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Do you want to start a project with Michael and the team?

Are you serious about starting your web design project? Ready to launch your business off the ground?

If you answered yes to any of those, it's time to consider starting a project with Michael and the team. 

If you did not know, Michael is an entrepreneur and completely understands the world of business. Why does that matter? Well, if you are getting ready to launch a website for your business, it may good to know that there is an entrepreneur that understands your goals, pain points and needs.

Michael thrives off of working with other like-minded entrepreneurs to build a website that supports their goals. 

Michael Nenner Testimonial.jpeg

Mike Nenner

Washington, DC

My name is Mike and I am from Washington DC. I am currently working on starting my first business and decided to use Wix to build my website. I came across some functionality issues and was very disheartened as I had spent alot of time working with Wix and didn't want to start my project all over. 


I decided to see if anyone on YouTube had an answer to my frustrations. I found Michael Strauch's YouTube videos about Wix which were very instructional and helpful, however my issue still wasn't resolved.


I contacted Michael to see if he could elaborate on his video as I saw he was very responsive in the comment section of his YouTube page but I was not sure I would ever hear back.


That same night I received a response and was delighted to hear that Michael was working on my issue and was open to setting up a call to discuss!


This is one of the few times I can generally say I've felt great appreciation due to excellent customer service as we talked on the phone and Michael explained my options.


Thanks to Michael I feel more enthusiastic about staying with Wix and getting my business off the ground!

Michael and the team are very passionate about helping business owners launch their website off the ground. However, they want to ensure that you are completely serious about starting a project before you move forward. 

Michael has been asked on several occasions if he has an ideal style of project that he enjoys working on. 

Michael's response was that he enjoys every project of course, but he thoroughly enjoys working on Wix Code projects. What is a Wix Code project? Well, many styles of projects fit under this category, but it boils down to a few types: Social Networks, Membership Websites, Paid Membership Websites, Ecommerce Websites and Advanced Functionality Style Websites. 

Did your project fit that mold? If not, it's totally fine! Michael does not abort mission on any projects that don't fit under Wix Code. He just prefers the excitement, planning and development work that Wix Code projects bring. 

Katherine Pilgrim.jpg

Katherine Pilgrim


I am currently a Digital Marketer and Web Designer who prefers WIX, and relies on YouTube to help me out with any snags I might hit. This time the issue was too large even for YouTube, so I reached out to Michael who promptly got back to me to figure out the root of my problem and ensure that my call with him would be extremely beneficial. He is very knowledgeable and was able to help me solve my problem with ease! Highly recommended!

Are you currently trying to figure out what makes Michael and the team special or different before deciding to start a project with them?

If so, I promise they don't take it personally! 

However, if you need some extra motivation and information to figure out why Michael and the team are so special, continue down a line. 

Michael is a young entrepreneur who is proud of his accomplishments. Although, he really does not like to brag or boast. With that said, please go into the following accomplishments seeking an answer to your question rather than thinking this is a Michael Wix Accomplishment Page. 

  • Michael is a Wix Design Expert

  • Michael is a Wix Certified Trainer

  • Michael is the award winner of "Largest Global Wix Influencer"

  • Michael was a keynote speaker for Wix at WixCon 2018 in Miami, FL

  • Michael's Wix Training Academy YouTube channel has over 9,000,000 minutes of consumed content

  • Over 100,000+ people a month trust in Michael to provide them Wix training content on YouTube

  • 17,000+ people have decided to get involved in the Wix Training Academy YouTube community

  • 4,000+ people have enrolled in the Wix Training Academy here on this website

Again, Michael does not want these numbers to come off as an accomplishment rant, but rather as an opportunity to see why Michael and the team are special. 

2018 Wix Expert Badge #6.png
WixCon Shot.jpg
WixCon 2018 in Miami, FL 

The ball is now in your court. You have to decide if you are ready and serious about taking the next step in starting your project. 

If you feel confident and ready to take the next step, let's do it together. 

"From one entrepreneur to another entrepreneur, I know what needs to be done to create an effective website that will support your business goals rather than undermine them. I understand the inner-workings of business and how having a website is not just a recommendation heading into 2019. It's a requirement for growth, scalability and success. I'm also very in tune with the fact that your business does not just need a website, but one that converts and draws in traffic. If you are set to take the next steps of starting your project, I can promise you are in good hands with the team and I." 

Michael Strauch

CEO - Wix Training Academy/Wix My Website

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