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A Truly Powerful Personalized Program


You are looking for website help, but don't really want to spend the money to hire a web development service.

And you are tired of trying to DIY on Wix. Plus, you are getting tired of watching courses.

You are ready to finish your website. You want a website you are proud of and that can convert your visitors into leads or customers. However, above all, you want your website to reflect your passion. 

You are fully aware of how to use Wix, but you want guided assistance on strategy + design.

Time for a personal website coach!

I have just completed Michael's "Wix My Website" trainings. Even though already knew the basics about Wix I learned something new in every lesson. Even one of the tips would have been worth the price of the coaching. Michael's customer service is outstanding. His Wix knowledge is second to none and he was able to answer any questions I had outside the course curriculum. 


My website has truly benefited from his knowledge and I know I will be referring back to his videos as well. Whether you are new to Wix or already have a website with Wix you will benefit from this training and Michael's help.

Katrina Oakley

Health and Fitness Coach

Over our 8-week program, we will cover:

User Experience through design strategy
SEO Kickstarter training to index in Google
List Building Strategy to maxmize conversions
Content Strategies to grow your audience
Michael Nenner Testimonial.jpeg

My name is Mike and I am from Washington DC. I am currently working on starting my first business and decided to use Wix to build my website. I came across some functionality issues and was very disheartened as I had spent alot of time working with Wix and didn't want to start my project all over. 


I decided to see if anyone on YouTube had an answer to my frustrations. I found Michael Strauch's YouTube videos about Wix which were very instructional and helpful, however my issue still wasn't resolved.


I contacted Michael to see if he could elaborate on his video as I saw he was very responsive in the comment section of his YouTube page but I was not sure I would ever hear back.


That same night I received a response and was delighted to hear that Michael was working on my issue and was open to setting up a call to discuss!


This is one of the few times I can generally say I've felt great appreciation due to excellent customer service as we talked on the phone and Michael explained my options.


Thanks to Michael I feel more enthusiastic about staying with Wix and getting my business off the ground!

-Mike Nenner

Washington, DC | Online Entrepreneur

A Truly Powerful One-On-One Wix Website Coaching Experience

Michael Patrick Strauch - Profile Pictur

Getting Started: 


To get started with me on this one-on-one website coaching program, you must have a current Wix website that you have started building out. You must also have an understanding of how to use the Wix website platform.

What To Expect:

This is an eight week website coaching program that will take your website from zero to hero. Over these next eight-weeks, we will have a total of four 60-minute calls accompanied by four weeks of implementation. The calls will be bi-weekly with accountability work in between. I am a strong believer in accountability and completing work that we discuss. So, following each of our 60-minute calls you will be advised to take the next week to implement the work we discussed. I will not be touching or designing your website during this process, the power lies in you!

Be advised, you will have access to me during these 8-weeks to send questions, get feedback or provide screenshots. At the end of the 8-weeks you can rest easy knowing your website is launched and Wix Design Expert approved/guided.

Who is this program for?

People that understand how to use Wix, but need help taking the next step in setting up a high-converting website that generates new leads and revenue.

Who should not join this program?

This is not for people looking to learn Wix or simply utilize me to ask consulting or technical questions. 

What is this program?

This is a one-on-one website coaching program with Wix Design Expert, Michael Patrick Strauch that is aimed at taking your website concept from start to a polished completed website that converts.

What is this program not?

This is not a Wix training program aimed at helping you understand technical concepts and components of the Wix platform.

Week 1

In Week 1, we will have a 60-minute phone call to discuss the user design/user experience side of your website.

50% deposit is due.

Week 2

In Week 2, you will be assigned homework to complete the tasks we discussed in our Week 1 user experience call.

Week 3

In Week 3, we will have a 60-minute phone call to discuss how to successfully build a list and convert your traffic to leads.

Week 4

In Week 4, you will be assigned homework to build out the list builder that we discuss in our previous call.

Week 5

In Week 5, we will have a 60-minute phone call to discuss the content strategies that will enable you to grow traffic.

Remaining 50% deposit is due.

Week 6

In Week 6, you will be assigned homework to develop a content strategy for your market based off of our previous call.

Week 7

In Week 7, we will have a 60-minute phone call to discuss the SEO Kickstarting techniques to prepare your website for Google.

Week 8

In Week 8, you will be assigned homework to perform the SEO kickstart techniques we discuss on the previous call.

  • I am brand new to this, will the Wix Training Academy still help me?"
    Absolutely! I would argue that you would be about the perfect candidate for the Wix Training Academy, because it takes you through each phase of the web design process. We have content ranging from planning your web design project to designing and developing your website to finishing with marketing your website online.
  • I already finished my website on Wix, how can the Wix Training Academy help?"
    Fantastic question! Let me start congratulating you on your current website built in Wix. Now, the Wix Training Academy can help you take your existing website to the next level. This is typically done by learning new functionality to implement or learning digital marketing tips that will allow you to drive more traffic to your existing website.
  • Do you provide any Wix Support and can I hire you to build my website.
    We do have a community forum that is driven by results once you enter the Wix Training Academy. This community as well as myself will be active answering any questions you may have. To address the latter, my team and I are available for hire! You can start a project with us by heading here:
  • Will I get any one-on-one support for my project?
    You have access to our entire community forum to ask as many questions as you'd like. You can also access all of of our training content whenever you would like. That said, if you would like to work with my team and I directly, you can use this link to start a project:
Michael Patrick Strauch - Profile Pictur

I have had the absolute pleasure of training the Wix community about the Wix platform for 7 years now, but I have identified a much-needed trend. Although my training content is valuable to most, people are looking for more personal assistance without having to utilize a web development team. Due to this, I set out on a personal mission to strategize and develop a service that would fill this gap. I wanted to help those same individuals take their website from start to finish in an 8-week program. However, I wanted those same individuals to be equipped with the digital marketing strategies to grow their business online rather than just having a website with no traffic. That in mind, my personalized one-on-one website coaching was born. You have my word that this service will provide you exactly what's needed to launch a successful website online.

Michael Patrick Strauch
CEO, Wix Training Academy
What You Receive After Each Call
  1. You will receive a copy of our call recording on Zoom

  2. You will receive a copy of notes following our call

  3. You will receive a personalized task list of what is expected next

  4. You will receive deadlines for the next portion of your project

  5. You will receive answers to any questions you may have

  6. You will receive recommendations for any additional apps

Coonhound Media, LLC. dba Wix Training Academy 2018. 

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