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Wix and Printful | Printful Unboxing and Product Review | Video Lesson #5

What's your favorite part about ordering a product from an online store? If you're like me and about 7 billion other people in this world, it's likely that moment it hits your doorstep and you get that bundle of excitement right in the pit of your stomach as you get to unpack and discover what's inside this package. Just like a kid on Christmas morning.

Hey, I'm not sure what holiday you celebrate, but today is going to be like a repeat of Christmas morning because Printful just sent us two new products to unbox. So that way I can give you my honest review and opinion on Printful's products. And you get to kind of see how is products get delivered to me and what they look like.

So what are we waiting for? Let's unbox the presents.

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Printful Products' Unboxing and Review

Okay, now just wait. This moment is like your parents having to wake up before you can get started on opening your Christmas gifts. But my one request to you before we dive into the sound box and video is go ahead and click that subscribe button in the bottom right of this video. Turn those bell notifications on, so you don't miss a single upload here on Wix Training Academy with these awesome videos and you'll plug into 31,000 plus like-minded entrepreneurs. I'm not sure about you, but that sounds exciting. More importantly, your parents just woke up, so it's time to go open our gifts.

So Printful sent us two products to unbox and review. First and foremost, they sent a t-shirt and I will explain the t-shirt, show you the quality unboxing t-shirt, and they also sent a coffee cup. Now, if you truly know me, you know why they sent me a coffee cup. So what are we waiting for? It's time to officially unbox and review these Printful products. Let's dive into it and start unboxing, opening and reviewing these Printful products.

Okay, we can see I'm here trying to obviously unpack this beautiful Printful package. I'm trying to hold my camera in one hand and unpack with my other, but I'm making progress and slowly but surely, you know what they say? "Slow and steady wins the race". But I'm finally at a point where we can open the package and see what Printful sent as we unveil like a little kid on Christmas morning.

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The gift we see a coffee mug by printer Printful. There we go. It’s Printful coffee mug you can see was packaged very nicely, very securely, very cleanly. And if we pull it out, we can see it's got the Printful logo on the back. And this was sent to me from Printful. So we got that Printful logo and then we've got what most people are, which is nightmare before coffee, like a Monday morning. We all know how much we need our morning coffee and this is a beautiful design that Printful sent, but it's the nightmare before coffee designed that they handcrafted for me, which is true in some cases.

Now before going straight to the coffee review, I was a little lazy and doing a one handed package opening with this shirt. But you can see I've now got the Printful shirt that they sent me. So I've got a coffee mug and a shirt now and I'm about to open up the shirt. And as you can see the shirt has a ride. It's a beautiful looking shirt. It is clean, the printing is clear and I'm excited to now go into a product review of the coffee mug and this new shirt.

All right, for those of you that don't know, I work at a co-working space, it's got multiple buildings. So I'm walking from my building down to the main building at the co-working space with my coffee cup to go ahead and give you a true real preview of the quality of this coffee cup with actual coffee in it because there's no time like the present.

Oh yeah, here comes the good part. Way for away for it. And there we go. Coffee flowing into the cup. Name a better more exciting action than coffee flowing into the cup like that. Shout out OPO. Okay, so now I got, got my cup of coffee, shout out OPO startups as well. Got the coffee you just saw, it's full. I'll go back, take a few sips, give you a real full review.

Guess you guys are going to walk from walk with me for a little longer. I only have one hand. I can't turn off my camera. I don't think you guys understand how challenging it is to try to film with one hand carry a coffee cup with another and use my key card to get into the building with another. I'm going to need a third hand. I don't have it. Oh well.

You know I got to say it's not too bad when it comes to a temperature here in St. Charles today. It's actually a very moderate winter day. It's like fifties so thumbs up for that.

We're almost at the building. There we are.

Okay, so I promised I would give you an honest review of these Printful products. Now, before I even start with this coffee that I pour coffee and I'd like to say you saw my challenge trying to hold the coffee cup and the camera coming back into the startup building. But guess what? I held this coffee cup just like this with steaming hot coffee in it and surprisingly my hand didn't burn once. So for you coffee drinkers out there, I'm just going to say that one right off the bat because I was pretty impressed with that. Usually my hand is like scalded off and the glass would have already broke if I tried to hold it like that. But thankfully I, I touched the water just a little bit, tested them, and it was good and it was just perfect when it came to that.

