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Wix Ecommerce | Part 3 | The Ultimate Guide To Building An Online Store in Wix

They were going to customize our Wix stores here in this Wix eCommerce, the ultimate guide to building an online store in Wix series. Thank you for joining if you're new. Welcome. And if you're coming back for another video, thank you for joining us again. If you haven't already clicked subscribe and hit that bell notification on. So you don't miss any videos from this little Wix eCommerce mini-series. And let's jump into today's video, which is the customization of our Wix stores.

So ideally, what I'm going to show you in this video is a customization of products, collections, and that's ultimately the goal of this video to show you how to customize those two things. So that way you can create the best shopper experience possible in tomorrow's video and upcoming, tomorrow's going to be checkout. And then on a Monday, we're going to work on administrative. So business information, tax information, shipping information, all of that good stuff. So for today, let's jump into it.

Wix ECommerce Products Customization

Last video we actually added our online store. So if we could go to our shop page and we can see, this is what the store currently looks like, we're not going to focus on design and a shopper experience through the checkout process in this video, we're going to do that when we talk about Wix code, because we're going to do like a three part mini series, just with Wix code and Wix stores together to show you how to best incorporate the two.

So now to actually manage our products and manage the store, we're going to click it once. And we're going to click manage products right here. Once we do that, it's going to open us up into our dashboard. It's going to open us specifically into our products and collections dashboard, which is ultimately our Wix stores dashboard that can be found from both your main site menu and in the editor.

Wix Stores Products

So you can actually go to your main site, Wix dashboard and Wix stores will be one of the apps listed on there. And then once you pull it up, it'll pull up these two categories, which is products and collections. Once in here, you're going to see a nice clean interface. It'll show you the number of products you have in your store. Up top here, you can filter your products. You can search all products. If you have collections, you could obviously show the collections, your filters are here. You could filter by a stock out of stock. I'm the type of product they are, whether they're physical, digital, and or if they're visible or hidden. And that way you can make your process a little easier, especially if you've got a lot of store or a lot of products in your store, filtering makes that much easier.

You'll also see something really cool here. So when you're dealing with products and just so you know, this is a brand new feature that Wix just brought. A lot of, you would like to have a way to import all of your products in one bulk upload, because if you've ever gone through and tried to upload product by product, especially if you've got a store with, you know, a hundred products to a thousand products, you're importing right off the bat. It is a painful and long process. Not because Wix makes it hard, but because it's so manual, you have to go in, you have to add the images for each. You have to add the prices for each. You have to add the description, add the variance. You have to do all of that. But now Wix has helped save the day and save you time by giving you an import and export feature.

Import Products

So, number one, you can now import all of your physical, physical products. So if you're selling digital goods, this does not apply. But if you're selling physical products, you can import a CSV. If we click that, you can see download CSV template. If you already have a CSV template with all of your, Wix stores with proper fields lined out in them, then just skip this step. But I would highly recommend before you go put all of your products and do a CSV, you download their CSV template. So that way you just fill out the fields that they give you. So you don't mess anything up along the way and creating your own CSV and hoping it matches exactly what this one. So awesome feature there.

Now, if you want to take your products out of the store and you'd like to, you know, break them out into an Excel spreadsheets, you could see what's selling, what's not you know, report stuff like that. You would just go to export and then you would export the products instead of import them. So that's the two important bulk upload features and bulk export features that you need to be aware of that will help you in this process. There's also a, you could rearrange the order of your products. So this is just to rearrange based off of collections.

And then if you scroll through here, it shows you all of your products now to add a new product, you would come in here to new product and you would decide whether you're going to be selling digital files or physical to give you an example of the difference. Well, Wix, although I already did it for you, but I'll give you an example too. So physical products could be like, t-shirts, it could be a book. If you're selling a book like a physical copy book it could be skateboards, it could be surf boards, it could be shoes. And then digital files are going to be like you know, you're an ebook that people are buying or a digital album, like, Wix says, or, or some type of copy or some type of video, all of those are considered digital files. So they do allow you to sell both of those types on Wix stores, which is nice.

But in this example, I'm going to show you physical. So we're going to go in here to physical up here, you're going to title your product and then whatever title you put up here, it's also going to drop down into here. So we'll call this cool product. All right. So we're naming this cool product and then you'll see it drops the name right into here. You can now add video you know, promotions to your actual product itself as well. So now, instead of just images to add some variants, you could add a product promo video or something of that nature or demonstration video by clicking add videos.

Adding Images and Videos

Obviously you have your typical ad images I've been asked, what are the best type of product images to use? Well, it depends one on what the product is, but if it's something like shoes or it's something like a t-shirts, you want to combine two different styles of product photography. And what I mean by that. And I might even do a break off video from this. You want to do one like studio type quality shots, if you have the ability to do so, where you've got good lighting and you take a picture of the shirts and preferably on a model or on someone so people can resonate and see what it looks like. And then the other way to do it, to, to incorporate in is do a video at a video of people, you know, just a lifestyle video, and then also lifestyle photography.

