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A completely comprehensive masterclass

Everything you need to know to build a successful website

Wix Masterclass is a step-by-step course that will hold your hand through the process of building a website. The beautiful aspect of this course is that it lays an entire framework of Wix and everything you need to know in order to build a successful website.

Plus, you'll be able to instantly plug into a community of like-minded individuals looking to accomplish your same goal. With direct access to all masterclass members at your fingertips, no questions will go unanswered.

Coming March 2021



Discover The Following:

  • Wix Fundamentals

  • Key Wix Apps

  • Editor X Overview

  • Velo by Wix

  • Ascend by Wix

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Wix SEO

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How Do Others Feel About WTA Content?

royal parmar

Royal Parmar's Company

how are you???



Great tutorials! Thanks!!


Magic Masseur

Just came here to test it :)

Chantelle Pedersen

FNQ Foster Farms

Thanks for your video tutorial enabling me to add testimonials to our NFP's website.



Thanks for showing us how to make this!

Sally Cole

S Cole

The content on this channel has been extremely help! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and encourage everyone to get involved on Wix Training Academy. I promise, you won't regret it.




Nicholas Perry

Mashup Adverts-https://www.mashupadverts.com/

Thanks to Wix training academy, I was able to add a review section to my site. I haven't watch any videos but that one, but, if all your videos are like it, you're doing a great job. I wish you well in all you endeavors and I truly wish you the best life has to offer

Atika Hadi


Thank you for providing this video training, well explained and easy to follow. What happens if the number of reviews accede the limit number specified?

It will be great to have another video to show how to link google reviews.

Keep the good work





MV wear


Santiago Galindo



Tiffany Flores

Royal Pup Co.

This was so helpful thank you!

chaitali keshari

tweak interiors

thank you

Stevie D

Targetxx production

Great video. Thanks for your help!


Peculiar Pluto

What a brilliant tutorial, super easy to follow. Just wish you had included a little bit of information on the star rating system, I would love to include it on my site.



Great Video. Thanks!



Super liked it. Thank you for sharing this.



This tutorial for adding testimonials to your website worked perfectly, but i could not get my star/heart rating system to work, any ideas?

Muhammad Usama


Very helpful. Thanks

Mike Smith


Thanks Man

Mileena Tom

Vazha Associates

Thanks to this i can now do more vazha krishi

David Doucette

I've been watching your videos for some time now and found them very helpful in constructing my farm's website.
Thank you for all of the great content you're putting out!

DeShawna Grimsley

Tell Me More Consulting LLC

I was looking for assistance with adding a testimonial to my page and your video popped up! It is very informative and I appreciate you sharing this content for FREE. I wish you the best.




Hirthic Kannan


These are all of my projects that i have done so far.

Steve Tucker

Cynon Valley PC

Wix training academy is a very helpful tool for building up knowledge of Wix and its capabilities.

David Levy

Abundant Earth, Inc.

After many trials of going through Wix's direct instruction on how to add a testimonial and star rating page which were not successful, I came across your youtube video. It made it simple and I was able to follow your instructions and make it happen. I love Wix, but their new support system is not working.

Jaleel Muhammed


Thank you for the video. Best Regards.


from Japan

Thank you for the video!! I liked it.

When will the Masterclass launch?

This is currently an Early Bird Pre-Sale in order for you to secure your enrollment at a discounted price. The Masterclass is set to launch in March of 2021.

Will there be another early-bird discount?

No. This will be my only Early Bird Pre-Sale special that I will be running prior to the launch of the course.

What if I am on the fence about this Masterclass?

Completely acceptable. Although, if you join the Masterclass and feel as if you did not get the value you believed you would, I am honoring a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so I would be happy to offer you a refund. Ultimately, it takes the risk completely out of the equation. Knowing that, I would join and see if it is right for you and then decide. 


Enroll in the Wix Masterclass

Early Bird Pre-Sale Discount

Join for only $249 (50% off!)