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Wix Open Mic Episode 1 New Wix Code Features Coming Soon

Hello everyone. Today, we are starting a brand new series. In this series it’s completely dedicated to you and it's for you.

Now, before we hop into that first head over to If you guys are new to the channel, especially seeing this new series is Wix Open Mic, this is our email list. It sends you out valuable tips, tricks, and tutorials every single Wednesday. Again, that's Guys I'm your host, Michael Strauch. And I'm excited to introduce this brand new series to you.

So what is this new series you may ask? Well, let's, let's hop right into it. So I'm calling it Wix Open Mic, and I'm going to be honest. Usually I'm pretty structured and stuff. This is going to be a more loose type of series. Now I'm going to have structure to it and there's going to be content behind it, but I want this to be for you guys.

Wix Open Mic

So in this video, I'm going to explain what I was envisioning and I'm going to also give you some upcoming Wix code features to look forward to as just part of a bonus to this first episode. So Wix open mic has kind of been in the works for a little while now, and it's been something I've been tossing around trying to figure out if I should really go ahead and pursue this, or if I should focus on just strictly tutorials. And when I was trying to decide, I, I really thought through a lot of different pros and cons.

And the thing is is you guys love the tutorials, you eat them up and they seem to be very valuable to you, which I love. And I love providing you value. But then at the same time, you know, Wix is also a very fun environment. They're a fun company and I want to switch it up and I want to add a little bit more personal entertaining value rather than just strictly tutorial. So I want to give you another side of Wix. I want to show you the coming soons in the Wix Open Mic. Let me explain what my goal is.

My goal is to get other developers that I have through my Wix design experts group on Facebook and our community of arena. Designers through Wix. I want to start interviewing some of those people and we'll bring in different designers and different developers and we'll communicate with them. And we'll, we'll answer questions. My goal is to have some live Q and A's that you guys can write me questions during these episodes, which means some of the episodes I may actually live stream. And then ultimately just provide you a new side of this channel while also providing you valuable Wix content.

So I hope this kind of makes sense. And you're following along with what I'm trying to do, ultimately, Wix Open Mic is for guys it's for me to go ahead and bring in a new, fresh piece of content, a new series of content, because one of my goals for 2018 was to refresh the content for this channel. Now, a lot of that has already begun with Wix code content, which e-commerce content tutorials, but now I want to know introduce this new Wix Open Mic series.

My goal is this is likely going to be a biweekly series that I will upload, and it's likely going to be uploaded on a Tuesday every two weeks. Now that's the goal right now. And I know you're probably like, well, you should have this figured out, but again, I'm really trying to gauge how this does. I'm trying to gauge how you guys enjoy this and if you do so that way I know how to continue and your feedback is super, super valuable. So please leave comments down below. Let me know your thoughts on this so far. Some of you may love this. Some of you may not it's okay. Just let me know. I'm I'm gauging this as much as you guys are gauging this right now.

Now, again, this is the first episode and it's going to differ a lot more from right now. Like I said, when I actually start bringing in designers to do interviews with and try to create more valuable content for you guys, it's going to differentiate itself. So this first episode is just kind of explaining to you what, what it's all about.

Now, I also said that I would provide you some Wix code coming soon features. So let me do that. Wix code has some awesome new features coming down the line, and I'm going to show you those right here. So we open up the Wix code website. They have their whole coming soon page, and I'm going to explain some of these new features.

So embed codes, this has already been released. So this allows you to embed scripts, Google tag manager, Taboola Outbrain Hotjar in the site, had our body. You can find this in your Wix site manager, and then you can scroll down to analytics and you can go ahead and start implementing some of these embed codes. It's pretty cool. It's a nice feature. You can start tracking more accurately, as well as putting certain scripts in your website that you weren't able to do beforehand because Wix wasn't compatible with it because Wix code wasn't around so that's something guys.