So maybe people are riding a bike on the beach and wearing your shirt, or depending on what your brand represents, have that be the action that people perform and take pictures of people just doing that and wearing it out in life. And that's the best way to really get people to resonate with your type of products.

For physical in particular, digital is a whole different conversation. You want good graphics with digital because you know, they're digital goods. So people aren't going to get something physical. They don't really need to necessarily resonate as much with like a lifestyle photography shot of a digital product. You want something that's appealing that grab someone's attention. Like I said, typically, graphics based that that just has a good clean look to it. So that's, that's my little rule of thumb for product photography. If you're wondering that I'm, once in here, you have the ability to choose what collection your product falls under.

Now, if you come in and this is the very first product you're creating, you'll notice there's no collections yet, other than all products to create a collection straight from here, you could press create collection and then add the name of it. I'm not going to do that quite yet. I'm going to show you the collections category as well and show you how to edit it. Visibility. This just pretty much says whether your product is showing on your online store right now, or is not showing on your online store. So maybe you are going to have a special product release and you want it to load the product into your store, but you didn't want it to be visible yet.

You would just uncheck that, but we're selling the product today. So we're going to keep it visible. If we scroll down, you're going to see a couple of things now under our basic info obviously the name of the product. This is what name is going to show up on the product page on the shop page throughout the checkout page. So make sure your product name is consistent throughout it's something that's appealing and says exactly what it is.

Again, we talked about percentage of people that leave because of hidden costs or, or hidden facts that they didn't know about a product. Make sure it stays consistent and you don't change anything up on people. People don't like change.

Next, you'll see a ribbon. So if this is a new arrival or you've got a sale, or like, or it's an exclusive, you could write that word right here. And then it would show exactly what that was. We'll just believe and say exclusive. And I'll even come up here and I'll add a picture quick. I'll pull random picture just so I can show you what the product looks like once we get it into the actual store itself. So if I go upload media, come upload from the can, by the way, do you guys like that new file manager? Cause I really like it. They cleaned it up, made it a lot easier to use a lot more convenient. That's for sure.

I'm just going to pull a random image here, guys. I'm just going to pull out my Wix expert badge. So that's our product image. Now, if we come down here, we'll see price. Obviously this is where you insert your price. We'll just say that it's seven 99 for this we'll we'll pretend it's a sticker. How about that? And we'll call it five 99 and then you can even choose whether it's on sale. If you do choose that it's on sale, you can either make that discount a percent or a dollar amount off. So you could say, Oh, it's 10% off. And then your sales price would go down or it's $10 off. While in this case, it can't be $10 off. It's $2 off. So the sale price is $3, depending on how you want to do that. It's totally up to you.

Product Description

You got to play with your audience and what your audience likes. It could be different for each and then guys, you have your description here. You have all of your basic text editing features that allow you to write a good product description. Make sure your product description is thorough. It explains what the product is. It explains any features. It explains any materials. It explains any fabrics. You want to make sure you give that shopper every reason to trust your product and to trust your store, which means even sometimes overexplaining stuff. So that way they know exactly what they're buying, because people want to trust it before they buy it.

You then have an additional section. So this is for additional information, return policies, guys. What did I tell you at the very beginning of this series in the introduction, people like to know there's a return policy for items. Now, if you don't offer a term policies, that's okay, it's not required. But if people know that there's a return policy, and if they go through that return policy that you honor it and you take care of it correctly, you will build brand loyalty and you will build loyal shoppers to your store. So just some food for thought and something to you know, consider then you have an option for custom text. So if your product is a custom product, like they could customize you know, putting their name on it or maybe putting their girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife's name on it for like a gift, a birthday gift, Christmas gift, anything of that nature, you can add a custom text field here, and then you could choose what that question is that you asked them.

So what name would you like written now, if this is a completely custom product, then you need to make sure that you choose mandatory field, which means they have to fill this out before they continue on. So if you're building out, you know, a custom necklace and you need a name in order for you to even make the necklace, make sure you choose mandatory field. So they click that. Now the character limit, this is whatever your product is. So again, if you have a custom necklace, your character limit is likely not going to be 500 words. Your character limit is probably going to be maybe one or even a two words are 12 characters. So however many characters. So, you know, Michael is seven characters. M I C H E L. So you have to determine how long you want that to be.

