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Wix Talks Podcast | Season 1 - Episode 2 | Wix Global Community Manager - Brett Haralson

Wix Talks Podcast - Brett Haralson

Hello Everyone, 

Tonight, we are lucky enough to introduce a special guest for our second Wix Talks podcast.

Today, we are featuring Brett Haralson. This gentleman has the amazing opportunity of working with Wix. People in the community love Brett, not only because he is a great guy, but because he always puts the community first. I think this is why he holds the position of Wix Community Manager with the company. Brett is also the admin of the Wix Design Experts group on Facebook and is always providing excellent new ways to get involved. Let's give a warm welcome to "Mr. Community." 

In our second episode, Brett provides some excellent content relating to Wix. He gives us the inside scoop on the pleasure it is to work for Wix as well as filling us in on the amazing culture Wix has curated. In addition to all of this, Mr. Community explains some new features that are on the horizon and some things we should look out for. Above all, Brett does an excellent job of sharing his passion for the community and sharing some tips for beginners on the platform. 

Like always, our podcast is dedicated to provide extreme value to the Wix community and help you learn to master Wix. With that, this podcast is "by the community, for the community."

What are you waiting for? Click the podcast below and listen to Brett Haralson's journey through Wix while picking up brilliant pieces of information along the way. 

For anyone having trouble viewing it on mobile, click here to listen:

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