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Christine Howell


This is really helpful. I need to explore a bit more to work out if it's possible to have the testimonial come to me first for review before it gets posted, but so far it's looking really good. Thank you for taking the time to produce this training for us!


Web Portal


Juan Mateos Galante

Tich Academy

Man you rock! Your free content really help us to set up our web page, and make our bussines run! Thanks you!
Regards from Argentina!

Stephen Kane

Annie's Vape Licwidgold

you have helped us to make our Feedback page

we are a company based in united kingdom and we are a vaping company "Licwidgold Annie's Vape"

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Alexandra Lopez

Great help! I'm commenting on the video about adding testimonials. There was some information that was not very clear. (At 10:08 on the video you introduce WTA Registration page which I do not have on my end.) However, I was able to figure it out on my own. Thank you.



Easy to follow!




Ray U.

Try Nature Too

His FREE content on youtube helped me set up my testimonial page! Just waiting for the day he uploads a video on how to do advanced product reviews PER product. With average ratings, product picture uploads, etc. Thanks WTA!

Inigo Colbri

Inigo Colbri Web Designs

Thank you Michael. Your video really helped me. I run into a bit of a blockage as I did not have a WTA registration form and used a lightbox instead.

Kurt Campbell

Mobile Auto Detail

Wix Training Academy has been a valuable resource in creating a website for the business myself. Thanks Micheal, we all thank you. Never Quit

Estefania banda

J. Mendez Flooring

I’ve been looking for a way to do a review page on my wiz website but was struggling. Thank you for that video. I will try to succeed on mines tomorrow morning. Thanks again !

Puskar Basu

Puskar's Travelography

Your training tutorials are just awesome. Everything is so well explained that I didn't look any further. Your tutorials helped me to build my website in just the way I wanted. Thank you so much


vaibhav computer services

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vaibhav kamble

vaibhav computer services

We run a computer repair service company in Navi Mumbai. Your content helped a lot to set up our company.
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vaibhav kamble


We run a computer repair company in Navi Mumbai. Your content helped a lot to set up our company. Our Company URL is vaibhavcomputerservices.com
thank you!!



thanks for the youtube vdos. its helped tons


Captured With

Hi! I just saw your video and I'm testing this testimonial section. Thankyou for your explanation! Bringing our sites to a next level during this home isolation ;)

Rez from Vietnam


Testing Thanks! 19/03/2020 Go away Corona virus!




Belinda McNab

Little Bird Digital Marketing

Hey Michael, I just saw your video on how to create an awesome testimonial page within my wix site. Was great and so comprehensive. Walked me through step by step which is wonderful! I now have a great working testimonials page and lightbox in my wix site - thank you!

Norman Shaw

The Look Out

Very useful and great enthusiasm. Now I will try and get the same sort of result.

Aaron Crosby



Aaron Crosby



Chris Steward


Wouldn't be able to build this stuff without WTA! The YouTube videos are always playing while I'm building... thank you, Michael!

Philippe Affolter

Molard Souvenirs

Keep up with thoses excellent tutorials !

Tony G


Great work

Tom Gray

Website Design

Nice work guys! It always helps to hear from others in the industry!








Maralis S

Empowered Energy

Thank you. This was so helpful! I can't wait to check out the other trainings.


Design Guru

Let me try here

Andres Alejandro


Thanks, awesome video

Daniel Munro

Baby love limited www.babyloveforyou.com

Thank you for your amazing videos they have really helped me grow my website and become more professional.



Great vidoe...can I do this and fill the dataset out myself...I don't want people to access the posting bit.




Dennis Hasankolli


wow thanks for the video. this was soooooo helpful


Africa Trip Reviews

Thank you very much bro, I was kind of stuck how I will embed reviews and testimonials on my sigh, this video really helped me. Once again thanks


Niko OOD

Thank you so much for your video! You are definitely making the world a better and easier place to live. Thanks!

Vasko Cvetkovski

Cyber Green Market

Hi there, I started building my e-business without any knowledge of web design and thanks to Wix Training Academy I am progressing quite well. You can view my web platform at www.cybergreenmarket.com. Thank You!

Aishonae Pride

So Mink Collection

This page has been extremely helpful! I’ve been able to add so many things to my website. Thanks so much

Aditya Prabhu

Microsys Computers - www.microsys.net.in

Thanks for such a wonderful training video.
Because of your training video today I was able to create a testimonial form. Thanks again and all the best for future training videos. :)


Graphic Designer

WOW !!! Thanks WTA !! You Help Me to make my site Better !! It 1000000% Better & Simple than static Testimonials That i must edit using Editor !!!

Jeann L

Blooming Amethyst

Thank you for the helpful video. The step-by-step video helped me so confident in the look of my site on the other end.

Del Simmons

Graphics Unique Design Studio

I'm a noob to your channel as I'm just now delving into Corvid for the first time. It's not quite as scary as I thought! Thanks for the brilliant videos, keep up the good work!!! :-D


New York

Nicely done!, you guys are doing a great job helping others and wish you best of luck on your endeavors.


Maybe one day

Great video bro, only one question for you. I did everything the way you did it, but still when I test the thing if it works the window doest open on the same side like your does over the page, but instead it opens it in a new page...
why is that ? ty

Rick Dixon

1st thank you for taking your time and doing this video. It has helped me with adding a testimonial page to my website. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your other videos.



Nice video man! Thanks for taking the time to make it! Best of luck!

Carrie Johnnson


The training was great until it got to selecting WTA registration page. There is no such page. I could not complete my testimonial setup. How do I create a WTA registration page? I would love to finish this.
Again, thanks.