Maybe you're a character limits 20. Maybe you could fit 20 in a necklace, but just make sure you know that going into that. That's what that means. Not words. I apologize. That's characters. So just stay aware of that next. This is your product variance. So if you're offering different sizes, different colors, different materials, this is where you would do it. You would click add options and then you can choose right here. What the option name is. So is it color? Okay. You're choosing color. Is it black? Okay. It's a black product. Do you have offer a gray one? Yeah. You offer a gray one. Do you offer a white collar? Yeah. You offer a white cloth and then you come in here, add them, you click add, and then you could even manage inventory in pricing for each of the variants. So maybe your black shirt costs a little bit more.

In that case, you would show up charge $1 and you could see it would go up. If your great product costs a little less, you might subtract $2 and it'll go down $2 and it's that simple. And then you could obviously choose your inventory in stock right here, and you could manage it based off of skews. And if you want to track the physical inventory amount for each, you check this track inventory and then you could add inventory amounts. So maybe you have black, whoops, you have 10 black shirts. Maybe you have five gray shirts and you have two white shirts. And then you come in here, click apply. And now you've got pricing inventory and a and M yeah. Pricing and inventory for each of your variant. So these are price sizes. And you could do come in here and you can do the same thing for sizing too.

So if you want, you know, size a medium, large, but maybe extra large and extra, extra large, or upsizes because it requires more fabric, you could make that price disposition there and edit that. So God, that's about the rundown of editing your products here in Wix stores.

Products Promotion

You'll also notice on the right side, there's this promote a little box and this allows you to create coupons, create promo videos, send email campaign campaign, share your product and edit SEO settings. So for those of you that are running an online store, you need to get familiar with this box. Although it may seem like an additional nice added features that Wix gives you, these are actually very, very important features to to consider when trying to generate more sales for your website. If you can create coupons and then send an email campaign out that you just created a coupon for this product, well, you're going to attract more people.

People might not have wanted to buy it when they first saw it, because maybe they thought it was a little too much money at the time, but now you're offering them a coupon to buy it. It becomes more interesting and more intriguing for them. And they're more tempted to click that buy button SEO settings. You want to make sure you edit these. So I'm going to save and continue here on the site, edit your SEO title. So whatever your product page title is going to be, and then edit your description. You want to optimize each and every product you add your store. So that way you give your store the best chance to rank better in Google search.

In addition to that, if you add each of these for each of your products, you can actually use Google analytics to test which product pages are getting the most views. You know what, what's the audience and the demographics on those pages. How many of those people are buying when they land on those pages? So if you do this correctly, Google analytics will also help you track, which in return will ultimately help you generate more sales because you can nail down exactly who is looking for what and of those people who is buying what, and it just helps you track that you'll get very familiar with these SEO settings and then obviously your share product and create promo video. Those are additional features that could also help your progress in in actually physically generating more sales.

So guys that is our product rundown, we would then click save and it would take us back out to our products display here. The next thing I want to show you briefly, which is not as much a comp, not as complicated I should say is if we go to store products, collections, so this all products is a collection, right?

So all of our products is in one big collection called all products, but maybe we have a summer collection for clothes. If we did, we would come in here, click plus we would choose the collection name, we'll call it summer collection. And then what we would do is we would write, add products to our collection. So let's just say, cool product is part of our summer collection. And this watch as part of our summer collection and this plant as part of our summer collection, we would then click add. And now all of these products are added to our summer collection and we can change the collection name here, and we could even add an overall collection image to display, you know, one good shot of what it is in this collection.

And then last but not least get familiar with this promote box. Again, say you're launching a brand new collection. Again, you can create a coupon to get people to go to your brand new collection and the email campaign via Wix shout out to get people to go click on that collection. That's the ultimate goal. You're trying to drive more sales, you then click save, and now you've got your summer collection added. And then you do have the ability to add your collection to the site. But we'll touch on that when we talk about the Wix stores, which a code combo that we're going to discuss.


Guys, if this video helped you out, I try to give you a very in depth, very complete and thorough rundown of adding products and adding collections here in Wix stores, please let me know if I didn't cover something that you wanted to touch. That's not going to be involved in our Wix code which that administrative or Wix checkout, because all of those will be covered over the next couple of days. But if there was something I didn't touch regarding products, let me know. I'd be happy to show you and I'd be happy to demonstrate in my next video.

Other than that, I appreciate you guys watching, make sure you hit that like button. Comment anything down below, and don't forget to hit that subscribe button as well so you will never miss an episode of this, Wix eCommerce series.

Last but not least head over to my brand new launch, Wix Training Academy website it's completely redesigned re-imagined and it's better than ever. If you ask me in my opinion. So go check that out and go ahead and get involved in the Academy. Go ahead and scrolling down and clicking register in step three or clicking Academy in the bottom menu, and you'll get free access to tons of Wix content webinars, and more. Thank you guys again for watching and I will catch you in tomorrow's video when we will talk about Wix checkout. Bye bye.

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