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Wix vs Squarespace vs Wordpress | What Is The Best Website Building Platform?

What's going on YouTube for those of you that don't know me, my name is Michael Patrick Strout. They call me MPS here at Wix Nation and today I'm going to be explaining the pros and cons between Wix, Squarespace and WordPress and what you need to know in order to make an educated decision on how to best prepare moving forward for your business or your website.

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Now, if you couldn't tell by the name of my channel, yes, it is Wix Training Academy, but I am giving you a very honest overlook of today's three platforms, which include Wix Squarespace and WordPress. If you'd like to learn more about me and kind of what I do, you head over to the link in the description below and check it out. But until then, let's go into today's content, which is the pros and cons of these platforms.

Wix Pros and Cons

Now, yes, I'm a Wix guy. I enjoy Wix so we're going to start with the Wix platform. But I am not naive to the fact that there are some cons to Wix. So first and foremost, some of the pros I want to touch on number one, which is just a very easy to use platform for anyone that's out there that has never built a website before. The great news behind Wix is you can go on and you can quickly learn how to build at least a basic framework or even used Wix's artificial design intelligence to quickly build a website.

And then from there, the great news is Wix offers some advanced capabilities. So for those of you that don't know, and that are fairly new to Wix, maybe you previously knew Wix and Wix is a completely different platform now than it was say two years ago, they've released something called Corvid by Wix, previously known as Wix Code. And what this is is it's a completely open source development ecosystem within the Wix platform. So you can now build backend web apps. You can use JavaScript on the frontend and backend to build a pretty sophisticated website. For instance, you could technically build websites like Airbnb, like Facebook, like Twitter. These are examples of websites you could build on Wix and you have the capability to do so.

In addition to that, Wix offers an all in one solution. And what I mean by this is from the design development and design aspect of your website, all the way to a CRM and marketing end of your website. So Wix actually has a Ascend by Wix, which is their kind of inhouse marketing suite built into your dashboard. And you can send automatic emails. You have a CRM that you can access all of your interactions with members, customers you've have an inbox to communicate with them. You can do paid plans and manage all the members on your websites. You have tracking in analytics, Wix even has an in house payment processor that they built out. So they really offer an all in one solution. So you can keep your whole business in one place, which is pretty nice.

And then lastly, the pro I want to touch on with Wix is that there's immense resources between the videos I create here on my channel. All the tutorials you have access to all the way up to their support. They offer a pretty large variety of resources from Corvid forum to their technical support, to their support documents, to people on YouTube like myself. There's a lot of resources out there for you to access.

Although Wix does have a couple of cons. Yes, I'm sorry, Wix. I know you're working on them, but the two cons that really hit my attention are number one. It is a bit slower on the performance into things. So Wix is really, really working on this. And they just released a program called Wix Turbo recently that they're working on the response or the performance of the website. So Wix was known as having slow websites and they can be slow. It does come down to kind of what type of website it is and what type of content, the amount of content that's on it. But this is a kind of wakes. And the second one is the lack of responsiveness. So being able to move between different mediums, whether it's mobile tablet or desktop, Wix has trouble with that, it's not automatically responsive. They do have a mobile editor that you can edit through and kind of create a mobile version of your website. As we all know, that's very important nowadays, but it's still not completely responsive. Again, another thing Wix is actively working on. So those are my pros and con breakdown of Wix. Now I'd like to move into Squarespace.

Squarespace Pros and Cons

So one of the things I really have to compliment Squarespace on as a pro is that they've got really quality design show. Their design looks very crisp. Their templates are really nice. They've got a decent template selection to choose from, and it is responsive. So Squarespace websites are responsive. So when you started on the desktop or laptop, whatever you're building on, it'll seamlessly move across each medium. So tablets and mobile and an old look just as good as it does on your desktop, but it will just fit to that specific medium, which is really, really nice.

Lastly, for a pro with Squarespace, it is affordable. I mean, it's affordable. And obviously that's always a pro when you're starting a new business, or you're trying to launch a website online business, whatever that may look like. If you can find a more affordable option, you tend to go with it, right? So those are the pros to Squarespace.

The cons, it is limited in functionality. So it doesn't even compare on a scale to Wix as far as being able to have a code ecosystem and an all in one solution, it doesn't have all that. It gives you all the tools to build a basic website to give you kind of like a good static type, maybe a basic, you know, functionality style website with some limited functionality, but it is overall limited on what you're able to do and functionality and feature terms. You can't get too sophisticated with the website. It really puts an emphasis on design.

