the second point here is story. Self. Tell a story about your product and maybe how it helped someone or a use case of how someone used your product and what it did for them. Story, sell three product background. Give a background about your product. How did you come up with the idea of the product? You know, where did it come from? Why did you create it? Give a background and then obviously you do to give product specifications. People do want to know feature-wise what this product holds and what it entails, but don't make that the highlight. Make the benefits, the stories, the background, the highlights of your product description.

5. Easy Checkout Process

Number five, an easy checkout process. If anything else fails, what you want to make sure is that you have a very clear cut and dry checkout process for your user. You can see in this example, it shows the user exactly where they're at in the checkout process. It's got a little progress bar at the top so they can see as they trek along. It's got a very clear actual checkout itself. It shows the cart summary, it shows what the shipping cost is, what the cost of all items is, and what the grand total is.

So everything is very clear and it's got a clear continue button to keep moving forward in the process. Make it super simple for people to check out. One of the biggest reasons that online stores lose sales and get those abandoned carts is because their checkout process is too complex, not trustworthy, all over the place and there's too much going on. If you do that, you're more, more, much more likely to lose a sale because of it. So keep your checkout process easy.

6. Mobile Responsiveness

Moving forward, mobile responsiveness. This isn't anything new to you. I bet this Christmas season you purchased something from your mobile device. Maybe you were on Amazon, you bought something, maybe it was from an app, you bought something. Maybe you went to the browser and searched the website directly and you bought something. I could be wrong, but I bet you did and if that's you, you wanted to have a great mobile responsive website when you were going through that, right?

So what you're going to want to make sure is that your website on desktop carries through over to mobile and it's just as clean, just as simple to use on a mobile device as it is on your desktop. Because if it's not, you're going to lose sales on mobile and people are using their mobile devices to purchase. It has now superseded what the desktop was doing because it makes it so easy to just pull out your phone and click and make a purchase. Make sure your website's mobile responsive.

7. Accurate Search Function

Then an accurate search function. You've all been to Amazon, maybe you haven't and you're living under a rock, no offense. But Amazon is just a massive website with millions of products. And in order for you to find the one you want, you need to search on their website. Amazon does an incredible job with their search functionality.

As you type, you'll see auto displayed results, auto-generated results that Amazon will try to think about what you're already typing out and looking for. And it'll give you search results in specific categories. It'll give you accurate results. And then when you actually type in what you're looking for, it'll break down a list of highly targeted search results for what you searched. And it'll give you a lot of different product options for make your search accurate and clear it's important

8. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews. Now you'll see from this particular example here these product, whatever it is, obviously got some pretty poor reviews. The reason I wanted to show a poor review example is because we're people, right? We buy from other people we know, like, and trust. And if we see reviews on a product that indicate that it's really poor and that the product doesn't work or the customer service was horrible, we are much more likely to not purchase the product.

On the flip side of that, if we see reviews to a product and everyone is raving about it and people are talking about how they can't get enough of it, we're much more likely to buy the product because we trust it more and if you don't have ratings and reviews, people really have no trust system to go off of as social proof from other people, so you're less likely to close the sale on the site. Make sure you have ratings and reviews.

9. Trust Icons

Then we have trust icons, we've got trust icons and one more tip and then that's it. We've got trust icons here. When you're going through a website like we just talked about, you're more likely to buy from a website that you trust. One way of doing this is to have icons of payment methods you accept and this case you can see it's very clear this company accepts PayPal, MasterCard, visa, Amex, they accept JCB. Discover they show exactly what they accept.

In addition to this, having like the SSL verified certificate, maybe having a BBB better business Bureau badge on your website, all of these little touches in the checkout process and throughout the website, just give your user more trust in the online store. And if you can have these icons to help establish that trust, you're more likely to close the sale because they trust you so they're willing to buy from you.

10. Fewer Clicks to Purchase

And then lastly, fewer clicks to purchase. The easier you can make it for your user to go from seeing your product to purchasing your product, the better. This kind of ties into easy navigation and easy checkout process. But just for example, look at the Amazon one click process. You can simply click on a product and choose one click and take it straight to purchase. It will purchase it by simply clicking one click. If you've already got your information stored in Amazon and that's it. And then you purchase it.

So you take out any steps in a process that a user might fall off at, right? So by taking away the steps and just making it super simple for them to click and purchase, you're just more likely to get them to purchase because less steps they have to go through. You want to make it straightforward, you want to have clear purchase call to actions, and then you can experiment with different colored buttons, maybe a, you know you've got a color scheme, but maybe an off colored button for your one-click function if you're going to create that method. And functionality can be something you experiment with and different colors might invoke different results.

So these are just some examples to take with the fewer clicks to purchase an Amazon is a master of this, so if you want to research that more, definitely check out Amazon's methodology.


Other than that, guys, guess what? We just got the end of video lesson two. You now know how to get your which store done completed along with that integrated with Printful and you've ended with 10 crucial elements to add to your print-on-demand store. As a reminder and a refresher. Our next video lesson will be next week, which is January 14th. That'll be video lesson number three and we'll dive into products and which products you need to add to your online store.

I hope you enjoy this video. I know I enjoyed making it. If you haven't already, make sure you click the link down in the description below and register with Printful so that way you can get your products sunk and you can get your store created added and you can have that initial process done so we can start moving into the next steps of your print-on-demand store.

Start selling with Printful today:

It's been a pleasure. If you haven't already, click that subscribe button. I don't know what you're waiting for. You don't want to miss any videos in this series. Click this button in the bottom right of this video and turn those bell notifications on so you don't miss any of the videos. Hit that like button.

If you enjoyed the content and comment down below. If you have any questions or just comments to add cause I'd love to hear them. Printful would love to hear them. And once again, a special thanks to Printful for sponsoring this video series. They are an incredible company and I'm thrilled to be working alongside them.

I'll catch you on video lesson number four until then, get to work on your which store and start building it out. Integrating those 10 crucial elements as well.

I'll catch you then.

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