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Wix Inspiration | 15+ Stunning Websites Built Using Wix (2018)

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Wix Inspiration | Best Websites Built in Wix

Wix has become one of the most robust and popular options on the market when building a website. In fact, there are currently 135 million users on the Wix platform.

Wix is often referred to as a more simple solution to building websites, which is true in terms of ease of use, but highly false in terms of quality. You can read about: Is Wix good for websites?

The real question at hand is, can you build a professional website on Wix?

I can go on for hours as to why Wix is the best platform on the market right now, but I think it is only fair to let evidence do the work for me. At the moment, Wix offers many templates to use as a starter when building your website. In addition, they offer "Start From Scratch" templates if you are feeling extra creative. Either way, there is solution available to you when starting your Wix website.

As a web designer, one of the bigger obstacles I often tackle has to do with inspiration. I am always seeking new design inspiration to spruce up client websites or renovate my own. I personally believe the best way to generate new design inspiration is to view work that has been created with the platform of your choice.

Therefore, I have cultivated a list of 15+ stunning websites that were built using Wix.

Wix Inspiration | Fish Luo Photography

This website does an excellent job of incorporating a very clean and modern feel. When the user enters the website, they are greeted by a large image as well as navigation to feel like they have somewhere else to click. This website has also integrated the Wix Stores application for their eCommerce needs.

Wix Inspiration | Brown Owl Creative

Brown Owl Creative does a fantastic job of utilizing vibrant colors to draw your attention immediately. In addition to that, their use of typography instantly attracts your eye. Another touch this creative agency incorporated was animation on their pictures below the fold that captures a user's attention.

Wix Inspiration | Stolen Goods Clothing

I decided to display Stolen Good's Shop page, because I think they did a great job of incorporating modern design trends. They have vertical text, vibrant colors and good pictures. This website also utilized a hidden gem. When you land on their homepage, you are left with two opens: enter the shop or leave the website.

**For those of you that know me or my style, I love landing pages like this. They increase your conversions by the masses. Well done Stolen Goods.


Wix Inspiration | TGIM Branding

TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) is a branding company. The reason I really enjoyed their website is due to the amount of large professional images they used throughout to portray their branding. It caught my attention and led me to get interested in their brand.

Wix Inspiration | Bella Bloom Web Design

Bella Bloom Web Design & Branding does an amazing job of making the user feel like they on a journey through the website. I felt like everything on this website seemed new and fresh. They utilized great typography along with the perfect amount of white space. *Yes, white space is actually a fairly lucrative part of a good design.

Well done Bella Bloom.

Wix Inspiration | Cuts and Bruises Barber Shop - London

Cuts and Bruises Barber Shop does an incredible job of branding. As soon as you land on the website you are instantly grabbed by the large text. The more impressive part is that within 5 seconds you know exactly what this company does and where they are located. So, beyond the design, I am a huge fan of the business and marketing approach of this website.

In London and need a tattoo or haircut? Check out Cuts and Bruises. *Shameless plug, because I like their website.

Wix Inspiration | Tobias Becs Football

Tobias Becs does a very good job of drawing your attention. What I was a big fan of in this website was their use of social media. Over on the right hand side, they pinned the social media icons to the screen to increase the traffic going to them. I believe the design around it supported this effort in a great manner.

Wix Inspiration | Seven Grams Caffe

Seven Grams Caffe has a great website design. However, it is not the design of this website that took me by storm. I believe their call-to-action's in the header are well executed. It is very noticeable that they want you to order online or purchase a gift card. I believe they did a great job with that as well as the design that conveys what they are all about.

Wix Inspiration | Oak Tree Reality NJ

Oak Tree Reality NJ did a great job of designing a website that evokes an emotion. When purchasing a home, there are a lot of emotions involved. The one major attraction to this website was their initial video background on load with this young couple presumably purchasing their first home together. For some it will bring a sense of comfortability and others it may bring a sense of excitement.

Either way, excellent work with the marketing video.

Wix Inspiration | Awaken Studio NYC | Wix Web Design New York

Awaken Studio in NYC brought "Visual Branding" to a new level. Look at how amazing this page is designed. The white space, the vibrant image, the use of overlapping elements and a clear call-to-action. I was very impressed when I came across this page on their website as I was scouring. Additionally, their use of parallax was artfully crafted and well-executed.

I have to congratulate you on some fantastic work here!

Wix Inspiration | Rhett and Link | Good Mythical Morning

Rhett and Link have actually starred in Wix's commercials, but I believe their website is an excellent illustration of some possibilities in Wix. I love their use of the Wix Video app that houses all of their videos. If you do not know, Rhett and Link have a YouTube channel that is very popular, so they had a heavy need to post their videos.

Wix Inspiration | Rocket Web Labs Web Design

This website is completely real estate driven and utilizes Wix's new platform, called "Wix Code." This website was extremely well-done and well-designed. In fact, I happen to be a colleague of the gentleman that built this website over at Rocket Web Labs. The use of color, pictures, icons and Wix Code is executed really well.

Wix Inspiration | Code Queen Nayeli | Totally Codable

My Code Queen does an excellent job of incorporating vibrant colors while maximizing her use of animation. Each scroll of your mouse feels like a new adventure and it is exciting to go through a website like that. In addition to her design, "Code Queen" Nayeli is also a close colleague of mine and this is a brand new redesign of her website.

Fantastic work, Nayeli!

Wix Inspiration | Shapeshift Design Studio

Shapeshift is truly an unique digital experience. The use of animation, color scheme and design is truly spectacular. What I love about this website is that they take the user through a journey. From top to bottom there is much to explore. From a business perspective, there is also a clear call-to-action the upper right header. Altogether, this is a website that was well-crafted.

Wix Inspiration | Future Vision Web Design

Future Vision Web Design built this amazing Quote Calculator as a sample project using the incredible Wix Code platform. This form allows you to alter different elements of your cleaning service and watch the quote change on-demand. This is also a colleague of mine who is an extremely talented developer.

Sakis, amazing work on the development of this tool!

Wix Inspiration | Two One Studio | Best Wix Websites

Two One Studio captured my attention with their design. I felt as if the design of this NYC Clothing Shop was extremely well-done. Personally, I am a fan of the color scheme and the font used across the site. Overall, good looking website.


When building websites everyone needs a little boost of inspiration or motivation to keep a good variety in line. Hopefully, these 15+ websites provided you good Wix Inspiration and an insight into what type of websites are achievable to build in Wix.

This article should also be used as a reminder that professional websites are clearly achievable with this amazing Wix platform.

If you have any questions or comments about Wix Inspiration, leave them down below :)

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