In addition to that, it's not as user friendly as something like Wix. So Squarespace, I personally jumped into it before, and I didn't just jump in and automatically kind of know where to go, how to use it like Wix, I just jumped in. They made everything pretty clearly marked. So I knew kind of where to click, to experiment with things. Squarespace isn't as user friendly. It's not bad on a scale, but it's not as user friendly. So that's my pro and Tcons breakdown of Squarespace. And then lastly, WordPress.

WordPress Pros and Cons

I know, right, WordPress the King of the jungle. So they think a WordPress, it does currently power. The majority of websites on the internet, Wix is number two, right behind a WordPress and Wix currently has 165 plus million users on their platform. But what are the pros to WordPress? Number one, it is widely used for those of you that don't know what WordPress is. You might be living under a box because WordPress is pretty commonly known and it's widely used. Another big pro to WordPress is that it's got really great SEO. It's proven that, or a WordPress websites generate some pretty great organic SEO. Again, if it's properly curated and done in the correct manner, if it's not, then it would be like any other website, you know, a perfect SEO, Wix website is just as good as a perfect SEO WordPress website. So I don't want to confuse that, but WordPress is known to have pretty great organic reach.

The third pro between with WordPress is because it's widely used. There's a lot of options in terms of plugins and plugins or kind of apps you install on WordPress. And there's literally thousands of plugins for you to pull from and do all different types of things between like membership options between online stores, Yoast, SEO. I mean, there's a lot of variety of plugins that you can use to instantly work on a WordPress website and do just about anything you need to do.

But on the flip side of that, there's a couple of cons, number one, it's tough to use. So WordPress isn't even comparing to Wix or Squarespace on ease of use. There's a lot more involved with WordPress. Sometimes you have to be able to code a little bit, to create some of the custom solutions you may need. Some of the plugins can get a little funky and kind of clunky to use. Some of your blog and website design editing can get tough to do so. It's tough to use number one for not in everyday user and then number two, it's time consuming because it's tough to use. So it chews up a lot more time, which means a slower time to market. And obviously that would be the third con, which is a slower startup time.

If you're out here looking to choose the right solution to build your startup, your website, your platform, your business, whatever that may be, Wordpress is typically a slower startup time because of the steps that you have to take. It doesn't have that all in one solution of like all the hosting is right there on Wix and you get your domain right on Wix. Typically with WordPress, you have to use an outside host such as, blue host or a hostGator. And then you have to host your site on one of those. And then you have to build the website and it gets clunky and it's complex.

So there are pros to WordPress, but there are also several cons, which is why in my analysis.

And this is not because I am an influencer and I work with Wix, but in my true analysis, Wix is an amazing platform to go to in most case scenarios. If you're trying to build a highly, highly scalable platform or software, WordPress may be a better solution at the moment, just because Wix is working out some of the irons of their performance. But with that in mind, Wix also has an enterprise level hosting plan, which bumps performance. You obviously invest for that performance a much more significant amount on a monthly basis, but it is guaranteed to give you better performance, 99.9% uptime. So there's a lot of pros to that.

So in my overall honest opinion, Wix would be the platform to go with a, you can go ahead and check out Wix in the description below. Yes, it is an affiliate link of mine. But if you liked this video and you want to support the channel, I would love if you can utilize that. But that is my true and honest breakdown of pros and cons between Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.


If you enjoyed this video, I would kindly ask that you drop a like down below comment on your thoughts and your opinions. I'm really curious to hear what your feedback is on this topic. Because I know it can actually get pretty controversial at times. I know Wix versus WordPress is a big battle, especially in the SEO world, which Wix is literally running a campaign for Wix SEL versus like other platforms specifically WordPress. So it's a pretty big, controversial battle, and it's kind of fun to watch, but that's my honest breakdown of it.

Lastly guys, make sure you hit that subscribe button, the bottom right of this video, if you want to see more videos like this, along with tons of Wix training content, because obviously you're heading to Wix now to watch and create your next website, right? So you might want to come use this channel as a resource and you want to be subscribed so you don't miss that content, turn those bell notifications on and instantly plug into 30,000 plus like-minded entrepreneurs here on the channel in Wix Nation. And you can head over to link in the description below, and you get free instant access to our Wix Training Academy portal line with webinars and training content and resources and more.

Other than that, I really appreciate you tuning in for today's video. And I hope you found it helpful. I guess I'll find out in the comments below, depending on your feedback, but thank you again, and I'll catch you on our next one.

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