One of my favorite ones, there's new members’ area. So it allows site members to create their own member profile page. Now we've talked about this and I've created plenty of tutorials on this, but which is going to be upping the game a little bit on it and creating a more special custom members' area.

Next, we have styling API, so you can create subsets and style your elements. This is more for, you know, complex designers, a little bit more complex on the development. And so some of you, this may not apply if you're just going to create a basic website. However, if you're interested in using styling API, this is one of the features coming out. We also have additional component. So now we'll be able to have an address component, a time input, a toggle and slider, as well as tags and categories. So these are for your input. So for your custom input forms, customers input forms. We have new components that we can add into there that can automatically transfer into that database after form has been filled out.

Next another fantastic one and I showed you guys it's tutorial this just on my last video, custom signups. So Wix is going to update their sign up and sign in experience, and you can include new registration methods, custom actions, modified views and more. So this whole signup member sign up and login process is going to be more custom. And now you'll be able to change certain texts and fonts and create custom actions on it. That's a pretty powerful new tool as well as roles and permission. So now you can identify users and define what they can see throughout your entire website. So this can be nice for website users on your website or website members. You'll be able to start to finding those different roles and what content and what pieces of your website. People have access to certain people have access to.

Chat API. So Wix is going to open their Wix chat and release the API as well as e-commerce API APIs, which means that you will be able to include custom actions or custom external apps that connect or translate into these different Wix apps. So the Wix chat API, the witch e-commerce API, once which releases, which commerce API, there's really a new world of possibilities. You can start creating new and improved Wix e-commerce experiences. This is exciting stuff, guys. Then we have developer experience. So this is improving the development and taking some of the bugs out and actually creating a debugging tool and code competition, completion, stuff like that. So the, this will help. It's almost like a part of this I heard through everybody in Wix is on your phone. You have autocorrect stuff like that. While they're going to help you start doing that with actual code. So JavaScript, it'll be like smart code where you start typing. So man, and it realizes, okay, this connects to that and blah, blah, blah, bam, connected straight on your page.

And then we also have Wix contacts that HPI is API is supposed to come out as well. So this is another awesome, cool release that should be coming. Other than that, guys, these are the main APR main coming soon features that Wix code is looking to release. If you guys have any other features that you want to see, Wix code implement that is not on this list already come over to the Wix code website. That's why it's here. Click, let us know. And then go ahead and fill out the little form and help Wix determine what they need to keep adding. I'm always here recommending stuff for Wix to add. You guys need to do the same guys.


I hope this new series is something exciting for you. I hope you'll find that you enjoy this. I'm really looking to beta this myself, beta, test it and figure out if this is something you guys enjoy. If it's a, if it's a hit or a flop, either way, I'm okay with it. If it's a flop, it's a flop. If it's a hit, awesome, let's continue. Let's build upon this first episode and keep going either way.

Your feedback is vital to me. So please let me know in the comments sections shoot me an email, shoot me a message, whatever you want to do like this video, if you enjoyed it, don't forget to subscribe here on ComputerMDofGilbert. And finally, don't forget to head over to link in the description below where every Wednesday, I will send you a personalized tech, Wix tip tutorial or trick. And they're all special to the email list. Some of them are, you know, different articles. Some of them are videos. Some of them are just some daily inspiration on your Wednesday. Guys thank you for tuning in to Wix Open Mic episode one. Let's do this together. Let's take this on. I hope you enjoy it.

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04 janv.

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05 juil. 2020

Michael this sounds like an awesome idea. Wait till you see the website I have built all by myself because of your tutorials! You will freak. Once I'm completely done ( am just finalizing membership and that adding that data base you suggested), I am going to book some time with you so you can make sure it hums, I am a professional designer so please keeps me in mind for open Mic. I've got a lifetime of experience designing for major brands brands and something simple (and complex) as a business card.

I am a women over 40 and I know your target audience is a much younger demographic but I might be able to help you access a…

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