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the start of the Wix Training Academy

Believe it or not, the Wix Training Academy started just like you. Michael was a very ambitious young entrepreneur and built a YouTube channel called (ComputerMDofGilbert) which specialized in technology reviews and tutorials. When Michael hit his first 50 subscribers, he set out on a mission to build a website for his channel to celebrate. After experimenting with just about every web design platform, he found Wix and fell in love. The creativity and freedom of the platform drew him in. However, he had no clue how to build a website in Wix. What does every young millennial entrepreneur do when they can't figure out how to do something? They search Google or YouTube. When Michael couldn't find any results, the lightbulb went off in his young business mind. He would learn Wix through teaching others. If he created videos for other people, that would force him to stay disciplined to learn the platform. The rest is history. 

Thinking Like A Dreamer

For anyone that knows Michael personally, they understand he is a major optimist and most would refer to him as a dreamer. However, he has acquired a great skill which is to take his dreams and literally make them a reality. He plans to do just that for the Wix Training Academy. Michael has already started out on his dreams of making the Wix Training Academy the premiere spot for all things Wix and helping as many like-minded entrepreneurs start, develop, launch and market their website and businesses as possible. When asked what his goals for the Wix Training Academy are, he explains that he would love this to be the go-to location for entrepreneurs big and small to take their business to market digitally and successfully. Not only does he believe the physical web design is a key component to a successful online business, but he also understands the vital importance of digital marketing so that people show up to your website. In 2019, you will see Michael start to push the fold more into the digital marketing space to provide you the two-prong approach to launching a successful online business.

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Michael is absolutely persistent about staying humble. However, he does believe that hard work, discipline and passion should be celebrated. With that said, Michael has several accomplishments recognized by Wix that have inspired his journey through the platform. Michael is a Wix Design Expert, Wix Certified Trainer, Award Winner of "Largest Global Wix Influencer," Keynote Speaker at WixCon 2018 in Miami, FL and also has an impressive track record of making his Wix YouTube community happy. In fact, over 9,000,000 minutes of content have been consumed on the Wix Training Academy YouTube channel with 100,000+ viewers a month that trust Michael to provide value-filled Wix training content. In addition, 17,000+ people have found the content valuable enough to subscribe and 4,000+ have decided to enroll in the free Wix Training Academy here on this platform. Ultimately, Michael is beyond honored and grateful for this amazing community and the opportunities it has opened for him. He now wants to give back in every way possible through his content and working with like-minded entrepreneurs. 


Michael is a young entrepreneur that believes gratitude is everything. Unfortunately, we never truly know if we are going to take our next breath, that's why it's of major importance to be grateful for every situation and every single moment. Michael would like to thank a few individuals for helping him become the man he is today. Firstly, his mother and father, Richard and Maria, have instilled an amazing foundation and continue to build upon that foundation. They have been his biggest mentors and even bigger cheerleaders throughout Michael's life. His brother, Justin, has taught him so much and continues to make Michael proud as he pursues his music career. Michael's incredible girlfriend, Delaney and her family as they have been an amazing additional support system the past three years and always celebrate my accomplishments. Michael would like to thank Wix for the opportunities near and far that they have made possible. Lastly, Michael would like to thank you for being a loyal subscriber to his content, work and passion. He is only going up from here and hopes you will join the journey.

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