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I have been using the Wix platform for over 6 years now. I have seen Wix go from a good platform to a revolutionary platform and it has been extremely exciting to watch. It has been even more thrilling getting to provide you YouTube tutorials on Wix through the entire process. 

I am honored to have received several certifications and awards from Wix. I am a Wix Design Expert, Wix Arena Designer, Wix Certified Trainer, Wix YouTube Council Member, Largest Global Wix Influencer Award Winner and Winner of the 2017 Wix Megastar Award for making a strong impact in the Wix community.

Now my mission is to deliver a program to like-minded entrepreneurs, small business owners and medium-to-large business owners like yourself that is dedicated to helping you build a website that will be successful for your business.

I'm Michael Strauch

From a very young age, I was always strongly passionate about entrepreneurship. I knew that would be my path and my mission in life. However, the part I did not know was the type of business I was going to use my entrepreneurial mindset in. 

I started my YouTube channel back in 2012 with technology tutorials. Following the start of my channel, I wanted to launch a website for it and I scoured the web for platforms to build a website. I landed on every major platform you can think of, but then I hit Wix. This platform felt different. I felt extreme freedom and control from it. 

I wanted to learn how to use Wix, but couldn't find anything online. So, as any good entrepreneur would do, I pioneered a solution to a problem and started uploading Wix tutorials to YouTube. It was then that I saw the real impact I was making in the lives of other like-minded entrepreneurs. That feeling of helping someone achieve their goals was pure bliss.

Getting Personal

Behind every great entrepreneur is a wonderful woman supporting their dreams. This beautiful lady to the left is my girlfriend Delaney. I truly mean that she motivates and supports me always. Every now and then we all need extra motivation and she is always there to give it to me.

Now, my story of finally getting my chance to date the woman of my dreams (Delaney) could be written as a novel. However, I would have never changed that story for anything. It taught me endless lessons that I may have never learned or that would've taken years to learn.

I am happy to report that Delaney and I both attend Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, MO and we are living very happily! Each day I wake up very thankful to have this girl in my life. If you have someone like this in your life, anyone, you know the feeling I am describing.


Family is everything to me. My crazy family (to the right) means the world to me. I have always been a family first type of guy. Every important person in my life is considered family and I will take care of them and protect them always. I believe this is why I have always gravitated toward building communities. 

To the right, we have my father, Richard (entrepreneur who has taught me enough lessons to last the rest of my life), my mother, Maria (always makes sure I am taken care of, supports and motivates me and cooks some amazing food) and finally, my brother, Justin (inspires me to be passionate about what I love as his passion for music pours through each day). 

I can easily say that without these four, Delaney and her family, I would not be where I am today. This amazing family of mine pushes me to be the best version of myself that I can be everyday. Best of all, their love for me is infectious and keeps me clicking every minute of everyday.

Future And Goals

I often get the question of "what's next?" What are your future goals and what do you plan to do next with your life? These are fantastic questions, because I am a firm believer in setting goals and achieving them. So, what is next for me? 

In business terms, my "next" is this! I want to build and provide an incredible platform for you to learn how to build your very own website using Wix. So, Wix Training Academy is next. I am also working on a revolutionary project for the Wix platform which is on my "next" roadmap as well. On the personal end of things, Delaney and I plan to complete our Bachelor's degrees and then possibly move to New York City and Amsterdam for a bit.

Goals. Setting goals for yourself is a great form of personal accountability and I am a strong believer in it. Business wise, I plan to enroll thousands of people into the Wix Training Academy so that they too can learn how to build an effective website in Wix. My personal goal is to go out and travel more. We have a lot of places we would like to hit. In addition, I would love to share my knowledge of business and entrepreneurship with entrepreneurial minded teenagers who could use a boost of knowledge to get them started in the right direction.

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Let's Address Some


Would I be able to arrange a strategy session call to gather some advice?

Ideally, the best place to get in contact and seek advice from me would be through registering in the Wix Training Academy. However, if you would like to book a strategy session with me, you could do so through here. I will note that due to the influx of interest, I had to switch to a paid session model for serious calls and inquires only.

Can I hire you or your team to build out my website?

You certainly can! If you are interested in having my team and I  build out your next website, simply email: and we will get a consultation booked. I am super stoked to work with you and look forward to you reaching out!

Can I interview you for my podcast, video or blog?

Of course! I am always interested in providing value to others. If you are interested in interviewing me for your podcast, video or blog please click here to start the process of chatting with me.

Can you come speak at my event or online event?

I would absolutely be open to hearing more about speaking at one of your events. If it is of interest to you to have me speak at one of your engagements, please click here to get the process started.

Do you actually work FOR Wix?

No. I do not work for Wix, but I work closely alongside Wix. I am part of Wix's Design Expert program which is a group of web designers and developers that use the Wix platform to build client websites. Thankfully, Wix treats us like family though! They are the best!

Do you know people who work at Wix?

Yes! A ton! I have several amazing connections at Wix. In fact, I just spoke at WixCon 2018 in Miami and got to sit and speak with the CEO of Wix, Avishai Abrahami, one-on-one for several hours. I also have great relations with all of the product managers at Wix, including Yoav, the lead developer for Wix Code as I know many of you love Wix Code!

"He is very knowledgeable and was able to help me solve my problem with ease! Highly recommended!"

Katherine Pilgrim


"Taught himself all about WIX, became a certified WIX consultant, and now helps people all over the world fine-tune their image and their message "

Jerome Eberharter


I cannot express my gratitude and how invaluable this man is. His teachings are easy to follow, very, very easy. You won’t be lost. He is an exceptional teacher. If you haven’t signed up for his classes, I strongly urge you to.

Lily Gibson


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