Secondly, the design that you saw is really, really crisp and clear. It's not faded, it's not blurry, nothing like that. It is very crisp and clear and I drank off of the design side as well to see if, if it tasted bad with the coffee. Because like the design and the print on it had to do it again because I love drinking coffee, but no it's not. It's just really well done. So ultimately the coffee mug itself, a really, really big thumbs up to Printful. I will update you guys on, you know, dishwasher reliability, stuff like that. Because obviously if I start to see it decay from washing it in the sink or the dishwasher, I'm going to have to update you about it. But at the moment I rinse it off in the sink, washed it out, poured coffee in it, walked up here, drank it, heat temperature dispersion was good and the actual taste off of the coffee mug was great. So I'm giving it a good review at the moment. Printful thumbs up on this. Now, what do you say? We changed shirts.

Wow okay, Look at me. You might as well put me on the front of Printful magazine now. There's actual, some deeper meaning behind this shirt real quick. And this is just an honest thank you. My contact over at Printful was picking out designs for me and she said, “This is the Eagle, this is the mountain”. And I was like, “Okay, you know, what does that symbolize?” And she said, “The reason we picked out for you is because you're the Eagle and the sky is your limit". Which I thought was really cool. You know, something subtle but was pretty awesome for them to throw in for me. So thank you to Veronica but Printful altogether because that was a really awesome thankful symbolism that you sent my way.

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As far as the quality of this shirt, it fits really well actually like I'm pretty picky about shirts when it comes to t-shirts because I don't like when they're too baggy or too tight. I'd say this actually fits pretty well. You know, give you a little preview so you can see, you know, you can see it here, goes with the pants, everything like that. And you can see the Eagle right here and everything fits, you know, like really, really well. And I liked the coloring. I wanted the black. That is one thing I did tell Veronica. So I'm pretty excited that they hooked me up with that. But I'm really satisfied as far as quality. Once again, I'll have to let you know how it does in the washer and the dryer makes sure everything stays in tack, that it doesn't fade too much but only time is going to tell with that.

So at the moment, what I can tell you is, Printful rocked it and they sent me two really awesome gifts and I'm not swearing here. I'm not being biased in any way. I'm really impressed with the quality of these products. Now my challenge to you is now that you get to see what Printful offers and you get my firsthand account of the quality of the products, you should already have your Printful store setup. You should have already been looking for products creating products.

Now it's time for you to go over to Printful and place your first sample order on Printful to place your sample order on Printful. What you have to do is you have to go to your Printful account. If you don't already have an account with Printful, there's an affiliate link down in the description below. Yes, that is my affiliate link. No, that doesn't change anything in your registration process still completely free to you.

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And then once you get into your account, what you need to do is in the upper right corner, you'll see the red box that says new order. You'll click new order and then you'll see a box app pops up that prompts you whether it's a regular order or a sample, or you're going to go ahead and click sample, or in which you'll get 20% off. Your sample order is Printful his gift to you for ordering samples from them so you can review the product quality. Once you get your sample order, what you need to do is you need to add a product or products that you want included in your sample order. After you add those products, what you'll have the ability to do is you'll have the ability to then continue to who's going to receive those products.

So you're going to have to enter your recipients in the recipient shipping information so that way Printful knows where to send them. You have up to three recipients that are able to accept in a rich receive, your Printful sample order. After that, all you have to do is review your order and place it and then you're good to go and you will receive a sample order with the products you ever requested from your store in your mailbox in however many days it said regarding shipping when you entered the recipient's address and just like that, you've got a sample print or, whew, what a Christmas morning am I right? I think I need a sip of coffee after that one.


All right guys, Santa was good to us this year. And this year, Santa was Printful and I'd say they were very generous in what they sent me. I wanted to thank them. As you guys know, this series is gladly sponsored by Printful.

Now, if you enjoyed this content in today's video, I would kindly ask that you drop a like down below, comment with your thoughts on Printful products. Did you like this style of video that I did today because I'm trying some new video formulas as I'm making an effort to make my videos more entertaining and valuable to you.

And then lastly, this goes without saying, I want you to join Wix Nation. I want you to be part of our tribe. Click that subscribe button, the bottom right of this video. Turn those bell notifications on so you don't miss a single upload here, and you'll be plugging into a community of 31,000 plus like-minded entrepreneurs.

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It's been a hell of a video today and I'm glad you were able to join me. I'm excited for what we've got next, which is video lesson number six coming next week. And I'm excited to present that material to you. Until then, I hope you have a fantastic weekend and I hope you were able to use this video to go out with the week on a bang, and I appreciate you tuning in.

I'll catch you in our next one.

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