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Wix Code - The Future Of Web Design

Wix Code - The Future Of Web Design

Wix has just announced something huge! As I'm sure all of you have experienced, we want certain features or functions that Wix currently does not offer. However, after the announcement of this new project, I could not be more excited. The entire Wix community should look at this as an answer to many of its issues. This new project aims to help users create web applications and more robust websites in the most efficient way possible. 

Last year, Wix awed us with the release of Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This project made it possible for you to build a stunning website by answering three simple questions. For users, this saved time, resources and money. 

Now, once again, Wix has trumped the past and is pioneering the future. Not only did they overcome obstacles finding solutions for exqusite web design, but now they are revolutionizing the game for web applications as well. Wix says that their new project gives users "limitless freedom of creation." Based off of everything I've researched, Wix has reached the pinnacle of web design. 

Now introducing Wix Code, an intuitive platform to build website applications and open a whole new world of possibilities for user's web design. 

What is Wix Code all about?

Wix Code allows you to create any web application imaginable and allows you to develop an interactive and intuitive website. You can now create Dynamic pages with a few simple clicks, generate databases, collect user information, make your website more engaging with interactive components, use both Wix and third party API's and much more! Now, I understand some of these terms may sound intimidating, but I am here to learn more about everything with you. 

Here is where the deal gets even sweeter. Wix Code will be a part of Wix OS, which in return means that they host everything and already have the basic infrastructure developed. This is a server-free and hassle-free system. 

Now, I'm sure some of you users hear "Wix Code," "build web applications," "create databases," "design custom user input forms," and think that you are going to need to be fluent in HTML and JavaScript. Thankfully, that thought would be incorrect! Wix states that most of the features in Wix code "do not require technical knowledge or coding." 

Wix CEO and Co-Founder, A. Abrahami states this about Wix Code, "As we always strive to do, Wix enables innovation and creation. With Wix Code, we’ve already built the infrastructure and are providing a platform with the freedom and flexibility for users to create tailor made solutions."

Earlier today, I created a video showcasing the details about Wix Code, feel free to watch and learn more about some of the incredible features.

After hearing all about these amazing features, I suppose I should give you more insight into what each of them means. 

Custom User Input Forms - You can now quickly and effectively create application forms, quizzes, review sections and much more. This in return allows you to gather so much more valuable user information. In addition, this helps solve a lot of design issues among my Wix community. You can now create sophisticated forms that will be completely customizable to your needs. 

Database Collection - You can now store user information and website content in a database to use anytime and anywhere on your website. This is extremely beneficial, because now user information is stored and documented for future actions on your website. 

Dynamic Pages - You can now create hundreds of pages in the form of a single design style with one simple click. Even better, each page is automatically created with its own unique URL that is SEO compatible. I am personally still learning more about this segment of Wix Code, but it sounds very intriguing. 

API's - You can now broaden the horizon of your website with the use of JavaScript and API's. Thankfully Wix has already created internal API's that are easy to connect, but they also allow you to customize and connect any external API's to assist in your web design process. This feature alone is extremely helpful. It makes it so that nothing is impossible to add or incorporate into your website any more, as long as you can get on platform that allows you to add what you need.

Custom Interactions - You can now make your website more engaging and interactive with this new feature. You can now implement sliding, toggling, hovering and more to different elements on your website's pages. In the video I posted above, you can see an example of this and it is very interesting. This feature will help involve the user more and bring your website to life. 

As you can see, Wix Code is amazing. I have been waiting for Wix to release another update with new features, but instead they knocked it out of the park with this new project. I want my

Wix community to know that Wix Code is the answer to a lot of troubles we have been experiencing. 

How to access Wix Code?

Wix Code is not currently available to Wix users, as it is in the beta process. However, you can apply to be part of the beta group to test this new project. If you are interested in applying for the beta, click here

Hopefully this article was beneficial to you and you are as excited as I am. Being a web designer with several clients that are looking to implement things that are not possible right now on Wix, this new platform is music to my ears. 

If you need any web design assisstance, I am available for hire. Feel free to email me or call me. I look forward to continue to help you achieve success within assistance. 

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